How to put a harness on a cat and how to choose pet leashes

Pets have long been part of human society. A huge number of people gets Pets in order to give care and to receive in return the warmth that give our smaller brethren.

Almost every pet owner can say with certainty that the forces on the care of the pet takes quite a lot. Of course, a living being requires constant attention and care, as well as special food and care. It is therefore recommended that before you have a pet, it is very good to think about whether the future owner to this.

A separate item is the range. Every dog owner knows what it is and that is a very important moment of caring for a pet. Some owners prefer to walk their dogs without a collar, but this is possible only in case if the pet is well trained and there is no probability that he at some point just take and run away aimlessly.

Few people know, but sometimes walking is necessary and cats. When there is a need for the implementation of the roaming cat, there are problems with the way you can do it. Every reader can agree that cats in very rare cases, can allow the owner to wear the leash as it quietly makes the dog. This article will be dedicated to this, i.e., how to put a harness on a cat.

What should you do first? How to wear?

To get started is to take a test try to put a harness on a cat, giving your pet a chance to adjust to unfamiliar things for him. At first, the cat will be scared and try to avoid such “fitting”, but eventually it will bear fruit.

So, you must do the following to allow the cat to familiarize yourself with the harness:

  1. At first, just need to show the cat the accessory, and then put in a prominent place. The cat will be wondering what new thing brought by the host and, therefore, he will sniff the harness and then slowly start to get used to it. Typically, the addiction goes away for a couple of weeks;
  2. After this you can gently put a harness on a cat. Of course, this is done not so easy, but just don’t be nervous and shout at the animal or, even worse, to use force. Calmly, stroking, need to convince the cat that she did not understand the device quite harmless, and it can fully trust in the master. Once the harness is on the pet, in any case, should not immediately take it outside. For starters the cat should have some time to walk it around the house;
  3. After a couple of days it will be possible to bring the cat into the yard. So as not to cause the animal’s negative emotions, at first, you should provide him with “freedom.” This means that the first time you can allow the cat to choose the direction of walking. Subsequently, the owner will be able to adjust the route.
Why is it necessary?

This issue can occur in most readers. Of course, the cat is not a dog, its just in the yard to walk. And not all seek to walk the cat, some of it actually may seem strange.

But proucevanje cat to a leash there are certain advantages:

  • You can go with a cat in the yard and not be afraid that at some point the pet will run away in an unknown direction. To keep the cat at home is not always good, sometimes you need to get some fresh air;
  • The harness is an indispensable assistant of the owner, which leads your cat to a variety of exhibitions. This device literally allows you to keep the freedom-loving cat “in line”;
  • About if the last item is still possible to argue, as not all pet owners are inclined to take their Pets to the exhibition, this plus can please everybody. We are talking about going to the vet – leash will help keep nervous pet.
How you can wear a harness that the cat is not broke?

Now move to the description of the process itself. Almost everyone knows that a cat is an animal of relatively freedom-loving character. Therefore, in the process of putting a leash on a cat you can deal with cat nerves, the cat will try to escape in any case. But if you do it right, it could end without pain and without nerves.

So, for starters, the fact that harnesses are of two types. Each will need to address in their own way, so below will be described both ways.

The harness “eight”

The first type is the most common and also the most suitable for prouchvania pet to this accessory. The design of this device consists of a collar and the straps passing under the front legs, while the closure is in the area of the blades, where the carbine. It is necessary to note the fact that to wear such a harness is quite difficult, so you have a little torment.

But in that case took account of the recommendations listed below to make it easier:

  1. From the very beginning you should wear a collar, the harness is rotated so that the carabiner was between the shoulder blades;
  2. After having executed the previous step, you can start to legs – need to be put in the designated holes;
  3. You will then need to tighten the belts and check. Note that between the harness and the body of a cat should be a distance of one finger;
  4. After all the above manipulations just need to fasten the leash to the carabiner.

If everything was done correctly, the cat will not be able to escape. Here it should be clarified that in a situation when it is required under one of the legs independently to fasten the strap, you will need to first push the foot locked in the hole, and then in free.

The harness is of the second type

Design the second type of harnesses is more simple, the collar is absent, which excludes the presence of loads on the neck of a pet. It should be noted that it is not recommended to wear it for the cat that previously with straps are not faced, that is, the”rookie” this type of harness will not work.

To put it much simpler as the design of the harnesses is a the two triangles under the paw:

  1. You first need to put the harness on the floor;
  2. Then need to put the pet so that his front paws were in the respective triangular holes;
  3. Further, the harness simply fastens just below the shoulder blades;
  4. And, finally, fastened the leash.

In that case, if the pet is very uncomfortable feeling in the straps, you can use a harness-jumpsuit – it fastens with Velcro and is practically not felt on the body. Also of note is the fact that the owner must first think well before you take it out the pet on the street. You can not let the cat outside without making the necessary vaccinations. Besides highly recommended along with the harness to wear to a pet, and flea collar. See how to wear the leash in the video.

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