Flea collars for cats

When confronted with fleas, struck the body of a cat, pet owners tend to buy a cat collar. This device is effective for scaring away of insects and prevention of scabies.

This happens due to the special substances that are impregnated with the material of the collar. Of course, pet owners are worried about how safe this accessory.

Wearing a cat flea collar, you can forget about insects and scabies

What is a flea collar for cats

Flea collar is a plastic tape that is fully impregnated with the insecticidal agent.

Insecticides is a common name of chemicals to control insect pests. Specifically to eliminate the parasites volatile poisons. Substances penetrate into the insect body with the air, allowing you to get rid of them already during the day.

The principle of operation of the collar is that once the plastic device is fixed on the neck of the cat, it begins to exude a chemical odor, which the insects run for 2 hours.

Flea collar does not harm the health of Pets, but cats may be individual intolerance to chemicals. It can cause an allergic reaction. If this happens, you need to remove the collar.

A flea collar is a plastic tape, fully impregnated with insecticidal means

Accessories for kittens

Choosing a flea collar for kittens, you need to consider that the body’s resistance to them is weak, so a device that fits adult cats do not buy kids. The content of chemical substances in flea collar for adult cats high, which can lead to intoxication (poisoning) of the body of a kitten.

A newborn kitten does not wear a collar. The room in which the animal is treated and disinfected. Flea collar can be used when the kitten reaches 2 months of age. But in this case we select biochanin taking into account the age of the animal. Accessory against fleas is imbued with natural essential oils, which smell fear fleas. It is not necessary to wait until the kitten appears insects in the coat, as kittens are difficult to resist the invasion of blood-sucking fleas and ticks, leaving wounds all over the body. Agent recommended for prevention. The natural devices have a duration of up to 4 months. Bioreactor, in addition to repelling fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, improves the condition of fur of a kitten.

From 6 months of age using natural collars is useless. For the six-month-old kittens release collars with a small dose of the chemical.

If to purchase the kitten was subjected to treatment other substances from parasites (shampoo or drops), then put on an animal this item can only 10 days after the procedure.

The accessory should sit tight, but between it and the neck, it is necessary to leave a distance of 2 fingers. The growth of the kitten you should periodically check the density of the tape, so that the animal died from suffocation.

Remedy for ticks

There is another kind of products for cats, which is able to act on ticks. Ticks dwell not only on the fleece, but in the ears, causing inflammation. It is important to remember that products from different manufacturers have different duration of action.

The pests are carriers of various infections, so it is better to ensure that the cat is not getting this thing. You should regularly inspect the animal, bathe and comb him, and if signs of fleas or ticks are a collar, appropriate to the age of the pet.

The advantage of the collar before the sprays and shampoos is that it acts during the day, allowing the animal to be safe. Today there is a wide range of products, so we need to know what to look for when buying.

Part of the collar is composed of special herbs and essential oils that insects don’t like. Power effects not to compare it to a chemical product, but it is safe for young animals.

Many owners often use cat flea collar with an ultrasound that repels insects. The only drawback is the high price.

When selecting a product, the first thing you need to pay attention to is its function and efficiency. Because a lot of fakes, buy the best at the pet store or the pharmacy.

You should also pay attention to the expiration date. Packaging facilities must not be damaged. The product you must pick the size – it should not dangle around your neck or squeeze it. Cats will not fit collars for dogs – the concentration of the active chemical in them is significantly different.

Carefully read the instructions to the product. Some manufacturers specify the name of the drug, which can be necessary in case of poisoning of a pet.

Manufacturers recognized as the best:

  1. Hartz – designed for adult animals, acts on the parasite even in the rain. Made in America.
  2. Bars is a good device that is relatively inexpensive. In contrast, only works in dry conditions.
  3. Beaphar collar for cats, made on a natural basis.
  4. Dr. Zoo – advantage of this tool is the price. It is used as needed.

When choosing products for your pet, you can consult a veterinarian. After inspecting the animal, the doctor will advise you to buy the device that suits your cat.

How to choose a remedy for fleas and ticks

In addition to dog collar cat require basic hygiene and good nutrition. And the cat is unlikely to attract fleas and ticks.

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