How to determine the age of the kitten at home

Setting the stage for a pet, it is very desirable to know the exact age of the pet. If we are talking about the little kittens – to distinguish the baby from week 3-4 week is not difficult.

The development of the kittens in the first months of life is progressing rapidly, almost every week has its own distinctive features, which an experienced vet or breeder can determine quite accurately the date of birth of the baby.

The first and easiest step to find out how many weeks or months your pet is to ask the breeder. If you choose an animal in the kennel or from private breeders, you will be required to provide comprehensive information including the date of birth. If you take the baby to another place and no way of knowing how old he is weeks, it can show your veterinarian that will determine the approximate age of your pet and recommend the necessary vaccinations.

There are some signs on how to determine the age of the kitten at home:

  1. The size of the animal, weight and body shape.
  2. Appearance and eyes and ears.
  3. The condition of the teeth.
  4. Behavior.

Below will detail all of these holidays.

If the kitten is very small, you can look for it the cord. If on a stomach there are the remains – you got a newborn kitten. Usually the cat bite the umbilical cord until, until it burst completely. On the belly of the baby in the first days of life can find a little “tail” – the remainder of the umbilical cord, which usually falls off on the third day. On this basis it is possible to find the kitten first days of life.

The size and mass of the body

An indirect sign of the age of the animal can be its weight. However, it should be noted that this figure is not too reliable.

In kittens of different breeds at the same age and body weight can vary significantly.

  1. The average weight of a kitten at birth is 100 grams. Next, the baby begins to add per day 10 – 20 grams.
  2. In 1 week baby should weigh 100-150 grams. If the weight of the baby is smaller, maybe he’s sick or malnourished.
  3. To two weeks of age the baby weighs from 115 to 170 grams, and its smaller than the palm of an adult.
  4. At the age of 2-3 weeks , the animal may weigh between 170 to 225 grams.
  5. Animal at the age of 4-5 weeks weigh from 225 to 250 grams.
  6. To 7 – 8 weeks body weight of a cat reaches 680-900 grams.

After 3 months the animal begins to add every month for 500 grams as long as his weight will not stop at 4 lbs. Thus, a kitten weighing 1300 grams most likely reached the age of 3 months and at 4 months his weight is about 1800 grams. An adult cat usually lead from 4 to 4.5 pounds.

Age determination in the eyes and the ears

Eyes kittens go through several stages of disclosure, and the color change, which in some cases helps to stay ahead of the age of the animal.

  1. The bulk of kittens opens his eyes to the end of the second week. Some do it earlier – at 7 -10 day. If a baby has eyes closed, most likely, he’s less than a week. If the kitten eyes are opened, – its age is 7 days or more.
  2. The baby at the age of 2-3 weeks, eyes just starting to open and look narrow. At this time, the eye color of a kitten is always bright blue, regardless of what it will become in the future.
  3. If your little one’s eyes already are open, and begin to change their color – the age of the kitten is 6-7 weeks. At this time, the iris begins to take its permanent color. If the eyes of an adult male are blue in color, this transition will not.

To determine how many days or weeks the baby can and as his ears.

Like the eyes, they also go through several stages in its development.

  1. Kittens under weeks ears pressed to the head. Newborns kittens ‘ ear canals are closed, which causes pressure to the head the ear. To open up the ears start in 5-8 days after birth.
  2. Ear canals the kitten reveals somewhat slower than the eye. Themselves auricle, too, straightened immediately. Full disclosure of the ears will occur at 2-3 weeks of age pet.
  3. After 3.5 weeks the kitten begins to hear and respond to the sounds of the outside world. The same applies to the view – the baby begins to actively respond to all external stimuli, which is evident in his behavior.
How to know the age of the kitten in his teeth

To determine how many weeks or months your cat can on the condition of his teeth. This applies both to very young animals, and has grown.

In kittens up to 2 weeks no teeth at all.

  1. On the second or third week of life the baby start to erupt the first teeth. First erupt the incisors. You can define them, he felt the gums of the pet.
  2. 3-4 week the baby starts to grow baby fangs. These teeth are long and pointed, located next to the incisors.
  3. 4-6 week begin to cut the premolars. They grow between the molars and canines.
  4. upon reaching 4 months of the animal has a full set of milk teeth. On the upper jaw and lower jaw has 6 incisors. This is followed by the canines at 1 in each side, top and bottom. In the upper jaw there are 3 premolar and the bottom 2.

Molars appear on the pet after 4 months. After 4 months to determine the age of a cat becomes more difficult. If the animal apart from the above there are more teeth and 4 molars, so he’s at least 7 months.

It should be remembered that these rules apply if the animal is healthy and is developing properly. If the pet had an illness or injury, is lagging behind in development – he may be missing some teeth or they will be insufficiently developed.

Assessment of behaviour and age

If the cub at the time of inspection near the mother, we can determine the approximate age by, let the cat baby to her breast. Usually at 4 – 6 week lambing ate the cats run out of milk.

Usually at 7 weeks the baby is fully weaned from the breast. Some time, the kittens will still attempt to obtain from mother’s milk, but the cat gets up and leaves. After 8 weeks, babies begin to move away from mother and explore outer space.

At the age of 2-3 weeks, the kitten begins quite confidently stand on their feet and move independently. Before this age they lie next to my mother, sleep and eat. To move such kids can only crawl on my belly.

At the age of 3-4 weeks, the pet gains the ability to perevorachivaite in the air and then land on foot.

At the age of 1 month the baby is already quite confident walk and begins to explore the world. It increases the desire to play and curiosity. If the pet can run, its age is at least 5 weeks.

At the age of 5-6 weeks healthy animal begins to behave quite confidently. This behavior is associated with improved coordination. The cubs start to move about, to play, no longer afraid.

At the age of 2 months kittens find a good coordination and a lot of moving. They like to play with people and other animals. The kitten begins to explore various places, trying to get everywhere.

At the age of 4 months of age, the stage of puberty and their behavior begins to change under the influence of hormones produced by. These kittens start to shout loudly at night out of the house. This behavior could be a sign started puberty.

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