Drops from the ear mite for cats

Cat owners know that to learn about the health problems of animals, watching their behavior. The constant desire for cats to scratch his ear with his paw, the non-eating often indicate ear mites, get rid of which you want with the help of special drops.

Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of the most common ear drops.

What are ear mites and how to recognize it

Among the most common diseases of domestic murok in the first place is the otodectosis or ear mites, treatment is quite possible in the early stages. That is why the ears must be inspected at least once a week and when it detects black immediately consult a veterinarian.

Notice of the parasite is possible with the naked eye – in the folds of the auricle appears of a dark color ticks are oval in shape, reaching a length of up to 0.5 mm. the Disease affects the external auditory canal, penetrates through the eardrum into the inner ear surface. Most often sick kittens, although adults otodectosis in common. The human parasite is not transmitted.

To recognize a problem will help the following characteristics:

  • Constant itching in my ears. The cat will RUB the ear with his paws, trying to scratch at the corners and the surface, to be concerned. Over time, will become aggressive, anxious.
  • In an attempt to get rid of the causative agent of cat is shaking his head.
  • Liquid discharge in the ears, which, freezing, turning into brown scabs.
  • Crusts in the ear canal, when running the disease develops in the tube.
  • Unpleasant smell from the ear of the animal.
  • Swelling of the ear.
  • The cat becomes inactive. Loses appetite.

When a problem is detected should be set to start her treatment, otherwise the tick can penetrate into the inner ear, can cause hearing loss or even death of the animal. The easy-to-use method with proven effectiveness – ear drops for cats. What means from otodektoza used in modern veterinary medicine?

Anandin plus

This special ear drops no identified side effects and quite low-cost bottle will cost only 50 rubles. Active substance – amarain and decamethoxin – not only help to get rid of the tick, but to deal with infections and fungal diseases.

Drops instilled into each ear (even if only one affected), 3 drops once a day. Course duration – 7 days. Next, you should visit a vet who will check if it’s resolved the problem and, if necessary, prescribe repeated courses.

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect the animal will feel better literally after the first application. The drug has low toxicity and does not cause allergic reactions.

Tofranil Gold

Another budget way to solve the problem of ear mites. Usage is simple:

  1. The ear of the animal is cleared from the abscesses and scabs by means of a tampon moistened with the drops.
  2. Then each ear of the buried facility.

The procedure is performed once a day for 7 days, then a week do not use, then repeat the course. The drug is perfectly regenerates damaged tissue

Among the disadvantages it should be called the stinging of the drops, they will cause the animal discomfort. But the effect is pronounced.


Effective ear drops containing in addition to the active substances (dexamethasone and amitraz) and even propolis. The drug is instilled into each ear, 2-3 drops daily for weeks, then take a week break. The course is repeated 2-3 times until the complete elimination of the parasite. The average cost of funds – about 70 rubles. Should not be used if pregnant cats and kittens younger than one month.


A drug based on propolis and sulphur. Designed to combat otodektoza in each ear cats drip 2-3 drops of money within weeks, the course in a interval of 5 days if need be you can duplicate. The average price for Russia – 50-60 rubles a bottle. Help even in advanced cases, when the otodectosis complicated by otitis media.


Ear drops are based on sulfur. Before you dig be sure to clean the shells from the scabs and pus with a cotton swab dipped in medium, then in both ears entered 2-3 drops, massage the ear from the outer side at the base. Repeat the procedure for 5 consecutive days, then take a break 2 days, if necessary, duplicated. The average price is about 50 rubles.


Drops, helping to get rid of ear mites the first time. The ear should be cleaned, then make 1-2 drops in each ear and massage. If the disease has moved into the running stage, you should wait 5 days and repeat the treatment.

Also there are other dropsthat allow to cope with the problem otodektoza in cats:

  • Suralan. A good remedy otitis media and other hearing problems in Pets. Used daily. The owner it is important to know that after each instillation wash hands with soap and water. Can be used as a prophylactic.
  • Actovegin, the drug that destroys ear mites and fighting with inflammation of the ear.
  • Aurican. Used for kittens, the average price across Russia – from 300 rubles. Active ingredients – prednisolone sodium, and lindane.
  • Bars. The drug has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect due to the active ingredient of diazinon.
  • Ciples. It destroys not only the adult mites, but larvae at the expense of active ingredients: cypermethrin and amitraz. The average price – 120 rubles.
  • Amit drops Forte. Means is buried in each ear (3-5 drops) twice a day, pausing between treatments in 3-5 days. In the absence of the result and after consulting a doctor, repeat the course. Then drug the ear of the cat is slightly massaged to the active ingredient evenly distributed on the ear. The average price of 50 rubles. Among the contraindications are pregnancy and lactation cats, should not be used for kittens under the age of 60 days.
  • Akaromektin. Drops with the active substance ivermectin in a convenient bottle. The product is applied to the inner part of the ear, then massage the ear at the base. The procedure was repeated two times with a break of 5 days. The average price – 80 rubles.

Important! Not necessary to appoint an animal drops. It can do only a vet after a preliminary examination, as if the disease started and eardrum is damaged, such products is contraindicated in cats and is assigned to the alternative treatment.

Some drops can cause cat allergies, how to recognize which one of the following:

  • the emergence of itching;
  • redness on the skin;
  • hair loss;
  • rash;
  • the increase in temperature.

This is due to the fact that some animals have an intolerance of separate components of the drug. Treatment in this case, stop and show pet specialist to correct course.

To identify the dose of medicine will also help monitoring the cat.

The symptoms are:

  • diarrhea (in severe cases with blood);
  • vomiting;
  • high temperature.

Treatment ceased, the animal is removed to the vet.

Important nuances

Drops against ticks on the market a lot, how not to get lost among this diversity and to choose the ones that will really help pet?

First of all, you should pay attention to the purpose of the drug. Need to give up drops of wide spectrum of action in favor of intended for combat otodektoza. Ear mites are parasites specific and worms, for example, are powerless against them.

The active substance of the drug should be low-toxic. For kittens up to 6 months is recommended to use frontline or Stronghold.

How to properly clean a cat’s ears

The process is simple and after several times of doing this you learn any owner.

Describe the process step by step:

  1. Drip into each ear, 2-3 drops.
  2. Massage the ear on the outside is slightly bent, this will help the tool be evenly distributed.
  3. With a cotton swab dipped in tool to clean the ear, not getting into it deep.
  4. Cotton swab to clean the folds.

It is important to remember that for the cat procedure is a real stress, so the animal must be calm. The most aggressive cats it is better to wrap in a towel so that it didn’t get scratched hands of the owner.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, that’s why it is important to give the pet comfortable condition that will help him not to get ear mites. The animal should be protected from contact with infected cats, weekly to check the ears, twice a month to clean them with cotton swabs.

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