Food for cats: cat food Sheba, composition and advantages

When a person has a pet, the worries are getting bigger. He has to think about buying a suitable food for cats. When choosing food you need to take into account the weight and age of the pet.

There is a perception that any difficulties with feeding cats does not arise. Enough to give them eggs, fish, and they will be full of energy. However, if an animal’s diet will only include such products, then at some point it may lead to loss of a pet.

Therefore, you should feed your cat a special diet, which you can find in any pet store. It includes a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals. Among the “cat people” popular food Sheba.

On the stern

This food for cats manufacturer produces in Thailand. It is available for several decades . To date, the diets under this brand has gained the trust of many cat owners. It should be said that the power of Sheba belongs to the group of premium products. This means that it is of high quality and no harm to the health of the cats is not responsible. The manufacturer in the manufacture of feed Sheba uses only the freshest ingredients.

In their composition are:

  • shrimp;
  • tuna;
  • rabbit;
  • Turkey.
The types of feed

Food for cats Sheba, the manufacturer offers two types:

  • wet;
  • dry.

Canned food manufacturer are Packed in sealed cans. A separate line of diets are packaged in containers made from aluminium small volume. A feature of this type of diet is that the contents of carbohydrates is minimal, the proportion of water is high.

Dry cat food Sheba is available in packages in the form of granules. This bag is more roomy, while dry food costs less than food in cans. The main advantage is that it being on the plate cats for a long time, does not lose its taste and spoil.

The composition of the feed Sheba

If you have any desire for feeding your pet to use a cat food Sheba, it is necessary to know about its best feature: the amount of animal protein in this food is 20%. What is the source of protein is present in a particular diet depends largely on your chosen line of food.

Rations of Sheba contain:

  • poultry and rabbit;
  • beef;
  • marine fish;
  • shrimp.

Note an important point: vegetable proteins and soy in the composition of these feeds do not exist. There are flavors and flavor enhancers. In addition to the main source of protein food Sheba contains fiber, vitamins and minerals, which is based on the individual characteristics of animals. For example, among the vitamins in the diets of Sheba there is the vitamin E. it Also contains fatty acids and the substance taurine, which cats need for sharp vision.

It should be noted that food for cats Sheba manufacturer produce in plastic bags and jars. Between these varieties of forages are certain differences. The experts say that the highest percentage of natural meat or fish contained in jars. The reason is that this method of conservation provides the opportunity for long-term storage quality of the product. In dry food the proportion of meat less.

Cat owners who have decided to buy food Sheba, after reviewing the composition of this product, am at a loss from components such as tapioca and tapioca sago. Many do not know what it is. You don’t need to worry about that, because these components represent a substitute for starch. They are cereals, which are derived from plants cassava.

From cheap corn and wheat cereals they are distinguished by the fact that they do not cause digestive problems in cats and do not cause allergic reactions. The absorption is rather easy, while ensuring a good preservation of the consistency of the product throughout the shelf life.

The pros and cons of feed

Reviews on the stern for cats can confidently say that this product is really high quality. Many owners of these Pets happy with the fact that Pets fed this product. Among all diets for cats that are offered in stores at the moment, this meal is the most natural.

He, of course, has certain advantages.

The most important include the following:

  • the presence in the composition of natural meat and fish;
  • fresh products used for feed mixing;
  • the presence of substances that enhance the health of the cat. In the feed Sheba contains taurine, and a variety of vitamins, fiber and fatty acids;
  • in the preparation of feed and their packaging uses a special technology that ensures the preservation of nutrients;
  • cooking takes place on a special diet recipes;
  • a large variety of flavors;
  • the absence in the composition of dyes and chemicals;
  • convenient packaging, which is designed for one meal.

If we talk about the cons of feed Sheba, note the following:

  • food cannot be used for kittens older than 1 month;
  • the price of food high, so not everyone can afford;
  • among the range of feed Sheba missing range of special and therapeutic diets;
  • as a staple food and this food is not recommended.

Although food for cats Sheba there are flaws, but the vets say about it, positively and recommend to include in the diet of cats.

The opinions of veterinarians about the nutrition of Sheba

When a cat owner chooses the food for your pet, you need to forget about commercials from TV with the beautiful faces of cats. So the choice was successful, you should consider the ingredients that are present in the composition of the feed. About the food Sheba experts speak positively and recommend its inclusion in the diet of Pets.

The main component in these feeds is meat, so its content in the ration is quite high. Particularly high percentage in the wet feed, which are offered in banks. The second position in the feed composition Sheba is offal. Specialists often unfolding controversy regarding the inclusion in feed for cats of this component. Harm to the health of animals is quite possible, if the manufacturer of the product used in its preparation low-quality recycled products. Taking into account the fact that the food Sheba refers to the premium class, you can be confident in the presence in its composition of by-products of high quality.

The next major component that is present in the feed Sheba – taurine. It is an amino acid that is absolutely necessary for the cats in order to maintain visual acuity. If taurine is missing from the body, the animal’s deteriorating condition lose their hair and teeth

The list of ingredients present in these feeds, complete vitamins a and E. the Lack in the diets of Sheba carbohydrates is an indication that this food is very high quality. It is designed mainly for “fluffy”, who prefer meat.

The price of food

This product the manufacturer declares, as a treat and not recommended to use it as the main food for the animal. Of course, any treat you have to pay quite serious money. Feed Sheba is also true. The price tag on this food significantly higher than the diets of other brands.

Food Packed in aluminum cans with a capacity of 85 g, offered at a price of 30 rubles. For canned in a jar with a capacity of 100 grams will have to pay 86 rubles. Many cat owners recommend feeding Pets this treat.

Many cat owners touts the canned Sheba. It’s food they like because it contains pieces of meat and shrimp. This is the best proof that the food Sheba is made from natural products. But because of the high cost of food to give the cat every day is quite expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to combine regular food, which is suitable for animals with a diet of Sheba.

In the Internet you can find feedback from cat owners, in which they indicate that the liquid food under the brand name Sheba has helped to save the Pets from allergies. Among the negative aspects related to animal nutrition nutrition of Sheba, it may be noted that some owners have reported hypersensitive to this feed and digestive disorders have Pets at his hand.


Cats along with dogs are the most popular animals that people have in their homes. Make your pet lived a full life, you need to ensure the presence in his diet full of vitamins and minerals. This is possible if you give the cat good food. Manufacturers supply offer a variety of diets that allow you to maintain good health of the pet, filling the body of the animal energy every day. Rations of Sheba is a great choice for those “cat people” who want to give your pet the best.

This food contains a high proportion of meat. In its preparation we use only natural products. While cat owners have a choice of several lines of power. Depending on the selected line of the diet may include beef, chicken, or rabbit. In addition to meat in the recipes of the foods under this brand contains all the necessary cats the vitamins and nutrients.

Choosing your pet food Sheba, you can be sure of its quality because it refers to the premium class. Veterinarians speak positively about this product. Feeding your pet rations of Sheba is a great way to provide your cat with energy and to preserve her health.

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