How to train a cat at home

To teach your dog some commands, it usually is, these ets are willing to train. Another thing is cats and cats that are very headstrong animals and no teams do not like to perform. And yet something to teach them.

A cat you can train at home, and, most importantly, not to force an animal to do something against his will. Training should not be a burden, rather, it should be leisure.

How to train a cat: General rules

Before you start training your furry pet, the owner should carefully consider some aspects to spent effort and time in training is not in vain.

First, consider the age of the pet. It is best to start training when the kitten turns 6-7 months. At this age the animal is old enough to understand what he should do.

Secondly, before you start training, you need a long time to observe the behavior of your pet, to understand how it is active, how it manifests itself, what his character and habits. Also, it will be important to understand what treats the cat prefers the most. Thanks to all this, the owner can choose for most appropriate training program.

Actually cats are very capable and sufficiently trained creatures. Such simple commands as “Give paw”, “Sit” or “come” are given to them rather quickly. Moreover, many domestic fluffies are different innate artistic abilities.

Coaching any team, it is necessary to encourage the animal for his successes, then the effectiveness of the training will be high. But we must remember that if the cat doesn’t like what he does, and refuses to comply with the requests of his master, then for any even the most delicious treats he will not do. In this case, the pet needs to be left alone, and training to start later, based on what kind of team rejects tailed.

Training cats is an individual process. In fact, she chooses what to learn and what not, and it will need to take, then no learning problems should arise.

Training cats: how teams can be taught

All teams need to give your pet a calm voice, without raising his tone, without much emotion, especially not to scold the cat for disobedience.

What can we teach pet:

  • the “Sit” command: to do this, the cat must show the treat and say “sit.” Say the command calmly, but firmly. If kitty still does not understand that want from it, you can gently push her rear back, and as soon as she sits give her a treat, then repeat the exercise. Over time, it will bind in the head of the chain of “word-action-treat” and to execute a 5+. In the future, the command will be executed without the Goodies;
  • the command “Give paw”: perform training should also be Goodies. First you need to take one of the front legs of the cat, at the same time say the command “Give paw”, and then to treat treat. continue to train a pet as long as he doesn’t file his paw without treats;
  • to teach a cat to lie down on command, you must slightly push the pussy like to fill it on the side, at the same time pronouncing the word “lie”, then give a treat. To train a pet until then, until the result;
  • you can teach your pet to jump over small obstacles or jump from the surface to the surface located at different heights. In the same way you can teach your cat to jump through the Hoop, holding it between two chairs. On one of the chairs need to plant tailed ward, and second to put something tasty. First you need to teach a cat to jump from one chair to another without a Hoop, most importantly, to ensure that the pet is not just off one surface and jumped to another, and it would jump. You can then connect the Hoop. The cat will perceive this exercise as a game, and over time this action will include a habit, and his skills will be surprise guests.

The whole exercise should be a kind of game where the cat performs the quest and as a result receives a reward. If a pet does not want to play that way, better to leave it alone.

How to train a kitten

So, how to train a cat to be generally understood, but what to do with the baby? How to teach a kitten to understand the commands? Many people believe that training a kitten – it is ineffective and generally useless, as the pet is still small too playful to something to learn. But in fact, to teach some of the tricks can be a little fluffy still. To do this, you should be dainty and good patience.

What can we teach the kitten:

  • you can try to teach him the command “come”: to do this, you call it at feeding time this way, while saying his name. Small pet will soon understand that the phrase “Murzik/Vaska/Timothy, unto me,” is associated with something nice and tasty, and begin to comply with the request as soon as I hear it. Don’t forget about affection, after all, humming like it is not less delicious food;
  • if you watch for some time for a kitten in the game, you can immediately understand what he loves to do most. For example, if he carries in his teeth some small items, balls and other toys, so you can easily teach him that brings something like the command “SIC”;
  • many cats, including small, love to jump to their masters on the shoulder that can also be converted to a trick using treats and repetition.

Actually train kids is no more difficult than adult cats. The main thing is to do everything with patience and love, do not forget to reward the pet and in any case not to insist on something that he did not want to do.

In any case, you can’t punish a cat or kitten, if he does something wrong or does not want to obey. One has only to raise his voice, as he instantly gets scared and in the future, generally stop to go to the owner for contact in training.

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