Drops for cats: the main types and description

The application of drops against fleas for kittens and adult cats is a harmless way of dealing with these insects. These funds can be safely applied to areas that animals can’t reach.

From how dripping cat flea drop will depend on the effect of treatment. To fulfill that need properly, knowing exactly what spot to drip.

Features of use

It drops from ticks and fleas for cats is the most convenient drugs to kill blood-sucking parasites and are perfectly safe, because the correct application pet cannot reach to lick. Often pet owners do not know in what place to drip the cat flea drop, so that they do not hit the body. Not to provoke a poisoning you want to process only the area of the withers between the shoulder blades. Drops you need to put the kitten to the skin, and the wool should be spread in order to her to provide direct access.

Owners often ask how to apply the right flea drop for cats. Veterinarians recommend to choose them based on age and weight of the animal. For newborn kittens made special preparations. Animals should be treated on cloudy days or in the evening, so as not to allow direct sunlight on the treated area. After the procedure it is necessary that the kitten was home for several days. To achieve the best effect of certain medications should be applied along the spine.

To use the drops against fleas for cats is quite simple and that is their main advantage. The composition is a substance that affects the larvae and eggs of fleas, the adult mosquitoes and other biting insects.

The majority of owners do not know where and how to drip the cat flea drop. Read this, carefully read the enclosed user manual or consult a veterinarian. We have to be careful, as they may be substances that pose a low risk for lactating and pregnant females or kittens. Before you use the drops, it is best to make a test for susceptibility to this agent. What one drop rubbed into the skin. The owner of a few hours is bound to watch carefully for the behavior of his pet.

Security measures

Drops against fleas for cats in its composition have a small amount of the main active ingredients, because the health of the animal will not harm accidental licking of the coat. All funds relatively safe. They are dangerous in the case when the cat starts to lick the kittens, which are treated with this drug. The animal can be poisoned.

Drops against ticks for cats can help, only when the animal comes out of the house rarely. They help when the owner plans together with your pet to leave to relax at the cottage. In this case, use them 2-3 times during the season.

The advantages of drugs

For cats flea drop on the withers are of great advantage due to the place of application of this tool: the drug is inaccessible to the pet and, consequently, does not allow the ingress of drugs into the stomach.

Other positive aspects of the drops are:

  • low cost;
  • the duration of 1-6 months;
  • the convenience and ease of application.

Also important advantage is a small level of toxicity. Tool after application to the animal begins to act after 20-30 minutes.

A large range of exposure is also an advantage. The drug saves from fleas and ticks, as well as different types of worms and vlasiadou.

The effect and composition of drugs

Insecticide is the active ingredient that is in a preparation in which the parasites crawling in mortal danger. And it does not cause harm to cats and cat.

At the heart of many medications is permethrin, which many times proved its effectiveness. When injected into the stomach of the animal is its rapid breakdown and release from the body. When permethrin builds up a significant amount, it is likely the appearance of side effects.

Another modern and improved insecticide that is included with the current medications is fipronil. Use these drops against fleas for pregnant animals and for kittens older than 2 months.

To date, based on pyriproxifen also made drop. Prior to that, he was in poisons, which are impregnated flea collars for cats.

The following insecticide is ivermectin, which is endowed with versatile effects. This substance can destroy:

  • nematodes;
  • fleas;
  • ticks.

Causing drops on the withers as possible to poison the parasites, and to deter. It is sufficient to apply this preparation once. It would be more effective to operate on Pets, although you can use it for animals that many prefer to walk on the street. In the latter case, the effectiveness of the drug decreases.

Application instructions must be observed. You cannot use drops against fleas and ticks for cats after a specified time of use.

In certain situations, it may be a manifestation of allergic reactions in the form of:

  • itching;
  • hair loss;
  • dermatitis.

In order for it not to happen, you need the animal at the withers to drip one drop at a time, all the time looking for his reaction.

That affects the result of the use of the drops?

Rules for the use of all these drugs are similar, differences are only of method and dosage. The manual describes them. Then, when gently push the wool, the cat on the withers drops dripping from fleas. After rubbing their hands, in order to remedy absorbed. For at least the past three days do not need animal bathing and scratching.

