Drop bars for cats: description and instructions for use

Drops from fleas bars manufactured by the company. that has very big experience of production and development of various veterinary medicines. Are made in the form of special droppers-pipettes of 3-4 pieces in one carton pack with the included instructions. The shelf life of this drug is 2 years.

Drop bars effective not only against fleas but also against ticks, and vlasiadou. The drug from fleas bars are made both for adults and for newborn kittens. The drug is attributed to the third class of danger according to GOST

Indications for use

This medicine is specially developed to fight only blood-sucking insectary, because to worry about what this tool can cause damage directly to the animal or their owners is not necessary.

When shown to use drops? Ticks and fleas multiply pretty quickly, because while all signs of the presence of adults or larvae of parasites of the data necessary to apply means drops bars for cats.

To know the presence of fleas is quite simple:

  • when you stroke a cat against the grain, you will notice one or several of adult fleas black or dark brown;
  • the undercoat of the animal you can determine flea feces black;
  • often a cat licked or scratched, a little prakusya skin and coat, shakes his head.

Mites are harder to identify immediately, but after a certain time in the body of the animal can be identified by their white waste products that the cat cause nervousness and itching.

To treat the animal immediately, as these parasites bring not just discomfort, but are also carriers of serious diseases. Dermatitis, helminthiasis, anemia, neurosis, paralysis is all their achievements. Because drops are used to prevent, in case of attack by ectoparasites during the treatment of parasitic diseases (notoedres, sarcoptic mange, otodectosis and others), which are caused by arthropods.

The main operating component

The main active ingredient drops bars is fipronil, which belongs to the group phenylpyrazole. It is a strong insecticide that kills skin parasites on Pets. In addition to the veterinary sector, the funds on the basis of fipronil are used to fight against insects in the home, in medicine and in agriculture.

Fipronil is characterized by a long residual effect and a high degree of stability. This substance is stable to repeated washings, does not decompose in sunlight. However, even the decay products of fipronil have insecticidal properties.

The mechanism of drops from fleas bars in cats

Fipronil is an insecticide, intestinal, contact and system of type of impact, which in its contain drops from fleas bars. Instruction manual says that the tool can hit as adults, and their larval stage. An effective drug against fleas, ticks, lice, vlasiadou. During application, it does not get into the blood stream, but accumulates in epidermis, hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Fipronil on parasitic pests has nerve action. This component blocks the nerve cells to transfer impulses, it causes paralysis and death of insects.

While applying the drops bars in recommended doses, does not create irritant action on the skin. Drops well tolerated by cats.

Note: Fipronil can linger in the body of a pet for a while. While fleas are feeling in the body, pet insecticide, and is not parasitic on the body of the animal until he wouldn’t be fully displayed. Because it is not necessary to use drop bars of fleas a few times. Instructions for use indicates that the excessive use of bars against fleas can cause side effects.

Instructions for use of drops bars from fleas for cats

Use drop bars against fleas is possible only in animals that have reached the age of 10 weeks. There are special drops for the little kittens that you can use how to get rid from the already parasitic on pet fleas and other insects, and for the purpose of prevention against biting.

Drops from fleas bars should be applied to intact and dry skin of the pet described in the manual dosages. Apply the medication drip in two spots in the skin between the shoulder blades and near the base of the skull, gently pushing the hair. The number of drops will depend on the weight of the animal.

Treatment pet performed once. The action of the tool continues 1-1,5 months. Subsequent processing to perform necessary no more than once per month. While necessary, the drug can be applied to the bedding where the animal sleeps. When the house is home to multiple cats, you have to process them all together, in order to prevent perezarazhenie. Care must be taken that the animal does not lick the tool.

Drop bars to control ticks should be applied exactly on the insect, which is obliged to disappear in half an hour. If it did not happen, the tick must be removed manually with tweezers.

When the drops of the bars used for the treatment of otodektoza (ear mange) which is caused by small mites, crawling into the ears of animals:

  • ear canal must be initially cleaned from scabs and dirt;
  • then drop carefully buried directly in the ears of 5-6 pieces and distribute evenly across the ear, massaging it. Drug residues should be applied on the skin between the shoulder blades. You need to enter the tool in both ears, even when struck by only one thing. Do not use in any case a drop during perforation of the tympanic membrane of the cat.

