How often and how many days the cat walks

With the advent of the house cat appear urgent questions, the answers to which you need to figure out in advance. What to do when a cat walks? How many times a year is sexual arousal in the cat family?

Traditionally, the cat must be in the house to attract positive energy and good luck. But there are times when the pet begins to look for a mate. His instincts take, and the owner need to be patient.

When the cat’s away the first time

Depending on the breed, puberty cats can vary from 5 to 11 months. In most cases, the first time the animal begins to ask for mating at the age of 6 months, but no later than 10-11 months. If the pairing happens, sexual arousal disappears within a day. At this age the female is quite ready for bearing and childbirth. But it is better to refrain pairing pet at an early age because the animal is still not quite fully grown. It is better to postpone mating the next period of excitement.

The most active period in cats to mate is the first months of the year: February, March, April. In October and November, the excitement proceeds more quietly and not so noticeable.

Signs of sexual activity:

  1. Decreased appetite. The cat starts too bad there are offered food which was never refused. In some cases, this may indicate illness. But if before that everything was fine, it heat.
  2. She will walk on the small. If the cat celebrated their business in the same location, during sexual arousal she begins to mark in different places. There is a characteristic smell that is very hard to get rid of.
  3. In the heat of the genitals is a special liquid to attract the male, which cat is marking her territory.
  4. Mood swings. Kitty is becoming too aggressive or overly affectionate to their owners. She can RUB on feet, and later to show the character.
  5. The loud sound. The cat in heat becomes too loud. She often meows and screams. This is also the first sign of excitement.
  6. Poses. In the period of the festivities the cat starts to adopt postures characteristic of mating. She pulls the front legs and the pelvis raises up to attract the male. Thus the cat shows its readiness to mating.
  7. The cat is active at any touch of the master, especially if the stroke region of the tail.
How often do you walk cats

Cat cycle lasts approximately 10 days. Any female of different breeds and the individual can walk either once a year or every 2 months. How many times in a year cat walks? A definite answer to this question is no, so you need to listen carefully to your pet.

How many cat walks

Estrus in cats lasts from 1 to 4 days. After mating the eggs are not yet ready for fertilization, it occurs only at 2-4 days of mating. Seed cat can safely be stored inside cats, then to fertilize the egg. After knitting the cat a lot of licks and rolls on her back to egg toward the uterus.

The four stages of the reproductive cycle

  • The beginning of oestrus (proestrus) lasts up to two days. During this period the female becomes more active, soft against the cat. Cat, in turn, responds appropriately to the behavior of his girlfriend. If the house has no cat, all attention switches to the whiskers of his master. She starts rubbing up against his legs and purr loudly.
  • Peak excitation (estrus) has a duration of 4 to 12 days. The cat starts to RUB on any first item, the sounds become so strong, that not every owner will sustain them. In any stroking in the tail area the cat is in position for mating.
  • The period after mating (interestly) lasts from 2 to 18 days. Each kitty individual, one he might be 8 days, the other may increase to 19 days. During this period our extremely negative attitude to the cat. When fertilization of the egg occurred, the sexual excitement stops, if not, then the active stage is repeated after a week or two.
  • Calm (anestrus) is characterized by normal female, in which she arrives the rest of the time between periods of sexual activity. This period usually occurs in winter months when daylight is short. But Pets are more time under artificial light, so the stage of tranquility can move.

Ways to facilitate sexual activity for cats

  • If you don’t want to torture my cat different drops or medicines away from heat, the best option would be sterilization. This option permanently removes the cat from the painful periods of excitation. The operation is performed under General anesthesia. The cat removed the sex glands. After surgery side effects can be hormonal disruptions in the body and obesity.
  • Successful mating is the most natural process after hormonal stimulation. Fertilization will calm a cat at the time of bearing offspring.
  • Warm bath or heating pad will soothe the female of the attraction. After bath it will long to lick.
  • Active games with a host that will distract pet from hormonal stress. It needs more time to devote to your pet, to playing day or night the cat slept.
  • Pills Sex barrier, Stop-sex, a natural, and therefore. Effective but after some time the body adapts to them and they cease to operate. That’s why we need to change or choose another method of contraception.
  • Drop The Cat Baiyun, Anti-Stress. Compared to pills drops do not cause side effects, as they contain herbal infusions.
  • Injections of Depo-provera, Covenan are the most dangerous method but also the most effective. One injection provides sexual calm up to six months.

The main task for the master not to harm your pet. Choose the right and safe means to alleviate the physiological needs of the animal.

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