Familiarity with the range of food Purina for cats and kittens

Attentive and caring hosts always try to feed their Pets only high-quality food. This is especially true of finished feed. So the cat was a healthy, it is necessary to make a diet, given its age and characteristics of the organism.

Food Purina is often chosen as the primary product for Pets.

Its quality and efficiency is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from doctors and satisfied owners, so it is worthwhile to consider the brand and understand all its positive aspects.

Brand description Purina

The first thing to talk about the manufacturer. The company is engaged in the manufacture of food for Pets, is on the market for more than a century. For such a long period of time, its name has evolved, it has absorbed smaller organizations, and she joined a major concern.

Currently, Purina is part of a large well-known brand Nestle. Their merger took place more than 20 years ago, and it was attended by well-known U.S. firm, the Robinson-Danforth. The management of the company Nestle was interested in expansion of assortment, especially for animal feed at that time was gaining popularity. Since Purine annually develops new products and improves production technology.

In 30-ies of the last century when the company Purina opened a research Institute where scientists invent new formulas for nutrition of domestic animals taking into account their differences and specificities. It is staffed by veterinarians and engineers, interested in their work.

The concern Nestle has several brands that produce pet food. It includes such well-known companies as Proplan and Friskis. Each organization is engaged in production lines of food for different breeds and ages of Pets. Method of production of feed also varied: pastas, canned goods, dry and wet food. Experts in the field of veterinary science appreciated the therapeutic range of food that you can give the animal during treatment or diet. In choosing the right diet can completely trust a scientist from the company of Purine.

A variety of Purina feed

During the day, cats spend a lot of energy. To full fill, they need a proper diet, rich in vitamins and minerals. The diet of adult cats and young kittens is significantly different with age animal need to be translated to a completely different food.

For cats who have had surgery or drug treatment, developed your menu. In this case, the aid comes to the owners of health food.

When selecting a product for the main diet it is necessary to consider the breed, age and health status of the animal.

Company Purina care of that and offers its customers several lines of products.

  • ProPlan (Proplan). Presented in several ways, which differ depending on the age and health of the cats. There is food for very young kittens and for cats after sterilization.
  • One (Van). It is a novelty among the foods Purines. For the short existence on the market, the range of positive reviews from experts and owners. Using this food as the base diet, you can give the animal everything you need for normal life. Have dry food there are several types, which are selected based on the age of the pet.
  • Food for kittens. In the ProPlan and One lines there are products designed specifically for kittens. Considering all the needs of kids, scientists have equipped it with all necessary nutrients for normal development.
  • Canned. This kind of product is divided into 2 price categories: Darling (more available food) and Gourmet (expensive). This does not affect the quality of feed, as at all stages of its preparation, the manufacturer uses only fresh and quality ingredients.
  • Health food Vet Diet Feline. Presented in several forms for convenient preparation of the diet. Meals prepared with the transferred animal diseases and help to quickly pass through the period of rehabilitation and treatment. Have analgesic effect.

This impressive list suggests that the company’s specialists Purine took care of all the categories of Pets and took into account their characteristics. And also this brand is considered one of the most affordable, but high quality. You can buy it without hitting the pocket of the owner.

Now consider each line of Purina products in more detail.

Purina One

Form of release of this product – dry food. Available with age-appropriate Pets. Include this line feed Purina to the budget, but with high quality. On production follow closely the whole process of cooking and choice of ingredients. And conveniently, you can buy these products in almost any supermarket or pet store, it makes the life of the owners easier.

To make up the diet of the pet, you need to consider his age, particular breed, activity and health status. For example, kittens recommend a special diet rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for normal growth and development. While it doesn’t have to be a burden on the young body of a kitten.

In a dry feed line Purina One contains a lot of useful animal protein. This element is important for Pets irrespective of their age and breed. Especially important is the food for cats, living permanently indoors. The energy received from a single serving of dry food, the animal will be enough for the day.

Purina ProPlan

Scientists and experts in the field of veterinary medicine working in the Institute at Purina, constantly improving technology of production. They were able to design the perfect proportion of minerals in the feed and was able to implement it in the line of ProPlan. In the preparation of the diet based on this food the need to purchase and add vitamin baits out. This food gives a feeling of satiety and has a healing effect.

Food ProPlan sold in special pet stores and feed refers to the premium class. In it there are 3 kinds of food:

  1. medical;
  2. liquid;
  3. dry.

In each line there are different options of feeds that are selected for pet of a certain age. For example, kittens need a certain set of trace elements, but adult and old cats – a completely different.

Health food

Medicated feed may be prescribed by the veterinarian only after the analysis. It is recommended for people with allergies or excess weight.

If a pet is sick, he needs to pick up the food that he is in a weakened state will be able to properly digest. The feed ingredients should provide more and healing effect on the body. Your doctor will be able to help the owner in the selection of proper nutrition.

The Purina brand has several productsthat you can give to the cat during the illness.

  • Urinary (Urinary). Food prescribed for diseases of the genitourinary system of an animal. It stops inflammation and restores the bladder due to the small amount of fat, and auxiliary components.
  • Obesity Management. Prescribed for obesity to lose weight. The amount of animal fat in it is reduced to a minimum, in the part of the many elements that improve digestion.
  • Gastroenteric. Veterinarians prescribe this diet for gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases. Nutrition gentle on the digestive system without causing heaviness and pain.
  • Diabetes Management. The range is suitable for the diet of patients with diabetes Pets. Thanks to the innovative composition of the sugar dissolves slower and easier to eliminated from the body.

Create data feed in the diet is not before buying you should always consult your veterinarian for advice.

It is considered that the health food is produced only in the form of dry food. The entire line of ProPlan confirms it, but do not forget about the series canned food for cats from Purina.

Canned food

Among the variety of fodder on supermarket shelves canned foods are considered delicacies for animals. While many owners consider them to be the basis of the diet of their Pets. The most positive feedback you can read about ProPlan canned food. In this range you can choose different flavors, experiment and pick the one that is most like your pet. In demand as medical cannedyou from the brand Purina.

Products from the Darling save considerably without sacrificing quality. You can buy them almost everywhere. More expensive Gourmet meals is less common, but it has already managed to catch the fancy of the owners with high demands on product quality.

Food for kittens

Especially the immature organism kittens are considered in the preparation of the daily diet. Virtually every line feed are Purina products designed specifically for kids. To choose the right food is very simple: on the packaging the manufacturer explained the rules of feeding and age category. Up to 1 year can safely purchase the food for kittens, then you need to choose another feed for adult cats from the same line.

Purina is a rich nutrients food for Pets of all breeds and age groups. It quickly gives a feeling of satiety, is not addictive. Part no added preservatives or dyes hazardous to the health of the animal. Research of many scientists proved it.

Numerous reviews online from owners of kittens and adult cats confirm that their Pets approve of that sort of power. It is possible to pick up product from any price category, not to spend too much money. The quality of the product is not different from feed super – premium class, which are several times more expensive.

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