How to care for kitten at home

The appearance of a small mewling creature in the house entails not only endless joy and affection, but also a lot of different concerns.

Therefore, it is desirable to prepare in advance for this event: buy everything and at least theoretically to find information on how to care for kitten at home.

What you need to buy

Any cat, big and small, should be a basic set of household items. Their presence is necessary both to the animal and its owners.

For example, in the absence of a tray, the pet will start to use as a toilet corners and furniture, but instead of scratching he will serve as Wallpaper and sofas. Therefore, it is better to buy everything in advance, while making the right choice of subjects.


This thing should be in the house from the first day of the appearance of the pet. For her right to choose a place which will remain unchanged. Best would be some secluded corner, protected from prying eyes. But it must be free access to clean tray didn’t cause much inconvenience to owners.

In pet stores offers a wide variety of trays, but essentially they fall into three categories:

  • outdoor without a lattice;
  • outdoor grille;
  • closed.

To open the tray without grid is usually poured filler that instantly soaks up cat urine, preventing the spread of unpleasant smells. Besides, after going to the toilet, the animal may bury the offense instincts.

But these trays there are two disadvantages:

  • sometimes the litter sticks to the paws and if the animal is long haired, then to the belly fur, and then spread throughout the apartment;
  • little kittens can sometimes be too long and to eat a lot of filler, it is very dangerous to their health and life.

These unpleasant nuances can be avoided by purchasing a tray with a grid. And here, too, there are options. Most often, the bars are rather low. Such trays are used without filler, because he simply have nowhere to put. The paws of an animal remain clean due to the lattice, but the smell in the room will be present. So this option is better to buy those who have the opportunity often to stay at home and immediately rinse the litter box.

There is also a grid to which are attached high legs. Typically, this design is intended for long-haired cats. But it fits everyone else. In the gap between the grill and the bottom of the tray perfectly fits the filler layer. In the animal walks on the grid, his feet do not get dirty and not get wet, and the liquid thus goes directly into the filler, so there are no odors. The only negative is the slight difficulty in cleaning, because you need to wash and grate, and a tray, but still filler to throw away. But in General, this option is optimal.

If space permits and budget, you can purchase an indoor tray. These designs are impressive variety of forms. There are trays in the form of houses, snails, different animals and geometric shapes. Look very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing because all the acts the cat stay out of sight. As a rule, the closed trays are used with a filler which also gives protection against odors. But again, there are downsides. First, it is the price which is usually quite high compared to conventional trays. Second, the size. Closed trays are very large, so not suitable for each apartment.

Regardless of the type of tray, it might not like the kitten for some personal reasons. If the pet persists in ignoring your toilet, you should not spoil the nerves themselves and him. You just need to purchase a tray of a different design or change the type of the filler used.


In the presence of the filler in the tray, the care for a kitten becomes much easier. Not least because there is no need for constant washing of the feet.

There are three types of filler:

  • comcause;
  • absorbent;
  • locking.

The most uncomfortable of them commusica. Initially, the idea was good: filler in places of contact with the fluid gathered into a tight lump, which is then easily removed without disturbing the rest of the mass. But the problem is that this material does not absorb the urine so the odor in the room provided.

But absorbing fillers just well solve the problem of odors. In addition, they are eco-friendly because are made from sawdust or paper. Often when contact granules of this filler will crumble and emit a light smell of pine. Such a filler is preferably used in combination with the lattice, as scattered wet material stick to the animal.

Locking filler also prevents the odors to enter the room. The whole falling on it the liquid drains to the lower layers, and there absorbed, and the top everything stays dry and clean. However, you need to consider the instincts of a cat that will bury the traces of their activities, thus mixing the layers. Therefore, it is better, again, to use the tray with the grid.

Scratching post

Another item required to meet the cat’s instincts and saving the master of things.

Cats sharpen claws for two reasons:

  • directly to shorten the claws;
  • to mark their territory.

Animal claws are quite fast growing. Their haircut – lesson is usually nervous for both participants. Why care for a kitten will be easier if baby will be able to solve this problem.

A scratching post can easily make the most out of the Board or a thick wooden stick, tightly wrapped with a thick jute cord. But you can avoid wasting time and buy this device at a pet store. Modern scratching posts often are impregnated with a attractive kitten smell. So it is enough just one time to show the kid what to do with this subject, and then he himself will understand.


Of course, it is not required for breeds like the Sphynx. But this thing needed to care for a kitten that has wool. Even short coat need brushing, especially during moulting. Little kittens do not shed, but it is better to accustom them to the procedure that an adult animal does not arise rejection.

