Don Sphynx breed for caring

The appearance of these animals, an amazing combination of graceful features of ancient Egyptian statues with piercing eyes of alien beings.

Alone at the sight of the Donskoy dislike and disgust, the other – a burning desire to take care of. Bald graceful cats with big wise eyes do not leave anyone indifferent.

The history of the breed

The emergence of a breed of hairless cats is partly mysterious and melodramatic. It originates from the stray cats barbarians that pity picked up and brought home. The mistress was sure that the wool has fallen as a result of disease. So put a lot of effort to restore it. And only after some time it became clear that asserttest is not a syndrome, pathology, and manifestation of genetic mutation.

Hunch confirmed the birth of the first offspring. The kittens were also bald. Breeders, it was decided to continue work on the development of the breed. In the early 90-ies of the feline community has officially confirmed the existence of a new breed. The name given to the place of origin of the ancestors – the city of Rostov-on-don. Despite its relatively young age, Donskoy managed to give birth to another branch in the family of bald cats – Peterbald or to the Petersburg Sphinx.

An appearance

Colorful appearance dons has a number of characteristic features – the folds of skin on the torso and the head, elongated elongated silhouette, legs of different lengths: the front shorter than the back, well-defined fingers on the pads.

For the don Sphynx is inherent in the three types of coat.

  1. “Rubber” or “plastic”. Kittens from birth, completely hairless, naked, but often sighted. In animals there is a complete lack of whiskers and the vibrissa. Folds of skin all over the body persist for life.
  2. Flock or velour. Flock is a soft, spongy fluff. It makes skin pleasant to the touch, resembling a kid. , Kittens are born with little hair and a bald crown on my head. When growing hair falls out and worn down. Velor variety, the bloom is present only in certain parts of the body – the muzzle, tail and paws.
  3. Brush. Thin curly hair is called a brush (English brush – “brush”). Brusovye cats can occasionally completely lose all hair, and then again overgrown. Such “lysene” can be due to many reasons – pregnancy, castration, change of feed etc. At the wrong crossing brushy similar to scabies or lishainik. I wonder what the offspring from a pair brochovich don Sphynx is completely hairless.

Brush don Sphynx cat refers to the medium size. The body weight of an adult male does not exceed 5 kg, females a little smaller – up to 3 kg. the animals Have strong legs and back. Muzzle of triangular shape with large ears. Eyes can have different colors.

The character and behavior

The behavior of the Donskoy refutes the old adage that cats walk by themselves. Perhaps because of the lack of wool dons are more vulnerable to the vicissitudes of the weather and in need of guardianship of the person. Therefore, the nature of their friendly, incredibly affectionate and sociable. Sphinxes can hardly stand the loneliness. They need to be with people in the spotlight. I love spending time on the hands of the owner. Sphynx is perfectly socializers, easily get along with other Pets. Love to participate in children’s games and amusements. Not only kittens, but adult cats need to have toys to play. Otherwise, they can use some master thing.

Goodwill Donskoy highlights another positive feature not vengeance and nezapomente. Despite the fact that the dons are quite susceptible to negligence in relation to itself. They bear the offense in silence, hiding in a secluded corner, and for a long time out of it.

Many pet owners claim that the don Sphynxes brushes have medicinal powers. They are placed on the sore spot for a long time and lie on it. In some ways, playing the role warmer. Hot body cats good warms painful areas.

Maintenance and care

The masters of the brush don Sphynx is often compared him with a young child because the cat demands constant care and attention. Unlike other cats, the Sphynx will not be able to survive on their own, without human intervention.

Care of the don Sphinx includes several important points:

  1. The animal is extremely sensitive to changing weather conditions. In any case can not allow it hypothermia. When the temperature drops in the room where lives the Sphinx, it is necessary to put on the bed to put a warm heating pad with water. Sometimes the dons are looking for a warmer shelter – near the battery or under a blanket. In the heat, on the contrary, to prevent overheating and sunburn. Don cat – lovers to enjoy the sun.
  2. Conduct regular hygiene procedures. Don Sphynxes are not so clean as other breeds of cats. Them harder and longer to teach to go on the tray. Some individuals, after sending needs, it is necessary to wash the anus. The folds of skin be cleaned daily with a cotton swab to remove dirty sticky sweat. Once every 7-10 days to clean the ears from the accumulation of sulfur. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the eye condition and if necessary, they also to handle. Teeth cleansed from Tartar. For daily hygiene use a special toothpaste and brush. Sphynx need to be bathed often (2 times a month). For washing use special cat shampoo or baby. After water treatment, the animal is carefully wrapped in a towel and wipe off.
  3. The diet should be carefully chosen and balanced. For the Sphinx of the brush is ideal feed luxury and premium. Cats are happy to eat low-fat boiled meat. It is strictly forbidden to give them fish, salted, pickled products, sweets!

External fragility and vulnerability of the don Sphynx is deceptive. Cats have a stable immune system and good health. There are several problematic points that we should pay attention. The first sign that occurs pathology in the body – sour smell of sweat. When it appears necessary to carefully examine the cat to keep an eye on its behavior and natural items. In case of deviation from the norm, seek assistance from the vet.

Diseases, which are often prone to the don sphinxes, can be divided into three groups:

  • Hereditary.
  • Pathology of the skin.
  • Respiratory diseases.

The first group includes congenital malformations of the skeleton (shortening of the lower jaw, curvature of the caudal section) and the eye (entropion, reducing the size of the eyeball), as well as hyperplasia of mammary glands, inflammation of blood vessels. Of these diseases are treatable medically or surgically. Some genetic defects (e.g. absence of thymus) lead to death.

The second group is associated with a painful skin reaction on exposure to external and internal factors. This acne (acne), dermatitis, vasculitis. When you see lesions or spots on the skin of the pet should be consult a veterinarian to provide the animal appropriate care. Most diseases respond well to treatment and quickly pass.

The third group includes rhinitis, colds.

Owners of the don Sphynx should also consider that the animal is a potent source of allergens. Is fundamentally wrong the notion that Allergy provokes wool. In fact, the glycoproteins contained in saliva, sweat and other secretions. So dons is literally saturated with allergens.

Breed don Sphynx non-standard appearance, peaceful loving nature impresses with its helplessness and vulnerability. It is as if specially created to bring out the best qualities in people – kindness, compassion, empathy.

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