Feed Brit (Brit care) for cats – ingredients, pros and cons

If you decide to have a kitten, you should not forget that it will require a lot of care and attention. To your pet has always been healthy and active, it needs proper nutrition.

Veterinarians believe that it is better to feed cats any one food that is specifically designed for them and has a perfectly balanced composition. To this end, specialty stores have a huge variety of food, suitable as a kitten and an adult cat.

Feed Brit for cats

Many owners of Pets residing in our country, very familiar Brit dry food for cats. It produces a Czech company VAFO Praha, which is engaged in the development and distribution of dry and wet pet food, treats and even cat litter.

Specialists in animal nutrition is strongly suggest to buy Brit food for cats, as it because of its natural ingredients and great taste, is one of the best to date.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a large lineup of various products for their food, for example:

  • Food designed for neutered or spayed animals. So cats and cats need special and balanced composition that will not create a load on the genitourinary system.
  • Animals leading a sedentary lifestyle, you can find Brit food, which will in its composition easier.
  • Exclusively for long-haired animals. In such feed contains special ingredients, which eliminates the clumps of fur out.
  • Universal food Brit care for cats exclusively suitable for all breeds.
  • The diet that is recommended to use kitten and pregnant cat, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

The feed can be divided into Brit care Superpremium and Premium. They differ in the composition, range and cost. Series Premium is Hypo-allergenic.

Components of feed Brit

A large role in feed Brit assigned to the protein content. Here they contains about 55% by adding meat, poultry and fish, but it should be borne in mind that none of these products have not been added to fresh and whole foods the animal should eat and raw meat.

Fats in the diets of Brit care contains two is chicken fat and salmon oil. Both are very high quality products, perfectly digested and saturate the body of cats essential fatty acids.

Products UK contains low amount of carbohydrates, instead of grains it uses potatoes, which is good in that it has a low glycemic index, and also in the process of cooking food, potato starch is converted into a soft fiber that helps to cleanse the intestines.

The remaining components of feed Brit are additional products, such as Catnip, which will provide the kitten with the appetite, sodium phosphate intended to prevent the formation of Tartar, sea buckthorn, known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And the composition can still enter dried apples, prebiotics, yeast.

Cat food Brit care for cats

As part of a diet Brit care contain all the important ingredients for the health of the pet, it is chicken and fish fats, fiber, rice bran, polysaccharides, vitamins and trace elements. Manufacturers do not add in the product preservatives, flavors, colors, and so on feed line UK breeders of animals and veterinarians respond very positively.

The composition of the feed Brit care:

  1. Digidrirovannoe chicken and Turkey meat.
  2. Chicken meat without bones.
  3. The rice bran.
  4. Fat chicken.
  5. Fig.
  6. Dried apples.
  7. Beet pulp.
  8. The chicken liver.
  9. Salmon oil.
  10. Yeast brewer’s.
  11. Vitamins.
  12. Prebiotics.
  13. Minerals.
  14. Pear and sea buckthorn.
  15. Plantain.

Cat food Brit care are hypoallergenic and highly digestible thanks to well-matched combination of all the products included in its composition. And the content of the additional additives will allow your pet to improve health, boost immunity, prevent diseases, improve the condition of teeth and fur.

The benefits of Brit care
  • The product is made from quality ingredients.
  • The presence of a large range, but the dry food Brit care, there is still jelly, canned food, which uses only fresh and natural meat.
  • The structure includes a useful vitamins, minerals.
  • In the UK diet contains a lot of natural fiber, fats, proteins.
  • A kind of composition helps to improve the condition of the pet’s health, strengthen teeth, quality wool.
  • A wide range of products. Specially designed some types of feed for kittens, adult animals.
  • Pretty low price for the premium products in comparison with products from other manufacturers.
  • Natural ingredients make food Brit is not only healthy, but tasty, cats will eat it with great pleasure.
Disadvantages of feed Brit
  • The presence of corn in many types of food, it can trigger an allergic reaction. We should not forget that corn is quite heavy to digest food.
  • The ingredients are brewer’s yeast, which contribute to improving the quality of cats, but often cause allergies.
  • Flavor the Valerian, which is also present in the composition, can cause a sense of thirst and not of saturation of the product. Because of this, the animal may eat several times more than the prescribed portions.
Overview of the line of feed Brit care

Brit care food is suitable for daily nutrition of cats of all breeds, without exception.