Comb for human hair will not fit here, it is advisable to purchase a special at the pet store. And on this subject it is better not to save. Cheap plastic comb bad comb, but still electrifies the hair. It’s not like an animal. And the owners are not happy when their whole environment is covered with a layer premagnetizare wool.

Therefore, it is better to buy expensive, high-quality, fine metal brush. It will be thoroughly and comb out the excess hair and undercoat. The lifetime of the subject is very long, therefore, taking into account the period of use, the expenses here are not very large.


Proper care for a kitten involves the use of two types of feed – dry and liquid, as well as water. Accordingly, under this is all you need three separate bowls. In pet stores choice cat plates are huge, it all depends on the preferences of the owners. The only thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the material. Bowls, made of cheap Chinese plastic, can emit a sharp odor. Cats smell much better than humans, so their fragrance may not be allowed to bowl.

For liquid nutrition and water better to buy a deeper bowl, and dry food suitable and low bumpers. Most importantly, that little kitten could reach food and water. You also need to pay attention to the stability of the plates. The wider the bottom, the less likely to knock over the dishes with food.

How to care for a kitten

The acquisition of the necessary equipment is only half the story. You must know how to care for a cat, so he grew up healthy, beautiful and happy animal.

Rules of home care vary depending on the age of the baby.

From 0 to 21 days

Usually newborn kittens are in the care of Mama cat, but there are times when people have to grow this food ball. Feed this little need strictly special blend, sold in pet stores. Touching pictures about kittens, drinking regular cow’s milk, far from the truth. From this product the digestion of the baby may be seriously violated, which will lead to serious diseases and even death. Therefore it is better to spend money on special food in order to avoid the tragedy.

The mode of feeding newborn kittens is the same as the human babies every three hours, including the night. After the first two weeks night meals, you can slowly cut back. After each meal, the kitten need to massage. Under natural conditions, this task rests on the shoulders of his mother, who carefully licks the baby, thereby stimulating digestion. But in the absence of cats will have to replace it.

Massage need to get wetted and well wrung out gauze pad. They need to drive on the tummy in a circular motion, pressing lightly. Kitty needs to pee. Then use the swab need to do is massage the anus, the baby was able to empty the bowel. After making the toilet should wipe all the kitten fresh gauze. Massage – it is mandatory to ignore this procedure impossible. Otherwise, kitty just won’t be able to go to the toilet.

Another important item of care of the newborn is warm. The easiest way to use warm, but not hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. It needs to be put in a box where the kitten sleeps, he froze. It is important to make sure the heater is not leaking, otherwise the baby may simply drown.

From 21 to 49 days

By this time, the kitten becomes much stronger. He’s already awkward trying to walk, constantly clinging to the bedding. So you need to start cutting his claws. You only need to trim the tail, because then there are blood vessels, damage which is very painful.

In the same period, it is time to introduce solid foods. The best option is to use a special canned meat for kittens. At first, they need to give a little, gradually increasing the dose, and then completely replacing them one or more feedings.

Massage the kitten is no longer required, the baby is able to go to the toilet. In this regard, it is time to begin to teach it to the tray. Three-week kitten hard to climb up there yourself, therefore, you have to wear. After every meal need to monitor the baby and as soon as he began to settle down, just put it in the tray. Gradually he will get used to this procedure, and as they Mature will begin to walk back alone.

Three weeks old you can spend the first procedure of getting rid of worms. This is especially important for kittens that have been picked up on the street. But for those born at home preventative deworming is also needed. For this procedure, you need to buy at the pet store a special tool for kittens and give it according to the instructions on the package.

From 49 to 60 days

A two-month kittens require more educationthan care. They already know the tray can eat and wash themselves. It is only necessary to periodically check the condition of the ears and eyes of the kitten. In the presence of contamination should be carefully cleaned with gauze soaked in boiled water. If suddenly there are any visible problems – for example, unpleasant smell from the ears or profuse whitish discharge from the eyes – it should immediately show pet vet and then treated in accordance with the recommendations.

Feeding a special formula by this time it is already necessary to abolish, replacing it with normal food. This can be as a ready food premium and super-premium and natural food, consisting of lean meat, vegetables, offal, cereals, dairy products and vitamin supplements. It is strictly forbidden to give any milk, fat meat, bones, potatoes and beans, any food from the human table.

The kitten is grown by all the rules and with love, will turn into a chic adult animal, which will give much joy to their owners. Therefore, you should not spare time to care for the baby, it will always pay off in the future.

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