How to trim cat claws at home

Cats are predators. They have sharp teeth and equally dangerous claws. In the wild, without these tools, the animals would not have survived. But at home sharp claws are not needed. Long nails interfere with your pet, and he tries to make them shorter.

Cats solve the problem is simple: sharpen its claws on any suitable (according to cats) items. Most often, it happens to be soft furnishings.

If the owners don’t want to regularly change the damaged furniture, they have to shorten the claws of your pet. Today we’ll show you how to trim cat claws at home.

Do I need to trim cat claws

Of course, claws is very important for cats. Without them they can’t climb the tree, to protect themselves from other animals, effectively to run on a variety of surfaces. However, cats need the claws of normal length. Too long claws get in the way. That is why wild cats sharpen them on trees.

What Pets? Them claws are not needed. In an apartment or private home do not need to climb the trees. Claws interfere with walking on laminate, wooden planks, parquet or carpet.

It is no secret that cat’s claws grow much faster than its wild relatives. So, the pet will sharpen its claws constantly. There is no furniture will not save enough. A way out of this situation only one time to trim nails.

And then to the owners of the animal, the question arises: how to trim cat claws? The question not idle, because most of the owners are afraid of their inept actions to harm the pet. In addition, there are always advisors who claim that to trim the nails of cats is not worth it. Supposedly this is unhealthy. Let us look at this issue.

“For” and “against” nail trimming

Let’s start with the arguments in favor of this procedure:

  • Cats may not be able to whittle down the nails to a safe length. If they are too long, then the probability of their bundles and growing into the paw pads, which ultimately can lead to lameness of the animal.
  • Grooming claws at the pet relieves owners from unexpected expenses in replacement of furniture and Wallpaper in the house.
  • If you have children, this procedure is absolutely necessary. Cats claws are like little razors. While playing with the baby pet unintentionally can cause baby overgrown claws serious injury.
  • To cut the claws of the Pets required, if he participates in exhibitions.

Now we cite the arguments of opponents of nail trimming cats:

  • This procedure is too traumatic. Even if the owner knows how to cut the claws of the cat, it still would harm your pet. The fact that the Horny part of the claw has a length of only 3 mm. After cutting open access to non-keratinized structures. It is an open gate for infection.
  • Nail trimming it can hurt the cat, as they have nerve endings.
  • Nail trimming makes cats less agile. Moreover, increases the risk of injury to Pets. For example, after cutting the animal will want to climb on the carpet. It will jump, but will not be able to cling to the fibers of the carpet and fall.
  • Trim the claws regularly need. This is a tedious procedure, not worth of small scratches on furniture.
How often to mow

The frequency of performing this procedure is strictly individual. The animal must figure out how to quickly grow claws from the cat and to make the individual chart of the procedure. Some cats pass through it no more than once per month, others have to go through a haircut 2, and sometimes 3 times a month.

If the cat lives not only at home but also often walk on the street, it is likely to cut his claws will have much less. They will grind it in a natural way. But not as effectively, in order to abandon cutting.

Preparation for the procedure

Before the haircut, all you need to know about the structure of the claws. This is the main condition for the successful execution of the procedure.

The claw has an outer hard shell, under which hides the pulp. In it pass blood vessels and nerve endings. The pulp occupies a large part of the claw. Damage it impossible. Trimmed the Horny part. It is only a few millimeters at the tip of the nail.

To avoid the error you need to pre – consider the pet’s claws through. They Shine well and because of this, you can see the border of the dead pulp tissue. This was the border and need to trim the claws.

Of course, before the procedure, you need to prepare suitable tools.

Tools to perform the procedure

No matter what anyone said, and to use scissors and clippers from women’s manicure kit for this procedure, beginners are just not worth it. Of course, if the owner of the cat did it a couple hundred times, it is safe to cut off the claws on the pet and with the help of manicure scissors, but newcomers better not to risk it.

Inexperienced owners are encouraged to use the following devices:

  • Special scissors called a nail clipper. They are made of durable stainless steel and specially designed for this purpose.
  • Trimmer-guillotine. Beginners should use this device. It is very simple to operate and absolutely safe for the pet.
  • Hard nail file. You can use a regular nail file from a manicure set.

All tools prior to use, it is imperative to disinfect. Boil is not necessary. Enough to handle the tools with alcohol.

Also it will be useful to prepare cotton pads, hydrogen peroxide and antiseptic is chlorhexidine. These items will be useful if the owner touches the pulp.

How to cut cat claws

The first thing to catch the kitten and take it tightly in his hands. It is advisable to implement procedures assistant. Surely kitty will mind when the owner will begin to clip his claws. Pet can begin to break out. If you run the procedure alone, the arm can be moved. Here and to injuries near. The assistant will hold the kitten by the hind legs, and the owner behind the front.

Once the kitten is fixed, you can start cutting the claws. But previously you need to get your pet to produce them. Make it easy: you only need finger pressure on the pad. The kitten immediately release their weapon.

Cut should be indented at least 1 mm from the visible part of the pulp. If you try to cut on the edge, chances to hurt the blood vessels.

You should put a trimmer or nail clipper perpendicular to the claw comb to determine a safe distance from the pulp and cut the sharp part. After cropping, you can start turning a claw. With the help of nail files you need to smooth the sharp edges of the cut.

Helpful tips for beginners

To cut the claws of the kitten will be even easier if you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • You should only use a sharp instrument. If it was dull, the claws will start to flake.
  • Paw pet during the procedure should be well lit. So, better seen the border of the pulp.
  • If the kitten does not cut all the claws at once, you can do it in stages. To anything extra stress of the pet.
  • Should not one day carry out the procedure of cutting and bathing the animal.
  • If the kitten is violently resisting, it is better not to risk it. Take him to the vet. The correct procedure to cutting the clinic is inexpensive.

To nail trimming at home does not cause problems , it is desirable to accustom to her pet from an early age. To perform the procedure better with the help of special tools, not manicure scissors. If the owner is unsure of their abilities, it is best to seek the assistance of a veterinary specialist. That’ll make it right.

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