How to understand that a cat is in labor: signs how do you know?

Mating in cats, even carefully planned, may not always result in pregnancy. Therefore it is necessary to determine how much was your date with cat. A cat owner should know that pregnancy in cats lasts for nine weeks.

While in nature, the deviation can be several days. Share the stages of pregnancy, respectively, by the length of their fur. Have short-haired cats pregnancy lasts no more than 58 days. And longhair may be about 72 days. To understand when a cat gives birth, it is necessary to know how many kittens she plans to light.

How to understand that the cat will deliver soon: signs and tips

Unfortunately, not yet invented experts on pregnant Pets. Therefore, to calculate with precision, when the cat to give birth, it is impossible. But the only indicator as an indicator of pregnancy is the behavior of the animal. If your animal is pregnant, the first thing you’ll notice is the change in its food habits. The cat in the first weeks of pregnancy refuses to eat or eats more than usual. And also a pet may sleep more and drink a lot of water.

By the second week many of the animals may be more susceptible to toxicosis. Unlike human, cats morning sickness manifests a few days. To evaluate the pregnancy will help the ultrasound machine, which will help to check the status of the cat. By the end of the second week of pregnancy the embryo can be seen on the monitor screen.

How to understand that the cat gives birth and when she gives birth?

The owner of a cat can be based on various sources that will help to define the expected day of delivery. On the Internet people can find the calendar day of birth for the animal. But not only using the Internet technologies you know when your cat is planning to give birth.

To predict exactly the day alone, watching the animals.

  1. For the fourth or sixth week you will be able to find out what your favorite pregnant, which can be determined by appearance. Belly the cat starts continue to grow, and the nipples become pink. During this time, you can visit a vet and with the help of palpation to see how long it would kittens. During this period it is best not to touch the animal, so as not to hurt her.
  2. After the seventh week, you will be able to find perturbations in the abdominal area. During this period the animal a lot of time sleeping and more eating and drinking. Another sign of the seventh week of pregnancy is the constant visit to the toilet pan.
  3. A few days before giving birth the stomach of the animal is lowered and is sagging. While there is discharge from the breast and uterus. During the offensive struggles, the cat starts looking for a convenient place for the birth of kittens.
How to understand that a cat is giving birth: the process, phases and timelines

A healthy animal can easily without any veterinary interventions to make kittens, and after they give birth. Small or breeding cats can give birth with complications. In developed countries there are specialist in this field, which helps the animal to give birth to healthy offspring. In our country the animals give birth on their own. Only in exceptional cases delivers vet public profile or master.

Pregnancy is divided into three stages:

  1. Binding – the process lasts three weeks. In this period there is swelling of the genital tract.
  2. Pregnancy of the animal. Signs of pregnancy can be seen from the third week of the course. They should include drowsiness, decreased appetite and activity. It may require affection and attention. You may receive vomiting, and increased pigmentation of the mammary glands. The animal clearly increases the uterus and the animal is rounded.
  3. By the seventh week the kittens in the belly of the animal are moving, and movement needs to be clearly visible. The mammary glands swell, and you receive the colostrum. Some cats are observed vaginal discharge. Increased anxiety and development of future locations for delivery is also a sign of this stage.

To the fiftieth day of pregnancy animal owners need to prepare some set.

  1. A big box with the low side. In this case the cat should be free to enter or leave the nest and cling to the stomach for sides.
  2. A set of surgical latex gloves.
  3. Medical pipette or suction. It may be necessary to forcibly clear the respiratory system of cats if they can’t do it yourself.
  4. Sterile thread and scissors, treated with an antiseptic.
  5. Liquid or powdered disinfectant.
  6. Cotton buds and Zelenka for processing umbilical cord kittens.
  7. Clean diapers made of cotton fabric or stories.
  8. Rubbing the kittens need a towel.
  9. If the kittens get stuck in the birth canal you will need a ointment Levomekol.
  10. A clean bowl of water.
  11. Dry the mixture, in that case, if the cat will not be milk.
  12. To stimulate contractions, it is possible to prepare oxytocin and sulfokamfokain – to stimulate the heart. In the case of protracted delivery need potassium gluconate 10% intravenous injection.

For clean, pedigree and fluffy animals you need to prepare wet and dry wipes. Best in advance to lay the scene for future genera-absorbing diaper. During childbirth, the animal will crawl from place to place. So you need to ensure sterility throughout.

How to tell if your cat is in labor: signs

To know that a cat gives birth is quite simple to do this you will need to observe the animals.