How will act for cats flea drop, depends greatly on the conditions of the weather. When a pet will get caught in the rain, the sleet, the drug is washed away. The effect will be zero. And in other cases results can be achieved.

In some cases, the effect of the applied droplets is not showing the desired result. This tool may just be a fake. Drops need to pick carefully, as each drug has a specific purpose. Prevention of all blood-sucking parasites, the wool must be processed once a month. Individual drops are pretty strong, because it is desirable to use two months and one time. At the moment on the market there is a different flea drop for cats produced by many different manufacturers.

The most popular drops

Describe the most effective means:

  • Beaphar. The advantage of Dutch drops is that them without any apprehensions apply in relation to pregnant animals, old or weakened cats and even kittens. The presence in the composition as an active component of the extract of neem even in case of accidental licking makes safe drug. The effect of the drops may last up to one month.
  • Advantage. Drug German manufacturing is considered one of the most popular. These drops in the role of the current of the active ingredient is Imidacloprid. This is a good tool reliably protects the animal from blood-sucking insects for a month.
  • Frontline. This insecticide can save and protect pet as worming and fleas. The drug is made in the pipette of the polymer. These drops are allowed to use for young kittens aged over 2 months. The drug is not recommended for use before shows, because it can have certain animals to change the color of the coat. The main active component of drops of Frontline is fipronil, which makes it impossible to start in the fur fleas of a pet for two months and ticks – 20 days. Its characteristic feature is a safe use for pregnant and nursing cats.
  • Hartz. Drugs of this brand are very popular. In these American drops active ingredient is methoprene. It is prohibited to be used on newborn kittens under the age of three months. The application of a strip along the spine. Insects destroyed in a day.
  • Barrier-super. This drug is popular due to the effective destruction of blood-sucking parasites at different stages of their development. The positive effect may persist up to two months. It can be used from 3 months, the process does not cause discomfort. This is possible due to various dosages of drops.
  • Bars. Domestic drug, which is very well tolerated by Pets. For adults is made in a stronger form, and young kittens from 3 months of life in a milder. Relatively cheap tool bars contains in its composition active substance fipronil. The effectiveness of this drug continues for two months.
  • Inspector. The tool contains two active ingredients – fipronil and moxidectin. After applying Pets one month of the occurrence of parasites is not threatened. Before use you need to carefully read the instructions for use.
  • Stronghold. A wide range of effects makes this product quite popular. This flea remedy can relieve the pet from worms, fleas and ticks. The drug is not suitable for very young kittens, aged not more than one month. All other animals must be processed every 30 days.
  • Natura-BIO DELIX. These drops drip on the withers from the age of one month. This is possible by being in the composition of the essential oils. The action can be maintained for 30 days.
  • The celandine. The effect of the drug based on the simultaneous action of two toxic active substances, fipronil and permethrin. Fights effectively with cat fleas and Ixodes ticks. Celandine should not treat lactating and pregnant cats and very young kittens.
What better choice drops?

What drops can family pet it is best to protect, will not be able to answer even a very experienced vet.

The effectiveness of a particular drug and its safety applications will depend on many factors, which include:

  • predisposition to allergic reactions;
  • the degree of infestation;
  • follow the instructions during processing;
  • personal body chemistry and so on.

Getting a good drop, you need to consider the physiological condition of the pet. Moreover, it refers to those occasions when you need to process small kittens or a pregnant cat.

After use unable to report unexpected events. It may be that after of the drug the animal will start to itch. In this case, you must keep in mind that when it was much infested with fleas, after poisoning the insects will show excessive activity.

Blood-sucking parasites pod exposure to insecticides show their excessive aggressiveness, and the animal begin to bite even more. This condition can last for a half day or even whole day. During this time, the insects die, and the animal ceases to itch. In some cases this time is sufficient to have the animal has the appearance of flea dermatitis, because the cat will itch and after treatment. The culprit is an Allergy to the bites of parasites, which persists for a short time.

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