Drops for cats from fleas and ticks

One of the most widespread and harmful creatures, and poisonous life cats, are so-called ectoparasites, which may include, for example, ticks and fleas.

The pharmaceuticals market is ready to provide the owner of a large number of different drugs to protect from these pests. Widely known found drugs against parasites in the form of drops.

Many of these drugs have efficacy and prolonged action, easy to use, can be used as a combined tool against fleas and ticks.

Mechanism of action drops against ticks and fleas

A large part of the drugs against harmful insects for cats is an insecticide or a mixture thereof. As a rule, an active substance they have used components, such as , Imidacloprid, amitraz, diazinon, pyriproxifen , etc. They act by causing paralysis and subsequent death of the pests, and prevent the development of eggs and larvae of insects. Some of these poisons, and deter pests with its odor, and because they can be used as repellents.

In General, all medicines from insects cats technically are as follows:

  • during application of the drug epidermis, hair follicles, sebaceous glands saturated with the active substance;
  • when interacting with the pests they are blocking nerve impulses, accompanied by paralytic effect and subsequent death.

The substances applied vary in duration of action. The duration of the antiparasitic effect of the drugs in the first place depends on the type of active substance.

So, drops against ticks for cats “Stronghold”, “Frontline Spot On” protect your pet for 21-28 days and are mild remedies. At the same time, substances on the basis of fipronil and permethrin (for example, “Works”) shall remain in effect for 2 months. In General, the higher the degree and duration of efficacy have drugs with two or more insecticides, used as active substance. Such funds, in addition, have a combined effect, i.e. prevent the cat from several types of pests.

Requirements for drops from fleas and ticks

When you purchase drops from fleas for cats, the owner need to focus on the instructions for use.

The drug must meet the requirements of modern standards:

  • to treat low grade toxicity for cats. The animal should not suffer from application of drops, even if it enters them into the body;
  • possess a broad spectrum of action. In addition to the ticks and flea beetles, the drug must successfully against other parasites: ear mites, Vladam, helminths, etc.;
  • to destroy pests in various phases of the growing season (eggs, larvae, adult). This effect usually is achieved by the combination in one preparation of several active substances with different mechanisms of action;
  • to show the effectiveness over an extended period. The cat must be protected from ticks and fleas, while the whole population will be eliminated. Also drops must not lose their protective properties after bathing a pet;
  • form release drops must be easy to use and not to deliver to the owners of inconvenience, but the application should not be unpleasant for the cat.
A list of the best drops

Cat owners are available with a range of domestic and imported products to protect your family pet from fleas and ticks. The most effective among them are the following:

  • Celandine. The combined action of fipronil and permethrin provides a remarkable effect in the fight against Ixodes ticks and fleas. The tool is not recommended for use on pregnant cats and kittens under 2 months. Corresponds to III class of toxicity. The drug has a high allergenicity.
  • Bars. A drop of the manufacture of the Moscow company “Agrovetzaschita” within 60 days of the effective fighting with insects on cats. As the active substance is applied fipronil. The tool is able to destroy pests in various phases of development. Due to the special structure of Bars, ticks and fleas do not produce a tolerance to the medication. Prohibited treatment drug calves to 2.5 months.
  • Stronghold (Stronghold). A powerful tool fruitfully kills fleas, ticks and other pests like worms. One application of drops is enough to protect the pet within 30 days. Kittens younger than six months, it is undesirable to handle these drops. Use the product on pregnant cats only with permission of the specialist veterinarian. For the treatment of young consumed 6 ml per 1 kg of live weight, and on an adult cat you will need a whole pipette.
  • Inspector. The combined effect in the elimination of ticks and fleas is achieved through the action of fipronil and moxidectin. The duration of efficacy of the treatment is 30 days. You need to refrain from the use of the drops for pregnant and lactating females and kittens younger than 7 weeks.
  • Natura – BIO DELIX (Natura – DELIKS BIO). One application of these drops from the fleas on the withers one month supply effective protection. Due to the presence in the composition of natural ingredients (essential oils, etc.) are allowed to use the drug in subotnik and nursing cats. The age at which you can use in animals of 1 month.
  • Frontline Spot On (Frontline Spot It). For 3 weeks these drops protect cats from ticks and the actions for 2 months against fleas. Active ingredient – fipronil. The drug is administered from the age of 8 weeks. Safe to use for pregnant and lactating cats. Comes in a pipette with a plastic tip. The recommended use of a 0.5 mm pipette. Sometimes a slight discoloration of fur, which is especially noticeable on Pets with white fur.
  • Beaphar (Biofar). The advantages of these produced by the Dutch company drops is the ability to eliminate flea beetles, and mites still at the larval stage. The drug is created based on neem, a natural ingredient and therefore is absolutely safe for the animal, even if it is licked off the drops. Use for kittens, pregnant and nursing females, and individuals suffering from other diseases, it is impossible.
  • Advantage (Advantage) is a product of the famous German Corporation Bayer, which is based on Imidacloprid. After one application of the drops the animal within one month protected from fleas and ticks. Available in two dosages – for kittens over 10 weeks and for adults. With the permission of the veterinarian can apply to pregnant and lactating cats. The substance is used, even if the animal is severely weakened.
  • Hartz (Hartz frontline) – drops based on metropia. Refers to a particularly strong drugs should be used with extreme caution. It is forbidden to dribble the tool in the weakened animals, subotnik and lactating females, and kids younger than 3 months. Applied to the withers of a cat.
  • The lawyer – the effectiveness of these drops on withers against fleas and ticks lasts about a month, during which the cat is reliably protected against pests. Based medicine the two main active ingredients – Imidacloprid and moxidectin – a number of additional: benzyl alcohol, propylenecarbonate, butylhydroxytoluene. Applied to the withers of the animal. Dripping is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating cats, sick animals, kittens younger than 9 weeks. “Lawyer” does not mix well with other drugs against ectoparasites.

Universal drug for the destruction of flea beetles and mites on cats are there. On the choice of drugs is influenced by the individual characteristics of the pet, the degree of damage, the conditions of detention of the animal, the presence of the propensity to allergies. Therefore, before starting treatment you need to consult a vet specialist that will help to determine which tool is best suited four-legged pet.

Side effects and unexpected situations when applied drops

In the first hours after treatment cat drops from parasites animal, as a rule, begin to itch. This is due to the fact that during contact with the poison fleas and ticks are developing increased activity and stronger bite pet. Approximately 18-24 hours after applying the medication starts mass mortality of the pests, and the animal comes to rest. Sometimes the cat due to fleas developing dermatitis, and in this case, the animal will itch a little longer until you heal the damage done by the parasites.

Sometimes the cat licks off the body drops immediately after application. In this situation also it is not necessary to go into a panic, as modern drip protection from parasites based on harmless to Pets substances like permethrin and fipronil. These elements are rapidly broken down in the stomach, not being soaked up in walls of internal organs and without getting into the blood.

Adverse reactions

Sometimes some individuals have found idiosyncrasy of a drug. In this case, the cat manifest the main symptoms of poisoning: nausea, vomiting, increased salivation, etc.

Animal need as quickly as possible to wash without shampoo, give water and activated charcoal and take him to the vet to identify a more accurate diagnosis and determining treatment. In order to avoid such force majeure should be applied flea drop on the withers, where the cat will not be able to get them.

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