In the period of labor to find out what cat gives birth to is quite simple.

  • Two or the day, the temperature of the animal’s body begins to fall.
  • During the day, the pet licks the genitals. Mucous membranes appears reddish.
  • Not always the animal can fill the mammary glands. In the area of the nipple skin becomes hot. Often the mother becomes inactive.
  • 8 hours before the onset of labor the uterus is pet starts to decline. To see it is quite simple, because the cat will begin to hunch. In the same period, the animal begins to behave restlessly, hide and call for help. In addition, shows a sharp decrease in appetite. The animal consumes the liquid in the same volume.

Tip: help the animal to ease her suffering during childbirth. In that case if a cat tries to hide in the closet, it is better to give her a place. In that case, if it falls on your belongings, do not blame her. Believe me, the animal in this period is not easy.

The harbingers of birth of the cat

The livelihoods of a pregnant cat is changing with the onset of the last days before birth. To anatomic features include the shape of the uterus of the animal, it appears in the form of horns, where the tip – it’s kittens and the bottom is the cervix. As soon as the contractions start, the animal experiencing discomfort and pain. In case if miscarriage or spontaneous birth in your pet, it is worth noting that all the signs of labor is several times faster.

If you notice that your animal is experiencing anxiety, then you should pay attention to the following aspects of labor.

  1. Before the start of the contractions of the uterus should reach the mucous plug. It may be clear, yellow or green. This a sign of labor can not navigate, because it can not be overlooked. The cat can go on the tray, where it will go tube.
  2. Kittens are located in the belly of the cat compact. In order to be born, they must turn upside down. Large kittens may not have time to do it before his birth. During the rollover, the children enjoy their mother a lot of discomfort.
  3. The first fight is almost impossible to notice. But you can feel it if you put your palm on the cat’s stomach. The opening of the uterus may occur for up to eight hours.
  4. As soon as the animal begins to lie down on one side, Crouch, within hours you may receive the first child.
The process of childbirth: problems and stages

The process of entering kittens only happens after the uterus of the cat has fully opened. During this period, the cat is not easy. The animal feels the excitement and the cat is really hurt.

During this period, she lost a lot of strength and she’s worried. During this period, it is important to observe some rules.

  1. The animal needed rest. The owner is allowed to control myself and understand what’s going on.
  2. The cat needs to feel good and not experience any loss because of the master.
  3. A cat owner should isolate the room where the cat gives birth from any prying eyes. Need in this place not to let children and other animals.
  4. Window “delivery room” should be put in ventilation, but avoid drafts.
  5. Are constantly from animals, since it will ask to constantly drink. During the delivery, you can offer the cat water at room temperature or warm milk.
  6. At the time of birth can be two people. But near the animal must be one. For example, the owner or veterinarian. In that case, if the birth will take place is hard, the second person will help you.
  7. After the animal gives birth, she will eat “place” of a kitten. In women, the place clean obstetricians. To eat the place is a normal physiological process in an animal, which helps to restore strength.

In that case, if you notice that a cat cannot give birth, and not a veterinarian, the costs to produce the next stage of work.

  • Performed four strong attempts, but the head of a kitten appeared. Then you need to lubricate the round end of the pipette will levomekol and gently introduced into the vagina. Thus, expanding the vaginal walls. The owner of the animal at this moment to caress the cat’s stomach and gently push the kittens. Soon they are born.
  • If the animal has independently produced a kitten, but he was born in a bubble. Then you need to carefully open the bubble. With a kitten it is necessary to remove mucus from the mouth and nose. Order the cat started to lick the kitten, you must perform this procedure on her eyes.
  • In that case, if the kitten was born, but has not started to breathe, it is actively RUB with a towel. We must act in the area of the back and chest. Grind for over four minutes. If there are no results, then you should take the kittens hind legs and gently shake them upside down and tapped on her chest. So you all possible ways to clear the respiratory tract of the animal. In that case, if after half an hour none of the methods left results. Then you can diagnose the death of a kitten.

Despite the fact that a cat gives birth to itself and requires no human intervention in this process, a veterinarian can be involved, if the cat has not given birth seven days after the appointed date. If the kitten is in the birth canal for about thirty minutes and doesn’t work with this case can be solved only by a veterinarian. But also if the kittens do not come out after five attempts and got stuck in the birth canal.

If a cat starts fever, as well as putrid discharge from the vagina. Or if after ten minutes of strong contractions, the fetus does not come out, and falls into the birth canal, call your vet for sure!

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