Collar for cats from fleas and ticks

Flea collar for cats is specially made for prevention and treatment. This tool shows excellent results if you use it on the street when there is a high probability of animal contact with outdoor cats.

In some cases, the fleas suggest pet clothe and house because parasites often reproduce outside the animal’s body and are in the carpet, furniture, bedding, toys. But not any vehicle of this type is equally well can help. Everything will depend on the degree of infestation of the cat.

An overview of the existing types of flea collars

Flea collars for kittens can destroy the parasites, and to deter them.

Tools of this kind against fleas and ticks is divided into three main subgroups:

  • Ultrasonic collars. The effectiveness of this subspecies is not yet fully proven. These products are very popular, but few people know that the principle of operation of the collar makes it impossible to ward off ticks and fleas. It is believed that ultrasonic waves create a negative effect on any insects. In fact, only certain parasites (mosquitoes) react to this radiation.
  • Products that contain plant extracts and essential oils. This collar against insects, there is one advantage – it contains no toxic elements. It can be used to protect the kitten. However, the tool of this group can not kill insects, but only repels them.
  • Flea collars based insecticides, which in their composition contain chemicals that kill parasites, but conventionally are safe for animals and their owners.

If you apply the collar against ticks and fleas for cats, to defeat the parasites will not work because the eggs this tool with no effect. You can get rid of only the larvae and adults, but after a certain time will appear a new generation of parasites. The collar should be used for a long time. Many of these tools are different prolonged exposure (1-2 months), due to which insects developed from eggs also disappear from the body of the animal.

The principle of operation of the flea collars of different types

Any of the above options on its own works. For example, the insecticide that contains a cat collar for fleas remain on the integument of the skin in the neck, over time you start to get hair. So, it becomes a protective film. When insects try to bite the pet, they receive a portion of the poison and die. Certain insecticides are different contact effects, and, accordingly, fleas and ticks are destroyed during touch.

These collars can only scare. Insects smelling poisonous substance, which is practically not perceptible by man and cat. That is why the insects are in a hurry to leave its host in search of another food source, because the smell of toxic substances simply can not tolerate. Insecticidal flea collar for cats is quite rare, because it has an age limit. Certain models can be used for kittens from 2 months, some 3.

Just born kitten these collars will not fit. Manufacturers claim that these products do not cause harm to animals. But do not forgetthat any insecticide is only conditionally safe. If you exceed the dosage of the poison, the animal will be poisoned. Despite the fact that the collars have a small amount of insecticide needed for the reaction of the cats to watch, because these animals are more exposed to certain toxic substances, unlike dogs.

How to work biological collars?

Products based on herbs and essential oils allow for fleas in cats to get rid of, rendering the action of intense flavor. In General Pets tolerate the smell. If you’re interested how it works flea collar for cats, you need to keep in mind the fact that parasites do not like strong fragrances, because almost immediately move on to another host. But the herbs and essential oils can’t cause death of the insect, because will get rid of parasites, so you will not leave. This method is best used as a preventive measure.

Biological collar more suited against ticks and fleas for kittens. It is a harmless product that can not lead to poisoning. But it has certain disadvantages. For example, in some cases, the pet develops an Allergy to flea collar. It is therefore necessary to observe the pet. If the symptoms of intolerance to certain components (rash, change in color of the skin), the biological, the collar should be immediately removed. These products also have age restrictions, however, are not so hard, unlike insecticidal models.

Features of ultrasonic products

Before purchasing it is advisable to learn how this device affects the cat. Note that this remedy fleas odorless, the collar contains no insecticides and other substances (herbs, essential oils). This product is offered at a pretty high cost. It is therefore necessary first to know if I can help the cats a flea collar. Ultrasound creates a negative effect on the mosquitoes that transmit signals in such a way to each other.

In other insects (ticks, fleas and the like) radiation of the desired effect does not create. Manufacturers claim that use for cats an anti-flea collar is needed for 3-4 weeks in this case, the results can be noticed. In addition, these devices are required to prevent insects biting the animals. Ultrasound insects are not destroyed, but only deter. But this is only a marketing ploy.

