Dry food Royal Canin for cats: what is and what is included in the

Royal canin is very popular firm, engaged in the development and manufacture of feed for dogs and cats. Their products have the status of luxury apartments and is suitable for a variety of breeds and ages, and also takes into account all the possible needs of your cat.

In this article we take a closer look at what Royal canin feed for cats are there how to choose food, and what to consider when it.

Cat food for daily use

So, first, you need to analyze what it costs to feed very small kitten who was not even a month. The first product that uses the kid is breast milk. But they are growing, becoming more demanding, and the body needs the support and assistance of various vitamins and substances that could strengthen it and promote growth.

In no case do not put the kittens sharply with mother’s milk to dry feed. Solid foods should be gradual. Lure kittens for ten days and watching the reaction to new products. It is important to understand that as humans, the body of each animal is individual and the timing of additional forage in this regard can increase or, on the contrary, decrease. Carefully observe their Pets, so as not to harm their health.

Specially for kittens Royal Canin has developed a unique feed, which will be a perfect option for first feeding. We recommend not to experiment and to give preference to proven manufacturers to be confident that your kittens will grow strong and healthy.

I present to you Royal canin food called Babycat Instinctive. It is suitable for kids aged one to four months and is not just a nutritious product that is ideal for transition from milk to dry feed, but also contains vitamins E and C, which helps the kitten strengthen the immune system. Also, the composition of Babycat Instinctive includes taurine and lutein also having a great impact on the growth and health of fluffy.

It should be noted that manufacturers have taken into account such factors as texture of the feed, which is very important. Because the solid pellets hard rasskazyvaetsya kitten, and given the fact that with age he will begin to erupt teeth and gums will become very sensitive, light feeds are really the perfect option.

In total, the company offers several types of food for kittens:

  • food for Persian kittens;
  • food for British Shorthair;
  • food for kittens Maine Coon;
  • standard cat food;
  • dry food for neutered kittens.

And also, mousse for kittens, several varieties of wet food, pate and blend for cats BABYCAT MILK.

For pregnant cats

Undoubtedly, the choice of food for a pregnant cat is very important, because if the power is not good enough, the danger may threaten not only the health of cats, but her future kittens. It is also important to know that the transition from the standard dry food to feed pregnant cats should not take place only gradually, but in advance. Start to replace conventional granules on a special even before pregnancy.

Rules of feeding a pregnant cat is very simple. Before the deadline in three weeks, the cat is fed as usual, but after, the animal is given three servings daily, and also each of them is increased by ten percent.

If your cat does not consume food for pregnant women, although she has kittens, then the fifth week in any case should not be neglected, because the animal will need a lot more protein and fat. The right amount of these substances is not contained in the usual feeds, but only in special. Also, with the fifth week you want to feed your pet more often.

Even when your cat is already lambing, do not hurry to translate it into standard feed and immediately reduce the portions, because it can affect milk quality and therefore the health of the kittens.

Food developed by Royal canin, meets all the requirements of feed for pregnant cats. Namely:

  • The amount of taurine in the feed of the firm does not exceed the required number, namely, 0.1 percent.
  • The amount of protein and fat ideal for a cat, with kittens. To be precise, thirty-four and twenty percent.
  • Food Royal canin in any case not oxidized, because otherwise the skeleton of the kittens will not be strong enough.
  • 0.08% of the magnesium present in the feed composition. That is how much of this substance and should it contained.
  • Valieva acid is an indispensable element in the composition of this feed, because in case of insufficient amount of this substance in the body, cats can be susceptible to the development of such a malformation as cleft palates.
What vitamins contains in the feed for cats Royal Canin?

Dry and wet food of Royal Canin contains a complex of multivitamins, which are required for maintaining the health of the cat and giving it strength and energy.

That indicates a lack in the animal body any trace elements? If your cat had problems with digestion, it is quite possible that these failures in the body indicate an insufficient amount of vitamin A. lack of energy in the cat and a noticeable dullness of your pet, you need to include in his diet foods rich in vitamin B. Challenges with the bones and teeth indicate a lack of vitamin D. But the lack of vitamin E, the hair becomes so beautiful and begins to fall.

It is important to understand that in any case it is necessary to consult a specialist, and in any case do not try to treat your pet yourself, because in this way you can not only help him but also to hurt.