In pet stores provided a huge selection of diets this brand, you can choose any to your pet based on its age, needs, and lifestyle.

  1. Very healthy and tasty for kittens. Let your kitten dry food Brit care chicken and rice. It is completely hypoallergenic and is fit for use for pregnant and nursing cats. Has a high content of chicken meat (22% bone and 25% digidrirovannoe meat), vitamin C and prebiotics, stimulating the immune system. The structure includes a balanced complex of minerals, digestible proteins, which are important for the formation of muscles. The development of the brain contributes to the content of omega-3 fatty acids.
  2. Cat food Brit care for healthy and beautiful hair. Dry diet with salmon and duck intended for naughty cats who love to eat. The composition has a delicious aroma, thanks to the presence of the Catnip. There are no grains, so food suited to animals with sensitive digestion. Product with high content of natural meat (25% digidrirovannoe duck meat, 10% chicken meat, 15% salmon meal). There is also arginine, taurine, mineral complex.
  3. The other composition food for the skin and coat of cats with salmon and rice. Regular use will give a nice Shine coat. This is achieved by adding to the diet of omega-3 fatty acids and extract of marigold. Positively to the appearance and health of the animal is affected by the presence of Biotin and zinc.
  4. If your pet is always indoors, it would suit dry food Brit care chicken and rice. In its balanced composition included Apple and beet, and plantain, which promote the excretion of stomach fur balls. In the product contains vitamin C and sodium phosphate, which prevents the occurrence of Tartar.
  5. Brit care for cats sterilized with rice and chicken. Here reduced percentage of magnesium in the diet, which favorably affects the composition of urine of the pet, because these animals there is a risk of urolithiasis. And product contains extract of sea buckthorn pear-shaped, which helps to improve the condition of the kidneys. After surgery the animals can gain weight, but that did not happen, can help well-chosen proteins in the food.
  6. Brit care dry food for cats prone to obesity, with Turkey and rice. It contains less fat and high in protein (protein 40%, fat 10%). In the product contains special elements that promote fat burning and an Apple, beet, and plantain, are part of the diet, stimulate metabolic processes.
The cost of the rations Brit care

To purchase the Brit feed their Pets at any pet store or ordered via the Internet. The average cost of a Brit care dry food for daily nutrition of cats of all breeds is:

  • Four hundred grams from 280 RUB.
  • Two kilos from 910 R.
  • Seven pounds – 2950 R.

Food for cats sterilized is the price:

  • Four hundred grams – from 260 R.
  • Two kilos from 910 R.
  • Seven pounds – 3095 R.
How to feed cat feed Brit

Before offering your pet a dry cat food Brit care, carefully read the instructions on the packaging to determine portion and to prevent problems with obesity. A cat with a body weight of 4-5 kg will be enough to feed 2 times a day. Daily diet for Pets – no more than 200 grams. Feeding castrated animals at day need a little more, about 250 grams.

For pregnant women and sick animals there are special types of feed Brit care, nutritional value which is slightly higher, respectively, and the amount of consumed feedmust be in this case to others.

Russia’s food Brit care is quite popular, despite the fact that it costs dearly. As it includes all the necessary substances, minerals and vitamins, vets of our country really appreciated this dry food for Pets. But among experts there is an opinion that the foods are a bit inflated figure of fats, and this may adversely affect inactive cats and especially those who resides in the apartment. Never forget that proper nutrition depends on the health and life of your Pets.

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