How much does the average cat live?

There comes a time when a little fluffy ball turns into a beautiful and large cat. He becomes a full member of the family.

For their owners, of course, the pet is very dear and love, but to lose his faithful friend does not want so quickly.

So the question is how many years the cats live and are there ways to prolong its life? Let’s deal with these issues together.

The life expectancy of cats

In today’s world, the lifespan of cats is much morethan its predecessors. The existence of the animal has increased by as much as 6-7 years, this positive indicator is directly linked to improving the quality of life of Pets and their owners.

Caring owners of cats are paying much more attention to the health of your household, follow the comfort, food of your pet and its lifestyle. There is no doubt that under these conditions, a pet can live on average 12-15 years.

How many cats in the home

In domestic cats are less likely to meet a threatening rival, who might harm the animal. Pet feels comfortable in a secure place (house, apartment), rather than on the street, because the owner always feed, Pat, there is a cozy area where you can safely sleep, in General, there is no danger.

Domestic cats generally have good health and can live about 20 years.

Speaking about the street cats, we can say that they are increasingly in danger, which exposes them to external environment:

  • the struggle for existence;
  • increased risk of infection;
  • poisoning;
  • the lack of food;
  • the change of climate.

So cats, grew up on the street, less live from 6-7 years.

It is worth noting that the walking of Pets is a danger to the health of the pet. Going for a walk, the cat is behaving relaxed and not always able to defend himself from the neighborhood cats who used to struggle for existence.

Does the lifespan of cats from the breed

To date, this question is moot. According to some sources, we can say that depending on breed difference of life in a cat is 2 to 5 years.

It can be defined on the basis of genetic studies, according to other sources, the breed is irrelevant, even pedigree cats live no less than their counterparts, the lack of the animal diseases and sufficient care.

By the way, the duration of life of members of the cat family does not depend on their gender: and cats and cats live approximately the same.

Neutered cats are less involved in fights. As for unsterilized females, they bring seed up to 4 times per year, the probability of Contracting infection is much higher.

So, the condition certainly affects life expectancy. Very often we bring cats from the streets or take them to the nursery. Approximate age child or teenager will be able to give one, but the specific age with up to a year, it is difficult to determine.

For an accurate answer you need to go to the vet or the breeder furry animals. First and foremost, the professional examines the teeth of the animal and defines “milk” and “indigenous” to the teethhow many months the kitten in one case one month and in another six months. Then look at how erased “cutters” upper and lower jaw fangs. The more worn the teeth, the older the animal.

What you can do to extend the life of your beloved pet

All the owners of the cat noticed that the older the pet, the less active, more picky about food, more sleep. This is because the older the cat, the more clearly manifest those or other diseases.

The reasons for this may be different: food is wrong, little physical activity, reduced amounts of vitamins, no need medical care.

On 5-6 year of life cats the aging process occurs more markedly: the immune system weakens, decreases the amount of antioxidants, slows down the process of metabolism.

By the way, in various conditions cat live different number of years. The aging process, unfortunately, does not stop, however, significantly slowed down quite succeed.

Consider the basic rules for a long and happy life for your pet:

  1. Pick a high-quality diet, if necessary, follow the diet. Extend the life of your pet and protect against common diseases (vitamin deficiency, kidney disease, obesity, colitis, etc.) help a balanced diet, fresh food, regularity of meals and always ensure that the animal is not eating too much (overeat). Industrial food and natural products are completely compatible diet to the cat received all the necessary trace elements and substances, you can feed her high quality dry food.
  2. Regularly preventive examinations by a veterinarian, follow a routine vaccination, you need to be attentive to the behavior of the pet: if you notice that there are some modifications in the behavior or condition of the animal, it is better to consult a specialist, prevention is the main condition of health of the pet.
  3. Systematic physical activity for animals are very useful and help the cats stay in good shape. Make it move, create simple games, and buy special toys, walk with her in the fresh air. The cat, which is a passive way of life, life expectancy is sharply reduced.
  4. Pay special attention to the hygienic norms and rules. Exercise care of teeth, hair, do regular treatments for prevention of fleas and worms. Organize your pet’s area, let him be comfortable, warm and cozy.
  5. Sterilized cats and neutered cats live an average of 2-3 years longer than usual. If you do not intend for now to acquire the offspring of the animal, you can carry out this procedure. Cats live longer lives than cats because pregnancy and childbirth for females – a significant burden. Sterilization will prevent cats from unstable hormones, stress, get rid of a large number of diseases.
  6. The most important thing for animals – affection, care and love. Treat your animal like a member of your family, and thus you will prolong the not-so-long life of our “four-legged”.

Summarizing, we can say that it is not so difficult: introducing the qualitative content of a cat in the system, its owner will be able to provide the affection and love of your pet for a long time.

If a person started a “mustached friend” home, he will undoubtedly have a question: “How many cats?”. And the proper and primary response will be to the following question: “How and where are cats?”. The answer will give the man himself – that he will be able to improve the life of kitten, thereby prolonging a little life.

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