How to choose a play set for cats

Sedentary lifestyle of domestic cats gives them a lot of problems leading to various diseases – obesity, muscle atrophy, aggression, problems with the joints.

Despite the different nature of cats, they all need regular exercise, active games.

Use playgrounds for cats

Playgrounds for cats mustachioed allow Pets to lead an active life, to grow, to develop.

  1. These cabins are a favorite retreat for cats.
  2. Distract them from the Wallpaper, curtains and upholstered furniture.
  3. Are a great Playground for active play, a place to sharpen its claws.
  4. Not provided pet and free the owners from having to play with them.
  5. Modern, stylish gaming systems are part of the interior. You can match them to any apartment design.
Types of gaming systems for cats

All game design for whiskered Pets are divided into 3 types:

  1. Outdoor. The most common design playgrounds for cats. Mounted on top of each other bars, houses, platforms and other elements are mounted on a rigid frame.
  2. Wall. Varieties: wooden with shelves and cabins or rag with shelves, scratching posts and house. This complex can be strengthened both on the wall or on the door.
  3. Spatial. Such structures occupy much space in the apartment and are part of its design. A large complex of bars, bridges, houses, shelves. It makes sense to buy a house where there are several cats here they can frolic and do not interfere with each other.
The elements of game structures

Columns. The main carrying element of the gaming floor of the complex for cats. In addition to functional role, they also serve as scratching posts, are used to move Pets.

Houses. Made in the form of a box or cylinder with a hole (entrance). Family cat loves quiet, intimate and closed space, here they rest from active play, or hiding from prying eyes. The houses are decorated by the houses, towers, castles.

Site. Favorite cats the element of game design. They all enjoyed watching from the heights for what is happening in the house. The platform should be stable, to withstand the weight of even large cats.

Tunnels. Made in the form of house-of a cylinder with open ends. Sometimes there are tunnels from the rustling of fabric, especially like cats. Not good for Pets predisposed to obesity.

Complexes in the form of a “tree”. Specially treated wood, playgrounds with great pleasure accepted the tailed Pets. They resemble cats on the natural habitat, where they lived their forest ancestors.

Suspension structures (hammocks). That’s what really took a fancy to practically all cats is the hammocks. You must choose a complex where the hammock is reinforced with two sides between the posts. Suspension structure fixed on the one hand, it is undesirable to choose. If there jumps a large cat can tip the whole complex, and the animal is injured.

Rope. Not very fond of cats because they are afraid of fragile items. Who will like, it’s the kittens who can spend hours swinging on the rope.

Ladders. As a rule, cats do not like to climb ladders, they are more fun to jump on platforms or to climb it on the bars. A frequent location of stairs and it can cause fractures of the legs of the pet.

Balls. It’s the past that won’t pass a cat, they eagerly fond of swinging on a rope toy. But the cat’s favorite pastime can come off during active play. You need to choose the complexes which provides for the replacement of the failed elements.

Materials for the manufacture of gaming systems

Frame. For the supporting structure are used:

  • wooden bars;
  • DSP;
  • plywood;
  • MDF;
  • plastic.

Importantly, absent strong smell of the material, which may deter the mustachioed household.

Padding. Soft upholstery materials are not very abrasion resistant, fast break. The best option upholstery for playgrounds for cats, will be a tough karpet, carpet, artificial leather, suede, with sufficient durability. Scratching posts made of sisal or carpet.

Filler. The filler uses a synthetic winterizer, foam rubber or synthetic material in the form of granules.

The connecting elements. Complex for cats, made of metal tubing adds resistance to all elements, will last much longer.

Fasteners and additional materials. As the fastener elements together for cats use nails or metal staples, which are fixed with a stapler. The Board fixed the metal or plastic corners. To secure the upholstery adhesive is used without a sharp odor.

Tips for the proper choice

From a great variety of playgrounds for cats, you must choose the one that meets the needs and nature of cats.

If the design will not appeal to mustachioed pet, all efforts to teach it to the new building will be in vain.

  1. Whatever the complex choose a host for your furry pet, it needs to match the size of the pet.
  2. Game design must be sustainable if it provides for anchoring to floor or walls – it will be the best option.
  3. Regardless of what made the play set – wood, metal or plastic, it is necessary that all its elements have been securely fastened with screws. If ropes or ornaments will come off during the game, the cat has lost the desire to approach this unreliable structure.
  4. Do not buy Pets for large complexes having high and thin elements. They can break during active play.
  5. You should carefully check the quality of the dye for upholstery and elements of the game complex. Paint of low quality exude a pungent chemical odor and can leave marks on the animal.
  6. Long pile upholstery looks nice, but it is difficult and not fully cleaned, as dust accumulates it can cause allergies.
  7. Modest and timid cats will like closed houses where they can hide from other people. For active and social Pets you can buy climbing frame with outdoor areas.
  8. An important factor is the height of the house. Comfort is a towering platform at the level of the sofa or chair.

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