How to disaccustom a cat to tear the Wallpaper? Cause and effect

Many of us love so charming and fluffy creatures, which, together with a bring home comfort and joy. But every owner must be aware of the fact that sometimes the behavior of cats can be not flexible, which can cause difficulties in the maintenance.

The vast majority of small fuzzies just loves to scratch the furniture and Wallpaper. In our article we will consider two main questions: how to wean a cat fight Wallpaper and furniture and what drives her to these actions?

Causes incorrect behavior

Scratching is a normal physiological process in cats. In this case, the guilty look useless, because guilty nature. That only owners may not be delighted by such manifestations of natural instincts. This can cause substantial damage to furniture, Wallpaper and carpets.

Perhaps the most common reasonwhy domestic cats are at the shelter is impetuous habit to spoil the furniture and Wallpaper around. However, if you take the time to address this issue and to understand the reasons that motivate such actions, and will be able to find a way out of this situation, not depriving the animal of the house.

Among the most common reasons are:

  • The sharpening of claws. This procedure is required, to animal claws healthy and sharp. During active scratching, with claws removed Horny layer.
  • Scratching – alternative to the gym. During this procedure, the cat and the cat manages to stretch the tendons and muscles.
  • When the cat scratches the furniture or Wallpaper, but this time his blood abundantly produced pheromones, which he’s marking territory. Thus the animal makes it clear who’s boss.
  • If a cat is under stress or really upset, so she puts the negative on the furniture, Wallpaper and carpets.
How to wean a cat fight Wallpaper and furniture: effective methods

If the animal does not pay attention to brand-new scratching post and continues to encroach on the furniture and Wallpaper, we strongly recommend that you use theI one of the following methods:

  1. Method of Dmitry Kuklachev: if the kitten is persistently ignores all comments and continues to tear the Wallpaper at a specific location, then use with this trick: take a small Board and glue it the same Wallpaper as on the wall, set into the corner; after the kitten for a few days will be hard to tear, you will gradually be able to move it to a place convenient for you.
  2. How to teach my cat to tear up the furniture? If the cat continues to tear up the furniture, it is recommended to use essential oils or citrus infusions. For a sensitive sense of smell of cats, citrus is just a scourge. Best lemon fragrance.
  3. A favorite place of the cat, you can stick double-sided tape. In most cases, cats are not satisfied with the sticky surface.
  4. If you have already tried all possible options but nothing helps, to wean the pet and not worth it, just get him in a specialty store special soft caps. They are a kind anticoruptie and dress up nails on the front legs of the animal. The glue with which the caps are attached to the claw and the cap is made of safe materials for the animal. Few months attachments fall off, but if desired, the procedure can be repeated.
Like Wallpaper do not like cats

Sometimes, to understandhow to wean a pet to tear up the Wallpaper, they resort to design tricks:

  • Favorite feline the corner should be cleaned of Wallpaper and pasted it with decorative stone;
  • Most livestock experts believe that it is better to use a Wallpaper made from natural fiber such as husk, straw.

How to teach your pet to scratching posts

What needs to be done to get your cat interested in the new kittens:

  1. If the cat likes multiple angles, the only option to accustom her to the scratching post, is to equip every corner of the kittens. It is not necessary to think about the appearance of the room as it is long. Once kitty gets used to one subject, the other can be removed.
  2. Most cats prefer a tall scratching post because they symbolize them with trees which you can climb, or to stretch out. We strongly recommend that you have a scratching post so that it does not wobble, otherwise the pet will be frightened and might no longer suitable to the subject.
  3. To the subject more caused a cat’s interest, it is recommended that on a scratching post to hang the toys before they were abundantly napisany Catnip.
  4. It is recommended that the subject be put around the sleeping place of the animal, because after sleep, they like to fight something.
  5. A reward system should exist not only in dogs but also in cats. If the pet uses a scratching post appointment, don’t forget to pet him, give him sweets or say nice words to.
  6. It would be nice during accustom the pet to the scratching post, hide all the objects, attracting the attention of the pet.
Not recommended in an attempt to wean the cat to tear up the furniture and Wallpaper

Every pet owner should understand that patience, consistency and constancy of action is the key to success.

  • It is impossible to carry out the trimming of nails of the animal;
  • You cannot physically affect the pet as it will begin to be afraid;
  • If the old scratching post as you seem completely worn out, then throw it away still not. It smells like pet, and everything new and unknown cats don’t really like;
  • Absolutely contraindicated as educational measures, to use noise or spray the animal with water. From these phenomena pet experiences stress, which further adversely affects attempts to re-educate pet.

Practical recommendations
  • Bouncy ball is probably the most effective item used in raising cats, but uncomfortable for the owner. Inflate several balloons and tie them to each other, attaching near the crime scene. Thus, we are able to build a trap that will emit a loud noise during the next session of manicure.
  • A spray bottle with water. Everyone knows that cats don’t like water, so we should rationally use their fears. As soon as your pet is going to the mischief – splash him in the face with water. But it is important to note that exercise is necessary to the crime or shortly after, otherwise the pussy will not understand why he was punished and regarded it for the humiliation.
  • Rattle. Animals are frightened of loud and strange sounds. Once the pet will decide to play a prank, use your new toy. Pet will not stay in the room since cats don’t like loud noises.

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