Exotic Shorthair cat: everything about the breed

Cat-exotic, so much like soft plush toy, tenderness of even the most indifferent of people. Round face and unusual looks, large eyes, deep eyes and good nature this cat helped lift him on a pedestal of the most interesting breeds represented at cat shows around the world.

The history of the origin of the breed “exotic Shorthair”

Homeland cats exotic – United States of America, where in the 60-ies of the last century, scientists – breeders during the breeding got this result quite unexpectedly, almost by accident. For crossing were selected as two breeds are the American Shorthair and Persian.

The work was carried out in order to dilute the color gamut of the Persian breed, but the result of selection turned out a very unusual kitten that has traits of both breeds.

I must say that the idea of a failed experiment does not upset the scientists, because before them stood a brand new, unusual look. Already in 1967, the kittens of the breed “exotic” was officially presented to the public, and in 80 years they have received official status as a separate breed.

Incidentally, the experiment did not end, and until the mid 70-ies of the breeders continued to introduce new genes to an exotic species: in the experiment took part British blue cats, Russian blue and Burmese. However, in the end allowed crossovers is limited to only two breeds, namely the Persians and the American Shorthair.

Description of the breed: appearance and character

Often cat lovers, they are not interested in rocks, confuse exotic with Persian cats. Some of the confusion is justified, for the cat the exotic is almost a copy of the Persian with the exception of the quality and length of wool.

And yet, in addition to soft plush fur, this breed has several other distinctive features:

  • head this seal has a rounded shape and medium size;
  • face the animal has a small flat nose, wide-set and very expressive eyes;
  • cheeks the cat down;
  • ears small, set wide apart and slightly tilted forward;
  • the skeleton and musculature of this strong body from the outside like a square (or a loaf of bread);
  • the legs, both front and rear, very strong, have an average length;
  • the tail also is of medium length, it is proportional to the whole body of the animal;
  • exotic fur feels like a plush, she is short and has a thick undercoat;
  • as for color, here the choice represented quite a diverse range, which can be found in Persian cats, and this one-color, two-tone and tortoiseshell, and tabby (stripes) and points;
  • the weight of this breed varies from 4 kg to 7 kg depending on age and sex of the animal (usually females weigh less than males).

To determine the pure-bred specimen of this species, it is necessary to pay attention to hair: it should be shorter than the Persian ancestors, but at the same time longer than the American Shorthair. To the touch the fur of the exotic is soft and dense, like he’s not a cat, and a miniature Teddy bear.

But the color guy can be very diverse, today, the feline known for more than 100 shades: tortoiseshell, marble, solid, smoky, creamy, rich, two-tone, monotone with a darkening at the tips of the ears, etc.

On the nature of the exotic Shorthair

Exotic cat breeds are distinguished by their friendliness and gentle nature, because these pussies they were originally bred for home stay. Cat the exotic is no exception. Soft and trusting, a bit naive appearance of this fluffy puppies fully reflects his harmless disposition.

As mentioned earlier, the cat, the player almost all of its features inherited from the Persian ancestor, left the nature of this pet.

First, a home friend is very calm, we can say even phlegmatic, the voice delivers infrequently. Silent plush beauty quietly meow his thin voice only when she really needed something from the owner.

Being kids, exotic cats are very restless and playful, however, as all kittens are. They always need something to catch and hold in their little paws. To the delight of the owners of such Pets will never focus on damage furniture, uncontrolled running round the house and jumping on all sorts of hills: the kids will have quite a few toys in order to fully meet their needs in the game.

Calm and cheerful by nature, these cats are great friends to children. These will never scratch and bite without good reason. These plush charm to get along well with all family members including other Pets. It must be emphasized that the exotic cat really loves the company and attention to the person, so she will need constant care from the owner, otherwise kitty will simply upset.

Such Pets are bound to the owner, not to the house. They will be ready to travel with him and to change their place of residence, such changes will not bring them any harm. But if you leave a pet with strangers, it can test stress: exotics don’t like attention from strangers, they love only their master and allow themselves to love only him.

Health exotic cats

As you know, selectively bred cat breeds often inherit a number of diseases that can be inherited.

Unfortunately, the cat the exotic is no exception in this case. The hosts should take care of necessary drugs and care products for your new family member.

So, what diseases can develop in this breed:

  • cardiovascular disease;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • problems with the eyes;
  • diseased kidneys;
  • weight.

It is fair to say that no other breed is not immune from such illnesses, therefore it is not considered exotic to the category of weak Pets. And certainly such a fact should not become a reason for not purchasing such a wonderful creature as a cat, the player, because with the right care and attention from the owner his pet is never aware of the sores.

So, a mandatory attribute to care for a kitty will be a suitable toys. But fortunately, to brush the pet often do not have due to the fact that the coat is fairly short, procedure will be sufficient to carry out only a few times a month.

Often bathe plush exotic is not necessary, only in those cases when it looks dirty. For this purpose, will need to purchase from the vet with special shampoo.

A daily procedure should be hygiene tearful eyes. With the help of cotton swab will need to remove all accumulations in the corners of the eye, as well as the so-called tearful track. Funds for this purpose can also be purchased in veterinary pharmacy.

Trips to the vet should be the norm, at least, will require regular routine inspection and consultation with a doctor-a veterinarian on all issues.

In the rest of the exotic cat in their needs will not differ from the other breeds. For a comfortable stay it will need the litter (change filler needed as you use), as well as a house or a basket of relaxation, scratching post and toys, feathers, balls, and mice.

Feeding pet

So the cat, the player is susceptible to genetic diseases, diet must be completely balanced.

In principle, these Pets in the food is unpretentious, but, don’t give them everything, because exotics tend to be overweight.

Since childhood kitten you need to teach proper nutrition to understand that you need to eat only from a bowl, not on the sly to drag the food from the table or beg for it from the owners. Portions should be small so that the baby does not overeat and is not accustomed to gluttony.

From natural products the exotics can give almost everything: meat, fish, eggs, milk. Milk, incidentally, is quite well absorbed this breed. If you feed cat food, it is only balanced, marked “premium”. Better yet, buy food, designed specifically for this breed.

In a separate bowl must be clean water.Follow this is every day, because stale water will not drink, no cat, especially one as gentle as exotic.

You can buy a special “smart” feeders that automatically dispense the amount of feed in one serving, and then kitty will definitely be satisfied and not overeat.

By following simple rules of caring for an exotic cat, the owner will not appear any problems with pet health or his mood. And the love and affection this kitty have to answer endless love and devotion.

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