Clothes for cats: materials and designs for making their hands

A variety of models of clothes for cats in stores is amazing, but not every pet owner can afford buying expensive products.

There is a solution – made by hand things made of materials which are in abundance in all the specialized departments of the tissue.

Why would a cat outfit

For purebred cats, participating in various exhibitions, decent closet just necessary. Beautiful things not only emphasize the nobility of cats, but also have a practical purpose – not to allow dirty coat during the trip.

Cold days with a warm sweater or a jumpsuit protects the cat from cold, t-shirt, wearing in hot days, saves hair from burning, and skin burns.

Also warm clothes are needed for some cat breeds (Sphynx, Bambino, Cornish Rex) that do not have wool.

Clothing for cats, made with his own hands

No matter how wanted the owner to put their pet in an elaborate “outfit”, we should always remember that security and convenience are required in the first place. All clothing must conform to the physiology of cats. The minimum of seams, RUB the skin and spoil the hair, only natural and hypoallergenic materials.


Choosing the right fabrics for sewing clothes for cats with your hands is half the battle.

The selection depends on several criteria:

  • breed of pet and how old he is;
  • which cases need clothing special occasions or everyday wear;
  • what time of year will be used “outfit”.

Decisions about tailoring new clothes, you must know that the material from which it is made, needs a long time to preserve its characteristics. One of the main qualities of the material needed for clothing for cats is durability.

The fabric should not:

  • fade in the sun;
  • to have an unpleasant odor;
  • sit down when washing;
  • much hemming;
  • have an openwork structure.
  • shedding;
  • to rustle.

Any material has its positive qualities and weaknesses. You must make a choice, depending on expected conditions wearing things.

Cotton. Hypoallergenic, excellent moisture absorption, easy to wash, but quickly wrinkled, sits in the wash and dries long.

Wool. Retains heat, resistant to pollution, but is rapidly deformed when worn.

Len. Hypoallergenic and absorbs moisture like cotton, but quickly shrugs and sits in the wash.

A synthetic fabric. High durability, ability to preserve the shape of the product, but can cause allergies.

Blended fabric. The combination of all the positive properties of natural and synthetic materials can make them good products for Pets.


A variety of styles of clothing for cats is amazing.

The clothes you can sew with your hands:

  • sweater;
  • sweatshirt;
  • dress;
  • vest;
  • jumpsuit;
  • knitted suit;
  • cap;
  • t-shirt;
  • jacket;
  • butterfly;
  • knitted collar;
  • suit;
  • vest;
  • vest-harness;
  • kimono;
  • carnival costume;
  • coat.
Teach cats to clothing

Teach pet clothing for cats, you need to be patient. Skittish animals may not like the new idea of the owner – in the course of going teeth and claws. Very active cats will try to pull off her dress and tear it. To acquaint pet with the clothes you need to gradually, otherwise the animal may experience severe stress.

For starters, you can put a new thing on the place where it is constantly sleeping pet. Cats love to lie on soft things, once he gets used to a new product, you can start gently try on “the outfit”.

The first time enough so the cat walked in them only a few minutes, you can’t wear it for a walk, which in itself is a stressful factor for animals. Getting used to new things, a cat can be displayed for a short walk.

Accustom the cat to the “costumes” it is recommended to start with a knitted woolen goods. Soft texture and smell of natural wool things like cats and the process will be less problematic, because it is convenient and easy apparel cats get used very quickly.

Immediately to acquaint the cat with a long dress, not worth it. For a start she should like to wear short models, vests and jackets.

If the clothing is a constant need (for breeds without wool and animal exhibitions), it is advisable to acquaint a kitten with her since childhood.


Accustoming the cat to the clothes, we should not forget about the negative aspects lurking pet:

  1. The first time it is advisable to leave a cat in a new dress without supervision. Known cases when cats are injured, caught clothes for protruding objects in the house, turned legs, broken claws, trying to scratch. The danger is a lush, pants, a wide collar clothes. So for the house it is good to buy tight clothes, with no additional elements.
  2. Of particular danger are the bows, a variety of beads, rivets, hooks that are very attracted to the kitten. It can cut off these ornaments and swallow. Therefore, all kinds of jewelry and accessories secure. Ideally, the use of such clothing in the rare cases when the pet is under supervision.
  3. We must not forget that cat instinct, like licking his fur. If a cat be left in clothes for long, it could trigger the change of fur is not for the better. Particularly sensitive nature may experience severe stress from a long stay in an unusual guise. It is therefore not recommended without special needs to keep your cat in clothes.

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