How many hours per day sleep cats?

Surely every owner of the cat noticed that his fluffy couch potato sleeps day and night. And involuntarily the question arises: how much do cats sleep a day?

Starting from an early age, cats most of the time slept and the older the habit the whole day lying on a cozy bed, couch or other horizontal surface pet does not disappear.

Zoologists conducted studies show that an adult cat on average can sleep up to 20 hours a day. The remaining 4 hours of pussies spend on food and urinating. But sometimes, awakening from a dream cat, it becomes surprisingly active and starts running around the house in search of entertainment. So the peak of activity in Pets usually occurs at night when the owners go to bed. This is not surprising, because domestic cats, though they look harmless and pretty, are, by their nature real hunters, and the best time for hunting, it is definitely night.

Factors affecting sleep duration of a cat

So, how many cats sleep a day? Sleep duration of a pet depends on many different factors and calculate the exact amount of time spent with a cat in a dream is almost impossible.

Among the main factors are the following:

  • the time of year and weather;
  • the age of the nursling;
  • the amount of consumed food;
  • access to the street;
  • the individual characteristics of the organism.

Everything else, cats rarely sleep a few hours, unlike humans. Most often, the female lay down next to the batteries warm and cozy master the couch and doze a while. They quickly Wake up and immediately re-immersed in the dream. Thus, during the day, they take about 16-20 hours of their shallow sleep. To Wake the seemingly sleeping tight seal can creak of the refrigerator door and even the rustling of a package in the next room.

The longest sleep two age categories cats:

  • newborn kittens (Wake up only to eat);
  • older Pets (awaken from sleep only for bathroom breaks and meals).

Much less the rest sleeping young cat in puberty. Sleepy Pets begins after a hearty meal. A well-fed cat or kitten immediately looks for a cozy place in the apartment to take a NAP. But hungry pet will wander around the room and meow plaintively until then, until it is fed.

Lack of sleep is a real stress for the cat’s body. As a rule, sleep disorders in cats appear as a consequence of recent trauma and owners should give their pet more attention. It is desirable to arrange for pet a cozy place to cuddle it and in any case not to scream and not to blame. Lack of sleep will affect the health of the cats and she will become more nervous and begin to rapidly lose weight.

How many sleeping cats at an early age?

If newborn kittens sleep almost the whole day, you grown-up kids become much more active and more mobile. Norm of sleep for the three-month kittens defines caring mother cat. Kittens at this age learn about the world try and spend more time awake, playing with cousins and mom.

Healthy sleep and activity play a big role for a growing kitten. Norm of sleep for the baby will be unable to determine no qualified vet, because for each individual it is individual and depends on many factors. In this case the owners should carefully monitor your pet, because he should not sleep all day like at an early age. If, in addition, is added, and lack of appetite, it is advisable to show the baby your veterinarian.

With age, cats no longer sleeping most of the day. And don’t worry if grown pet prefers sleep to active games, as not all breeds of cats are agile and curious. It is hard for anyone to imaginehow you can sleep almost the whole day and not feel overwhelmed. But the cat’s body is designed differently and they may be happy to wear around the house and play with the owner even after a long vacation.

Do cats dream dreams?

Many owners, along with the question about length of sleep, cats, care another unusual question: do cats dream?

Until recently, experts were firmly convinced that dreams are dreams only of people. But recently this claim is denied by scientists from Lyon. Employees of research center in the course of their experiments found that in the dream, cats see certain images. Basically they have actions that they perform awake – licking of the fur description for apartment, fights with neighbors, etc. Scientists have established a Pets special sensors, which monitored their brain activity in different situations and then compared the figures, which were obtained in real conditions recorded during the rest of the pet.

Trying to tell the owner of sleeping cat?

Oddly enough, but during sleep, the cat also expresses certain emotions, guessing that the host will begin to better understand their favorite. A sign of appreciation and trust the owner gives the cat fell asleep on his lap or putting sideways to him. Sleeping on the back is also a sign of absolute trust the cat to its owner.

Its location to the cat person, shows lying at his feet or in the head. Sign of friendship is the nursling sleep in the same bed with the owner and her purring, lying beside him. Concerned about the behavior, secluded and hidden from prying eyes place to stay, by contrast, indicates that the cat feels insecure in the master’s house.

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