What kind of work is done by the vitamins contained in specialized feed Royal canin?

Vitamin a is often recommended to eat the kittens, because it helps them not only grow quickly, but also strengthens the immune system of kids.

Vitamin B is a kind of source of energy, but also normalizes the digestive system.

Vitamin Cis a powerful antioxidant that helps to remove various toxins from the body and prevents the aging of cells. If the body lacks calcium or iron, and your cat gets, the medications of these minerals, the vitamin C will help her body absorb these nutrients.

Vitamin D is particularly important for the body of pregnant cats, as it promotes restful pregnancy.

Cat food Royal canin: what is useful and what it contains

Daily feed of cats plays an important role in maintaining her physical and emotional health. Feed Royal Canin not only very delicious and fast will love your Pets, but also very useful. The creators of feed take into account not only what substances should be contained in the diet of your pet, but that would be perfect for the body of a cat and how all trace elements will interact with each other.

Protein is one of the main components not only food, but also the body of the animal. The function of this substance are very different, and without a sufficient number of animal simply cannot exist. Because this element is responsible for the regeneration of the body, the formation of new cells and tissues and participates in metabolic functions of the body.

Absolutely all feed Royal Canin made with regard to these facts and most of them do component is a protein. The chemical composition of pellets is designed in such a way that virtually the entire protein, not less than ninety-eight percent absorbed by the body of the animal.

Carbohydrates are equally important for animals and for people because they are storehouse of energy and strength and thus are involved in the formation of other important compounds and are responsible for the stimulation of metabolism. But in that case, if the body has too much of a given substance, the animal will just start to gain weight, and obesity can cause many other diseases. That is why we are discussing the firm controls the amount of carbohydrates contained in all food.

Fats are also very important, because thanks to them, the food acquires the desired taste and consistency. In addition, the substance is easily digested by the body.

If your animal consumes forage from this company, you should not worry about the condition of his mineral balance. It is the same important parameter, because even the smallest deviation from the norm can lead to irreparable consequences. For example, problems with the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

And as mentioned earlier, feed is rich in vitamins, the number of which is clearly regulated and constantly checked. Excess of any vitamin can be deadly to one animal species and useful for another. Therefore, it is important to feed your pet already proven products.

If your cat, there are certain requirements in the content of vitamin complexes and other elements, and you are afraid to buy the wrong product, at any time you can see the table located on the reverse side of the package, and to clarify the content of a substance in the feed.

Food for neutered cats

If you plan to have surgery for your pet, it is important to understand that the body will be some changes, and the needs of the animal will change markedly. It is important to approach the issue of choosing food very seriously.

What happens to the body of a cat after castration?

  • Cats in old age, the metabolism becomes much slower.
  • Despite the fact that there is a cat begins to want more energy it now takes less than before surgery.
  • The likelihood of urolithiasis is becoming quite high.
  • Cats, whose diet did not change, very fast weight gain, which contributes to the occurrence of other serious diseases such as diabetes.

If you want your pet to feel everything so perfectly, we highly recommend you to look attentively at the specialized food from Royal canin.

Operation, undoubtedly, is a huge stress for the animal, as the translation from one feed to another, so it is important to think in advance about all changes in the diet of your pet and get to him for some time before surgery, for example, in a few weeks.

Some owners are beginning to feed the cat less, but it is fundamentally wrong and contributes to the increased stress of the animal. It is only gradually and very carefully to reduce the portions. To determine how much dry food your pet needs, for a start, weigh it and then refer to the reverse side of the package and learn how to feed your cats weight.

But do not stay only on the change in the diet. In order for your pet not have put on a few pounds, try to give him more time to play with it and run. This will not only help to maintain the animal in good shape, but also contribute to early release from stress after surgery.

Royal canin are the following types of feed for neutered cats and neutered cats:

  • for neutered cats up to seven years with the increased sensitivity of the skin and neutered cats with sensitive skin ;
  • complete food for kittens aged up to four months before surgery;
  • for sterilized cats up to seven years;
  • for neutered cats;

Cat food Royal canin is particularly popular and in demand. Food thanks premium your pet will have the most beautiful coat, healthy and strong body, as well as fine spirits at any time.

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