How many times a day to feed the cat

The most favorite pet animal is a cat. It love both adults and children. It can be kept in the apartment, and private house. Many owners of cats who live in multi-storey buildings faced with the problem of how often you need to feed them.

The fact is that the owners are at work all day, and the animal only eats dry food. When evening in the house the whole family is going, the cats can’t seem to eat. How much food, don’t give them – still not enough.

How many times a day to feed the cat

To the health of a pet was at the proper level, his food must be balanced. It is very important to take this into account every year of a cat’s life, with the physiological changes that occur in her body.

Cats can not overfeed, so they won’t be obese. Also we can not allow the animal was hungry – you need to follow a certain number of meals.

Rules of the meal

Feeding animals must be at the same time each day. Then there will be problems with his behavior and health.

If the kitten will get used to eating at the same time every day, and even from his bowl, she will not be afraid of being hungry. And during the meal the owners she would not beg, as it will be well-fed.

Clearly define the exact time of feeding of the animal is impossible, since it depends on the food that it is fed.

It can be:

  • the food from the table that humans eat;
  • natural food;
  • feed.

The food from the table.

Feed your pet food from the table – is very harmful to the pet, and some people do not even guess. Many of the foods that a person eats, the animal is absolutely contraindicated.

Among such products:

  • fried;
  • salt;
  • marinated;
  • food with spices;
  • sweet;
  • baked.

When a cat falls a little food from the table, it will always be near the table when the owners sit down to eat. Even if she’s not hungry, she will still beg and beg. All that it will give – will only harm her body. To suffer in the first place will liver and kidneys, stomach and intestines. It is possible – bloating and cramping, but because it is her masters she won’t tell.

Many of the problems associated with the health of the cats, require an operable treatment, which does not pass quickly, it becomes stressful for the animal and is very much “hit” on the wallet of the owner. It is clear that such an outcome does not want one owner.

Natural food.

There is still no consensus of veterinarians and breeders about how best to feed the cat: food or natural food.

The fact is that a diet of natural food should be so diverse that this is just the owners have neither the means nor the strength nor the time. So rarely what the owners choose to feed your animal’s natural food.

In the diet of the kitten should be beef, chicken, duck or rabbit. To achieve diversity in the diet is possible only through natural food. Menu, you need to be very scrupulous, so you need a lot of time. To prepare food for cats all the rules, you need a lot of time and different products. In order not to waste precious free time each working person prefers ready poop bags.

Natural products are those that are absolutely contraindicated in cats.


  • onion, garlic;
  • pork;
  • mushrooms;
  • chocolate;
  • raw eggs;
  • raw fish.

Many people, not knowing this, periodically treated his ward raw fish and eggs – raw or boiled form.

A cat requires five times more proteinthan the dog. So if you live in the house cats and dogs, then feed them the same food impossible.

Also, you need to take into account the fact that cats are very picky about food. They are legible, so that came not.

Here is a list of natural foodsthat should be included in the diet of cats on a daily basis:

  1. Heart. It is very useful for cats, as it includes taurine, in turn, useful for the normal functioning of the body.
  2. Kidney, liver and spleen.
  3. Brown rice. It is a source of carbohydrates.
  4. Pumpkin.
  5. Carrots and spinach.

In a special feed for cats and dogs contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that they need.

Forages are divided into three classes, which differ in quality and price.

  • economy;
  • premium;
  • super-premium.

The economy class includes such foods as “Darling”, “darling”, “Whiskas” and “Friskas”. They are used cheap ingredients: meat by-products, soy, preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers. They have no need for animal vitamins, plus they are low in calories.

The owner of the animal needs to understandthat enough of such feed an animal can not, even if the portion is large. In parallel with this food the pet should be given the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Feed premium manufacturers use natural meat and offal. Protein is used only vegetable – corn and preservatives.

Feed premium include: “meow Mix”, “cat Chow”, “Sheba” and “Leonardo”. There is also not enough vitamins and minerals that you need to buy extra.

Feed a super-premium “Royal Canin”, “hills”, “Inside the Mix”, “Ekanuba” and “Rascal”. In addition to the natural meat components of the feed are animal and all the essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

The composition of the feed in this class include vitamin E, due to which they are considered to be more useful.

How many times a day to feed the cat?

If you feed an animal when he wants, there is a risk of obesity.

We need to develop a specific diet that will depend on the following factors:

  • the age of the cat;
  • health;
  • lifestyle;
  • preferences.

Diet depends on age. If in the house there was a small cat, for its development and growth requires good nutrition. How many times a day to feed the kitten – a simple answer to such a question is impossible, since it depends on many factors. One thing is clear: the kitten need to be fed more often than an adult cat.

Kitten up to six months should be fed three times a day. When the kitten gets older – enough to ensure him two meals a day. Adult animal eats one or two times a day.

The animal appetite is affected by the summer heat during the day when the cat just lies there, and sometimes drinking water. But at night, when the street becomes cool, the cat may ask for food three times.

Animal health will also affect his appetite. If an animal is sick, along with the food he needs to give meds. The veterinarian prescribing the drugs to the animal, will tell you more about how sick the cat to feed.

If the cat has dental problems, it is better to feed wet food. This food is recommended and the aging animals, which deteriorate not only the teeth but also gums.

If you live in a country house and your cat walks quietly along the street, its enough to feed two times a day. Vitamins she will find herself, if you want.

The cat that lives permanently in the apartment and anywhere from it not coming out, need to get proper diet: food, water, vitamins and minerals.

Most cats are very finicky. Not worth buying a sample lot of food because his dog would not eat. If you leave a bowl of this feed the cat for the whole day, not the fact that she eats it. Most likely it will deteriorate, and the animal will go hungry.

The animal should be accustomed to a specific schedule of supply. It’s not easy, but with time, and he and you will be very comfortable.

In addition to tasty and healthy feed, the cat should be constantly clean water. A bowl of it should be put near the bowl of food. If the water in the bowl ends, the animal can drink water straight from the tap from the basin or bucket. We need to remember this and to keep these containers clean water only.

If the animal stopped to drink water, or drinking it more than ever, it is necessary to show the vet.

Useful tips

If the food, after eating, left on the plate, then it should be discarded. He can’t stay in bed all day, as it will spoil and can spoil the next batch of food.

If the number of special cat food remains in the plate – this suggests that you are overfeeding your cat, and a portion must be reduced.

After each meal, a bowl of cat wash and set aside until your next meal.

Experts do not recommend to mix food with a cats natural food.

To feed an old cat with diseased teeth, you can soak dry food in water.

Cats that prefer to eat more dry food than wet, will drink more water. This need to know.

To determine what your cat, and whether he uses food, it is necessary to probe his ribs. If they stick out – the cat is very thin; if not palpable fat. If the ribs there is a small layer of fat, and they do not “glow” through the skin, your animal eats in moderation.


As soon as you are going to get a cat or a cat, you need to learn this information. After all, the future health of your ward is now in your hands. Take care of it, feed the right food, give vitamins, and rejoice with him.

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