Radiation does not prevent to jump on the pet fleas. You can only rely on the fact that ultrasound can have a negative effect on parasites, which is quite a long time (several days or more) are on the body. But the fleas live in the fur of a cat, they climb onto the animal in order to receive a portion of the blood (food). This happens very often, because the impression isthat the insects are on the pet.

Features choice

When the question is what is better to buy a flea collar, you need to pay attention to the basic parameters:

  • Choose the type of collar. Insecticidal preparations against fleas it is advisable to buy for adults. Products that contain essential oils recommended for lactating and pregnant cats, kittens, and debilitated animals during illness or after recovery.
  • Checks package integrity and expiration date of the device. This is important because the time of action of the active ingredients is quite short. Being in the air, for example, if the collar is on the pet, essential oils and insecticides over time lose their properties. This can occur in the case when the packaging is damaged.
  • Manufacturer. It is best to buy the products of well-known manufacturers. You should not use the cheapest model, especially when their composition is unknown (the concentration of active substance and its type).
  • During selection, you need to pay attention to the target destination device. Because collars for dogs and cats have a significant difference. They are different lengths, this is due to the structure of bodies of animals of different species. In addition, the collar for the protection of cats may contain a small dosage of active substances. Models for different dogs in a big way by the concentration of the insecticide. When the owner put the cat the wrong collar, it can happen poisoning.
The main advantages and disadvantages

The collars differ in a large number of basic advantages.

From a number of antiparasitic drugs, they are at the expense of such advantages:

  • A long time residual action. Various kinds of models retain their properties during the different period of time, approximately 2-8 months.
  • A minor level of toxicity, and certain models absolutely do not contain in its composition of insecticides. Collars are the least dangerous, compared to the shampoos, sprays, or drops.
  • Easy to use. A cat does not have to handle liquids, you only need to wear the collar. Really need to wear it all the time, this simplifies further operation.
  • Lack of odor. Insecticidal models almost do not exude any smell. Biological analogues, which contain essential oils, have low scent.
  • Versatility. A dog with fleas destroy mosquitoes, vlasiadou, mites, and fight successfully with scabies, the cause of which usually involves activities of subcutaneous parasites.

However, there are drawbacks. For example, the collar can’t protect all the body. The most active he works in the area of the withers, head and neck. Toxic drugs can provoke the manifestation of allergies, leads to poisoning. But the risk of reaction is present when processing pet, other antiparasitic drugs.

Note the different speed of action on the parasites different species. Certain insects the body of the cat is leaving faster than others. If you’re wondering how long you need to wear a flea collar for cats, you need to know that these funds are for ticks not more than one month, then this accessory replace. In case, if the main task is to destroy fleas, the product can be on the neck of the animal for much longer. In addition, eggs of insects, the tool will not work, because the parasites can appear again.

Rules for the use of

Deciding how to wear a collar, it is necessary not to forget about some simple rules.

The statement is as follows:

  • This product should not be very loose or tight to be on the neck of the animal. The best distance from the strip to the skin of the skin of the cat has to be in the area of several centimeters. During closer at the cat on the skin may develop irritation.
  • Collars are sold with certain amount in size, it gives you the opportunity while necessary, shorten the article length.
  • Before applying the tape should stretch a little. Due to this, you start to act toxic substance in powder form will appear on the surfaces.
  • It is not necessary to allow the animal the product is licked. There are chemicals that can cause poisoning. Insecticidal collars cannot be used together with other tools, since you cannot anticipate the reaction of cats to the combination of toxic substances.
Popular products

In the category of favorite is product that is manufactured under the brand name Hartz. The collar is characterized by resistance to moisture. Protects animals within six months. This tool effectively eliminates fleas and ticks, the results can be seen very quickly. But to use it to treat Pets can be older than 3 months.

Bolfo products are more expensive. Tools of this brand are characterized by moisture resistance. In model number you can choose the option for the cat, given its mass. Works this product for 4 months. Often choose products Beaphar, which contains Botanical insecticide (neem extract). Use the product of the manufacturer for the treatment of kittens age 1.5 months. Other popular collars is Dr. Zoo, bars. They are much cheaper and are of short duration, approximately two months.

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