How to cut the cat at home

Sooner or later the owners of dogs and cats face the same problem: how to trim your pet cat? It is no secret that cats sometimes have a stubborn and wilful character, so to trim their pet trimmer is a very difficult task.

Grooming cats and cats is more hygienic in nature. So severely need a haircut these breeds of cats, like Persian, British, Scottish breeds of cats. If a cat has long, thick hair, the haircut needed.

Certain breeds of cats have short or medium-length hair, but the owners believe that trimmed pet looks tidier and prettier, and shed short-haired cats less.

Tools for cutting

To the owners of cats often arises with the choice of how to cut with scissors or clippers? Many still tend to the machine, as it is the scissors. It is practically impossible to injure an animal on the machine you can choose the length of the “destrega”, so the shearing machine is obtained uniform. The only disadvantage of the clippers is noise, which can scare the animal. It is recommended to choose the quietest model.

Clippers scissors is recommended to focus on the tool of medium size, scissors should be well ground, mild with rounded ends.

If the cat is restless, it is advisable to start the cut with scissors, or ask for help from someone. Animal need to fix, immobilize, and only then to start the procedure of cutting

Auxiliary tools for cutting cats:

  • a hairbrush with soft teeth;
  • hydrogen peroxide, in case of accidental injury of the animal;
  • convenient flat surface (table);
  • unnecessary fabric to collect wool (roll out and put on her pet, and after the haircut you can just throw together a wool);
  • pet toy (to distract the cat from the unpleasant procedure).
How to choose the right machine

Today, on the market veterinary industry has a host of new products, helping owners to quickly and beautifully trim your pet. A few tips on how to choose the right model for your pet at home.

Depending on the situation, the owners themselves, first and foremost, I advise you to pay attention to the length of the blades. If you want to shave off short hairs, the blade length must not exceed 2 cm, most of which this device is used to remove excess hair with a cat face and ears, is also used to remove excess vegetation under the cat’s tail.

How to cut the cat of the Persian breed? For cutting the Persians used cars with wide blades. Species of Persian cats are often observed on the hair clumps, and this machine is able to cut them without much effort. It must be remembered that to sharpen the blades of such machines must be regularly, otherwise the machine simply breaks down. Clipper Persians should have a capacity of at least 45 watts.

Machine with less power can break at the first use, as it is not able to cope with the density of the wool and begin to overheat. For short-haired individuals will fit cars with small power, 20 watts would be sufficient.

Cats British breed cut is not necessary. By nature they have short, thick hair, tangles are very rare. Excess hair can be removed with a rubber brush or bristle.

Better to take a machine powered by electricity and not by batteries. The batteries drain quickly, so you’ll have to take breaks. It should be remembered that the machine should be as silent.

Step by step instructions haircuts cats

How to cut a cat at home?

To alleviate this unpleasant procedure, you must follow the simple rules:

  1. First, you need to trim cat claws. Before cutting kogterezki definitely need to disinfect. Then gently push on the pads, the cat claws out, at this time, not touching the skin and as soon as possible to trim claws. This will save the host from the aggression and possible scratches.
  2. If the pet’s first haircut, you need to ask for help. Cats new procedure can cause an attack of aggression, therefore, when the first mowing is necessary to keep the cat from the sides, not out. It is also necessary to fix the limb.
  3. Lay the animal on its side, hold the paws. To take the machine in hand and ready to cut laterally, calmly and steadily. If the owner is stressed, the cat will surely feel and will behave restless.
  4. After the sides need to be ready to cut back and abdomen. The abdomen should be given special attention, since they are mammary glands. So as not to injure the belly of the pet, you must try to relax the cat.
  5. A small number of uncut hairs you want to remove with small scissors. The skin slightly and gently pull to shear, it will save the animal from minor injuries.
  6. At the request of the owner of the tail and legs can be left untouched. Some owners prefer to keep the tail small tassel.
  7. After the procedure, the pet must bathe in warm water using a small amount of shampooto get rid of clinging to the cat’s body hairs.

We should not forget that using machines the body of the animal must be completely dry. Wet fur can lead to electric shock. If accustomed to the scissors, lightly wet the coat of your pet.

To achieve a truly remarkable result at home, veterinarians recommend the use of the machine, and scissors.

How often should I cut the cat?

Veterinarians recommend mowing 2 times a year. We should not forget that wool is a natural protective covering of an animal, in the cold, it can freeze. After clipping the hair fully grows for six months, so it is best to cut the cat before the onset of summer, when the excess hair gives the animal discomfort.

We should not forget that after the haircut, the color of the cat or cats may vary slightly. Especially change affected long-haired breeds of cats. The shade can change to several colors, can become either lighter or darker. In some cases, shearing may have an impact on hair growth, it can slow down or conversely, to accelerate.

If you adhere to the simple steps, described in the instructions for haircuts at home, cuts and injuries can be avoided. The animal, which underwent a haircut in peace, remember that this procedure is not dangerous to health and next time will be quiet.

If the owner still accidentally hurt your cat, you should lubricate the skin around the wound with antiseptic. If the bleeding does not stop, you need to briefly press the dry swab to the wound. The animal can not injure the loud voices and shouts, the owner himself has a gentle quiet voice to calm the animal, Pat.If you cut in any case, you cannot use physical force, pinching and slapping the animal. It is not recommended to raise the voice assistant to do sharp movements.

Grooming Pets at home-troublesome. If the owner of the animal is preparing a cat for an exhibition or a show, it is better to make an appointment to the master. You can attend during the procedure, the wizard lucidly explained and clearly show what and in what sequence to do. In the workshops used light anesthesia, so the cat did not resist. These drugs negatively affect the health of the animal.

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