Attention: During the first symptoms of poisoning of a pet (skin irritation, watery eyes, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle tremors) should be properly washed in running water using soap and contact your veterinarian.

Safety measures during work with drop bars

In the processing of pet drops bars from fleas you need to perform basic personal safety measures:

  • remember personal hygiene, wash hands after using drops;
  • when processing is prohibited to smoke, drink or eat;
  • during contact with skin – rinse with plenty of running water;
  • no need to prevent contact of cats with the children in the first two days after treatment;
  • according to the instructions for use dispose of used pipettes;
  • no need to prevent ingestion of the drug, and when it happened, then immediately consult a doctor.
Security measures that are required regarding animals

When using drops for cats you must follow these precautions:

  • during the appearance of the pet reaction of hypersensitivity to substances of the drug, need to wash it off with soap and water and contact your veterinarian. As a rule, the doctor prescribes antihistamines;
  • do not use for kittens, age 10 months;
  • drop bars are not used for animals who are sick with infectious diseases and for convalescents including;
  • it is prohibited to use the tool bars for lactating and pregnant cats;
  • do not combine the drug bars against fleas with other means, in order to avoid the overdose of insecticide.
Other means of bars: Spray and collars

Other anti-parasites from the bars – spray, collars, and shampoos – is also quite effective against fleas.

Flea collar bars are convenient because all the time he is on the animal and helps in getting rid of already in the dog or cat insects and prevents re-infection.

These collars against fleas is good to use to secure the result after sanitizing pet drops or spray for fleas.

Located in the collar acting active ingredient (fipronil) eventually enters the skin of the skin of the animal, giving insects a prolonged insecticidal activity. A collar can protect against insects and other species: mites, lice, volovikov, it can be used during galatioto.

Before applying any medication for fleas line of leopard or animal to wear the collar, you need to carefully get acquainted with the contraindications and instructions.

Often for getting rid of fleas except for the collar and drops use another spray against fleas bars. Reviews owners confirm the positive effect from its use. Spray can also help during the struggle with ticks, while it is desirable to use outdoors.

Spray against fleas bars

Using the drug in spray form, it is necessary for the dog to wear a muzzle in order to prevent licking of the drug. When spraying the spray should keep clearly vertically at a distance of approximately 35 cm from the coat of your pet, and the drug is uniformly applied to the skin and fur of an animal (during application coat should shrug).

When handling a pet you need to close the ears and eyes, in order to prevent them getting spray.

Additional processing is necessary to expose the beds and bedding, on which, as a rule, resting pet (there is very often developed in the larvae of the parasite), then it is imperative to thoroughly wash using detergents.

Given instructions, after sanitary treatment of the animal does not need to be ironed within two days her anywhere near the children.

There are several varieties of spray against fleas, suitable for cats and dogs of different ages, because certainly should be in the store to clarify the age of the animals used in this tool.

Note: because the composition of the spray bars from fleas are insecticides, it must be stored in trays away from food and children.


Do not use this tool for individuals who even turned 1.5 months. For very young kittens pharmacists have created bars for animals with a less concentrated amount of fipronil.

Drop bars for cats not suggest this Pets:

  • animals with communicable diseases and weakened immune systems;
  • lactating and pregnant females;
  • kittens and adult individuals with allergic reactions to primary and secondary substance means.

When after treatment have a furry pet is observed lacrimation, vomiting, muscular tremor, fever or other symptoms, then the animal should be washed with shampoo. In case of allergic reactions, you must contact your veterinarian to receive further instructions for the removal of parasitic insects.

Don’t forget that trifle blood-sucking parasites is not necessary, as they can harm your beloved pet, and the rest of the household. Treat pet only allowed and proven to use drugs, otherwise you can only exacerbate the situation and cause irreparable harm to pet’s health.

The cost drops from fleas bars

Today, drops from fleas bars the cost is relatively low and it is available to any owner of the animal: this tool can be purchased for 50-70 rubles per pipette.

No need to order a large quantity of pipette is based on repeated processing of pet. Probably drop the animal, and can be repeated treatments may not have. Purchase a few of the pipette is only necessary when the drug is already tested and you are sure that you want repeated use.

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