Effective means of worms for cats

The problem that often occurs with breeders of kittens and adult cats is worms. Moreover, it does not affect the frequency of walking pet outdoors, socializing with other animals or eating habits.

When was the last time an animal did not give helminthics, it already indicates the presence of worms.

Once in 3 months of domestic cats should be dewormed. For a long time to get rid of such trouble, the owner needs to take care of a selection of high-quality and effective sedative for cats.

Rules for the treatment of anthelmintic drugs

To cure worms without the use of drugs would be impossible. When improper care or food infected animal in just days. To avoid trouble, you need to adhere to the following rules for keeping Pets:

  1. Cleaning the tray every day. Regardless of the litter in the litter tray, the tray is a breeding ground for larvae of worms. It parasites evolve instantly. Animal after visiting a dirty toilet to clean, the tongue cleans paws and tail. So the worms begin to grow in his body again and again.
  2. The ban on hunting. Love the cat hunting for birds and mice has a negative impact on his health. To reduce the chance of infection from pet rodents on his collar to tie a little bell, to scare the victim.
  3. Control of supply. You need to protect the cat from human food, especially from the one that passed heat treatment. It is often much more dangerous than store-bought pet food.
  4. The schedule of the prevention of worms. A veterinarian can help the owner to make an individual treatment schedule. It is usually carried out not more often than once a trimester. Definitely need to give anthelmintic for cats before vaccination.

It is best to count down the treatment time from late winter or early spring. At this time the worms aktiviziruyutsya and begin to multiply.

Features of the procedure

The first holding of anthelmintic treatments is very risky for young kittens and their parents. Pill and drops on the withers of worms for cats can cause allergies. But also do not rule out individual intolerance means pet. Often the owner may not be aware of certain characteristics of the body of your pet.

So before you start treatment, you need to prepare and consider all the details:

  1. Pet must be completely healthy.
  2. He should not be fleas.
  3. The day care owner is better to postpone all the works to keep the animal under observation after the procedure.
  4. Before using any means necessary to carefully read the attached instructions.
  5. To avoid poisoning, the cat in advance, you need to prick gamavit. To achieve the effect you need to do 2 injections: first day of run worms, the second on the following day. The amount of drug calculated from the body weight of the pet, is injected under the skin or intravenously. If it is not possible to give an injection, you can give the animal the drug with water, this quantity need to be increased significantly.
  6. The volume of saline solution is calculated in the following way: for young kittens need 20 ml, 2 times a day; dose for adult males is 90 to 100 ml depending on the weight.
  7. 4 hours after the use of preparations from worms for cats need to use activated charcoal. Adult enough to take 1-2 tablets dissolved in clean water. Kitten enough 0.5 tablets.
  8. After the procedure need to carefully monitor each trip to the toilet. If the animal could not go on the tray, you can give him a laxative, which will recommend an experienced vet. Instead of tablets you can use mineral oil.
  9. Animals who are picked up on the street, after treatment anthelmintic drugs can be unexpected side effects. Carry out the procedure so kittens are better under the supervision of a veterinarian.
  10. A week before the planned vaccination the dog should etch the parasites.
  11. After inoculation, the treatment should be repeated after 2 weeks.
  12. To change medication every time is not recommended, it is better to give preference to one manufacturer and dosage form.

Special attention should be given to pregnant cats during the procedure. You can’t give them anthelmintic drugs in less than 20 days before delivery. After 3 weeks of the birth of the offspring can again treatment anthelminthic drugs.

Animals in any case do not give medication intended for humans. This can lead to poisoning and even death.


When you buy any drug you need to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. Treatment for animals are no exception to this rule.

Anthelmintic drugs for cats have their contraindications:

  • Hypersensitivity to any ingredients of the medication. If after the procedure the owner has noticed changes in behavior of the pet, this must as soon as possible to inform the vet. The next time you need to replace the drug with another.
  • Age. Poison worms in young kittens under the age of 1.5 months is not recommended.
  • The first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Recent infectious disease or current illness.
  • Little weight. Animals weighing up to 0.5 kg to conduct deworming impossible.
  • Diseases of the liver and urogenital system.
Possible side effects

Anthelmintic drugs for cats have several possible side effects. Their appearance is related to the composition of the drug that was used for the procedure. The value also has the age of the pet and his health.

If you follow all the recommendations described in the instructions to the medication, you can minimize the appearance of side effects.

  • If you are sensitive to any of the components of the drug can appear allergic, accompanied by itching and foaming at the mouth.
  • Possible disturbances in the digestion. This is usually manifested by diarrhea, lack of appetite and vomiting.

The day after the procedure all unpleasant symptom take place without additional intervention. If not, then you need to consult with your doctor.

Overdose of anthelmintic drugs in animals is very rare. This phenomenon affects only small kittens because their weight is difficult to correctly determine the right amount of medication.

The overdose are possible following symptoms:

  • tremors and convulsions;
  • breathing problems and wheezing;
  • frothing at the mouth.

If you experience any of these symptoms should immediately contact a doctor.

Method of issuance helminthics

Modern veterinary medicine does not stand still. Now you can find various drugs to get rid of the pet from worms.

They differ not only in composition but also in the form of issue:

  1. tablets;
  2. paste;
  3. drops on the withers of worms;
  4. suspension;
  5. drops for intake;
  6. anthelminthic vaccine.

Host can choose suitable for his pet form of the drug. The medicinal effect it makes no difference, so it all depends on personal convenience. Tablets are not always convenient to give the cat, so they can easily replace a suspension or paste. You can add them to the food. For small kittens fit drops can be rubbed into inaccessible on the skin, so they can’t lick.

Popular anthelmintic drugs

Often uses the following tablet from worms to cats and kittens:

  • “Cancancel”. Great for the adults. One appointment is enough 0.5 tablets for maximum effectiveness. Before use you need to carefully read the instructions.
  • “Drontal”. Widely acts on parasites and helps to relieve pet from a large number of worms. And also it is recommended to give these tablets adult cats weighing more than 5 pounds. To treat them kittens is strictly prohibited.
  • “Milbemax”. Tablets are convenient to use, there is a package for adults and for little kittens.

Among the drops are well proven:

  • “Profender”. A tool that is applied to the skin of the animal in the shoulder area. A widely used treatment for cats of different ages. Choose the application of drops so that the animal could not lick, otherwise it may lead to severe poisoning.
  • “Stronghold”. The drug is available in doses, so it is very convenient to use. One pipette is enough for processing a single adult animal. Applied to the withers.

Suspension “Prazitsid” effectively eliminates worms even in the most severe cases. In the package for ease of use is a syringe with which you can place the tool on the tongue of a cat.

There is another popular remedy for worms in the form of sugar cubes. It’s called “Polyverkan”. The drug has a broad impact on parasites. It is easy to use thanks to a pleasant taste.

How to give your cat deworming pill

According to many owners of cats, the most convenient form of issue of drugs is considered a suspension. But if such a means was not available, it is possible to apply tricks that will help to painlessly give their cat:

  • Pet have his back and unclench my jaw. The tablet is carefully put in your mouth, then close the jaw and gently stroke the throat so the cat was easier to swallow.
  • Can grind the tablet, crushing it in a mortar or spoon. The powder is filled with warm water and using a syringe is administered into the mouth of the animal.
  • Tablet, crushed to a powder, added to food, e.g. ground meat.

On the shelves of pet stores you can find many different means to combat parasites. But it is still recommended to acquire them at vet clinics after a conversation with the doctor. Before using the drug you need to carefully read the instructions and familiarize yourself with all side effects.

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