Haircut how to cut your cats house cats? Types of haircuts for cats

Nowadays people are concerned not only their appearance, but appearances of their Pets. After all, to paraphrase a famous saying, appearance, cat – face of the host. Beautiful, well-groomed cat is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very nice.

This pet is not ashamed in front of friends brag and show of handsome to take.

That’s only left to figure out how to cut the cat… need to Cut yourself? Or are there people doing haircuts for cats? Where to do it at home, or need somewhere to take Kotaku? And what better way to cut, well, so fashionable and prettier? Here let us today and discuss all these issues – talk about what types of haircuts for cats exist, where the cut and who does it. We begin our journey into the world of hairdressing for cats…

What you need to know about grooming for cats?
  • In any case it is impossible to cut the cat’s whiskers, the eyebrows, the hair on the head and ears.
  • If grooming is done at home, and your pet is behaving too inappropriately, in any case, no need to do it “local anesthesia” in the form of vodka, sedative pills and other nonsense! This will only hurt the animal. It is better to seek help at a veterinary clinic.
  • In cats of certain breeds wool after shearing can grow very long, and may not grow back at all.
  • May change the shade of hair to become lighter or darker – it’s perfectly normal to beat anxiety is not worth it.
  • The cat may experience a very severe stress from a previously unknown process, whereby the behavior of the pet initially may vary slightly. In this case it is necessary to give the cat more attention, hold hands, Pat gently to speak with a pet. After some time it will pass.
How often should you trim a cat?

Typically the wool in cats grows from three to six months, but this does not mean that the animal is necessary so often to cut. Is enough haircut every few years.

What types of haircuts for cats are there?

Hygienic grooming cats

This haircut cats under the machine. Usually this kind of haircut are the owners of long-haired cats, as this technique allows to get rid of matted hair (people – tangles) and give the access of oxygen to the body of the animal. The length of the wool is about 3-5 millimeters. Optional fur on the tail and paws of the pet can leave, then there is a kind of image of “poodle” that looks very interesting and unusual.

Here are the main reasons for hygienic grooming needs to be done:

  • Protection from overheating. Done in the summer, the hot season, in order to protect the cat from overheating. This is especially true for owners of thick, long hair.
  • In the case of skin diseases.
  • If you have a longhaired pet, while licking he can eat too much wool, thus scoring his stomach and causing a blockage.
  • In case of illness or old age cat. If the cat is so weak that is unable to care for your hair hygienic grooming will help him to keep clean.
  • If in the house there was a newborn baby. It is well known that babies are very prone to allergies of different types and one of them is the dander. And if it happened, hygienic grooming cats will be your salvation.
Where you can make hygienic grooming the cat?

This procedure can be carried out in a dedicated cabin, and calling “cat Barber” on the house. And also, today many veterinary clinics provide this service.

Do not attempt to cut out mats with scissors, you could hurt the animal, and especially to pull out the unwanted pieces of wool!

Haircut model cat.

This haircut cats created solely for the purpose of improving the appearance of pet. You just imagine how cute and outrageous will look like your pet trimmed like a lion. Or, for example, Puma. The infinite expanses of your imagination, and the pet of an ordinary cat turns into a small, hand-held predator that causes admiring glances of friends and acquaintances.

Cut professional clipper with knife number 3, after the mill scissors. Attachments for machine use is strictly not recommended – when trimming a cat may experience extreme pain, and the master of discomfort. In addition, the hairs of the cat may get stuck, Salomatina, and hair will be, to put it mildly, not very smooth.

Where it is possible to make a model a haircut cat?

Model haircut cats can perform the master in your home or in a dedicated cabin.

Let us consider the most common types of model haircuts:

  • Haircut “the LION”. This completely cuts back the cat paws on the top and the base of the tail. Wool on the neck and the head is not touched at all – it gives the impression of a mane like a lion. With the tip of the tail is also possible to experiment – to give it the shape of a lion’s tassels, pompons, brushes.
  • Haircut “PUMA”. Is the same as “lion” option, but retain the breast of the animal fluffy.
  • Haircut “PUSS IN BOOTS”. Cat cut the hair on the back and the upper part of the legs cut out so that the work “boots”.
  • Haircut “DRAGON”. The tummy and flanks of the cat cut out completely, and along the spine and tail, the coat isn’t cut at all, just give it the shape of a dragon crest with a crown.
How to cut your cat at home

If you have decided to engage in the appearance of your pet, you need to prepare the following tools:

  1. Table or any comfortable surface, where you and the cat will be comfortable.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. Clipper.
  4. Disinfectant (for cuts).
  5. Cotton swabs.

It is desirable that beside you was another person, who will be able to help you, so as to make such a procedure itself quite uncomfortable.

First we need to deprive the animal of the ability to move, for example, putting it to one side, taking both hands front and back paws. Be prepared for the fact that the cat will resist and try to escape. Try to securely lock the pet, so as not to hurt him. Prepare yourself for the fact that the animal may be heart-rending scream, hiss and otherwise to Express such dissatisfaction, in his view, the execution.

On the back, flanks and axilla, the skin of the animal very sensitive, and can be easily hurt! When trimming feet always leave at least a little “socks” on the tail – brush, but what about the head we have already mentioned – it is strictly forbidden to cut!

And, of course, preferably before carrying out this procedure to talk to the vet – he can give you many useful tips.

There are still a few practical tips from experienced hairdressers:

  • Long, thick hair easier to shave in the direction against the grain.
  • The nozzle used for cars must be greater than 2 millimeters – otherwise you risk hurting the animal.
  • During trimming – pull the skin to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Very carefully trim the fur around the nipples, genitals and anus!
  • If the hair is gathered tangles – before using the machine, cut them small with scissors.
  • During the haircut, don’t raise your voice and not make any sudden movements.
  • After cutting the animal to bathe in warm water.
What if you hurt your cat while clipping?

As mentioned earlier, at hand you have to be disinfectant and cotton swabs. You need to apply a small amount of antiseptic on a cotton swab and gently smear the skin around the cut. If you want to stop the bleeding – for a few minutes press a dry cotton swab into the wound.

As you can see, at home it is possible to cut the cat. Only need a little patience, the right tools and desire. If you don’t think you can handle this yourself, then your service has a great many masters “cat trimming” or as they are called groomers.

Below are the approximate cost of cat procedures for Moscow:

  1. Combing tangles – 400 rubles.
  2. Vystraivanii mats – 300 rubles.
  3. Nail clipping – 200 rubles.
  4. The price for full grooming starts from 1 thousand rubles, and borders, perhaps, has not.

That’s all you need to know about haircuts for cats. Trim yourself or go to the pet salon – the choice is yours. Remember that in some cases, mowing is not an empty whim, but a vital necessity for the pet. We wish you and your Pets to stay healthy and Shine to your unfading beauty!

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