How to clean the ears of the cat at home?

Caring for a cat involves not only proper feeding, monitoring the WC and hair, but also the procedures that are associated with maintaining the health of your pet.

The owner must know how to clean the ears of the cat. This procedure should be done regularly to maintain the hygiene of your hearing and prevents the development of various ear diseases.

Let us consider in more detail how to clean the ears of the cat at home.

Healthy ears have a cat: why is it so important?

Hearing is very important organ, whereby the animal has a representation of the world. With it, the cat is oriented in space, can determine the distance to the source of the noise and its direction.

Thanks to the well-developed acoustic apparatus, the animal can detect ultrasonic vibrations, and also it is irreplaceable at hunting mice.

Good sound and orientation help to survive in the big city.Shi cat cleaned regularly, you can develop wax build-up. Sulfur is needed in order to protect ears from ingress of dust and dirt. The accumulation of sulfur deposits after a while can become infected with fungi, bacteria, viruses. The inflammatory process develops very quickly, which leads to weakening of the immune system, causing the cat becomes defenseless for parasitic diseases often begins to suffer from ear mites.

Dense chronic sulfur education can lead to deafness, but because of the pressure on the eardrum causes nausea and vomiting. Therefore, to the cat as long as possible was a good hearing, it is necessary to regularly clean the ears. This procedure prevents the development of inflammation and hearing loss.

The frequency of treatments

To clean the ears to prevent at any time. Such a procedure eliminated the contamination from accessible parts of the ear. There are certain factors that affect the frequency of the procedure.

First of all, it

  • the breed of the animal;
  • health;
  • lifestyle;
  • age;
  • some individual qualities.

The cats, who lead a quiet life, rarely need ear cleaning. On average, this procedure should be done once in 7 – 10 days. But the home of the sphinxes, given the size of their ears, should relieve the ear from contamination a few times a week. There are cat breeds that are themselves well with the hygiene of the ears, so the owner cleans them once every six months.

What you need for the procedure

To clean the cat’s ears at home, we need not only skill, but also specific equipment.

For this procedure you need:

  • The cotton pads. With their help, the auricle is freed before cleaning from dust and dirt.
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Cleansing the ears. To handle the ears, apply disinfectants, e.g. chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, 3% solution of boric acid. You can also use special solutions to care for the ears: Dewdrop Otakon, bars. By such means it effectively dissolves dirt and deposits sulphur, and the skin of the animal is not provoked.

In addition, you might need a towel. If the cat is not accustomed to such a procedure, it can be wrapped in a plaid, blanket or towel, so as not to get injured during the procedure. Ancillary facilities include a small flashlight for good lighting and a treat to encourage the cat during the procedure.

Rules for cleaning the ears

To carry out this procedure at home is easy if the animal is from childhood accustomed to it. Cat’s owner must have patience and using elements of the training, gradually form she has a neutral attitude to such manipulation. Typically, animals are trained from childhood to cleaned, do not have resistance.

The cat will quickly get used to the procedure, if every day to hold her and examine the ear with a flashlight. During the procedures for cleaning the animal is already accustomed to paying attention to my ears and there is no aggression it would not have.

How to clean the ears of a cat at home? First she requested to trim the claws or paws put on special pads-anticorpi. The conduct of the procedure should take place in a calm atmosphere, not to yell and irritate the pet. The animal is placed on the knees, covered with a quilt, blanket or towel. The cat needs to get used to the new place, sniffing the prepared materials.

Once the pet will calm down need to bend the ear and wrap it to the outside. With a dry cotton pad to clean the surface dirt, hairs, dust. You can also examine the ear with a flashlight to assess the localization of sulfur and the degree of contamination. Then a cotton pad dipped in dezinficiruyusch solution and clean them with ear wax and dirt in a circular motion. Disk you need to change the extent of contamination.

If you use specialized care, they can flush the ears of the animal. To do this conveniently from the spout or use an eye dropper. When the liquid to be introduced into the ear, you massage the base to evenly distribute. Thanks to this effectively dissolves ear wax and dirt.

After the ears are cleaned with cotton should more carefully handle bends the ear with cotton swabs. They should be wetted in dezinficiruyusch solution, then gently clean all dirt. The ears should be wiped as long as the cotton is clean. If the animal starts to worry, then it ought to stroke and soothe, but at the end of the procedure to treat treat.

It happens that the cat is not accustomed to such a procedure and begins to offer fierce resistance. In this case, you need outside help. The animal must be spun in a towel to the outside was remained only the head. Should not be too hard to wrap. During the procedure, the assistant holds the shrew, the cat, and the owner carries out the necessary manipulation.

A special approach to the kittens

Small fluffy lumps have from a young age to teach to patiently endure various hygienic procedures. How to clean the ears of the kitten? For this procedure, use the same tools that are designed for adult cats. To clean the ears kittens should be carefully and avoid going into the ear.

Experienced breeders suggest kittens ears washed, using for this purpose saline or specialized drugs to care. Not to use Soaps or liquid-based vinegar and alcohol.

Washed the kitten’s ears in the following way:

  • first, instill 4 to 5 drops;
  • massage;
  • then dig a little deeper 5 – 6 drops of a special solution designed for cleaning.

Kitten during such manipulation begins to shake his head, which is a normal reaction. Then you need to carefully massage the base of ears. Due to this manipulation is greatly facilitated further cleaning with a cotton pad and sticks. In the rest of this hygienic procedure in kittens does not differ from that of adult Pets.

So that a pet has always been healthy and vigorous, need to take care not only about nutrition. To preserve and maintain good health you need to carry out various hygiene procedures, in particular ear cleaning. This allows you to keep the ear in cats for many years.

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