How to wean cat bite and throw? Cause and effect

Members of the cat family for many associated with calm, peacefully purring on his lap. However, it is quite common cases when the furry couch potatoes begin to play pranks, resulting in the household there is a lot of bites and scratches.

In this case, the owner shall take all necessary measures to wean your pet from such manifestations of aggression. The wildness and the manifestation of the inexperience of the cat can bring multiple trouble.

Why does the cat bite? The main reasons

Before we get to the section “How to teach my cat to bite me?”, we need to consider the most common causes of aggression and also a little familiar with cat psychology.

Quite unpleasant to be the object of hatred, especially as a result of which the owner always treat festering and trying to get rid of scars. It should be noted that a small kitten or an adult cat always warn about the upcoming attack. Already reaching the age of three weeks, these babies are concatenated with each other, learn to attack in the supine position. After a while, the little kitten goes to a new home where there are no mothers and sisters and brothers, so he had no other how to develop their skills on the toy or the new owners.

Caring owner in the hope to pamper your baby, buys him a large number of colorful toys, but alas, the kitten, they are not interested. It capture more jumping in the household from the corner and battle with the fist of the owner.

As for cats and dogs that are attacking its owner with a real rage and cold calculation, that is a real problem. In this case, the owner would have to really work hard to get rid of such negative habits, but first you need to establish the cause of such incorrect behavior.

Did you know that aggression cats against the man considered to be a mental disorder of an animal? Friends our smaller living alongside humans for centuries, discretion and friendliness they are already transmitted by heredity. But for anybody not a secret that in every rule there are exceptions.

There are a large number of cats eaten in breeds that are characterized by squabbles with people, but always their behavior is understandable.

  • Dominance. It is possible that your cat or cat bite you because it thinks that you are weaker or takes you for a competitor.
  • Protection. Cats that have pathology or development disorders of the nervous psyche, aware of their vulnerabilities, so attack that, in future, may not have had to defend ourselves.
  • The cult master. This phenomenon is evident in the immense love for one master, and all the rest have a pretext to attack with the purpose of protection or jealousy of the owner. The most common example are Siamese cats. They are so like children that are able to jump on the face of parents who punish their child received at school a two.
  • Why cats show aggression, throw and bite? Sometimes their behavior is driven by revenge, as all cat’s are capable of rancor and resentment. Of course, not all breeds are characterized by this quality.
  • The lack of attention and care. A slap on the ass is also a manifestation of attention, perhaps the animal tries to attract attention to yourself.
  • There are breeds to wean from aggression impossible, but why? Specific breedsthat have been bred by crossing with wild cats, which by their nature aggressive and obstinate.
  • Lack of physical activity. Sometimes a fluffy ruff is simply nowhere to put their energy. In his mind he’s not doing anything wrong, in his mind, no evil intent, just that he can bite at night the owner of the finger, or tear the Wallpaper.
  • An error in education. Unintentional encouragement of the owners of the improper behavior of the pet.
  • Complexes – this is perhaps one of the most common reasons that are difficult to diagnose.

Most of the above points may seem so obvious that you do not even take into account. The owner who knows his pet will easily be able to distinguish indulgence from expressions of anger.

War complexes

How to wean cat bite? Quite simply, if we can admit that there are problems in sources which need to understand. Of course, that reading the thoughts of our Pets is beyond reality, we have no choice as to carefully observe the behavior of the pet and guess.

Let’s look at some methods that allow to calculate the complex, if of course, the reason in them:

  • Personal space. Sometimes cat feel a constant sense of irritation just because you are deprived of the opportunity to retire and relax. Pet can’t sleep when there walking and talking to people, playing music or noisy children. It is not, you say, he sleeps all the time. But it is misleading. The cat lies quietly with closed eyes, but that doesn’t mean he sleeps, he just sleeps. The result is fluffy begins to suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, as a result it becomes irritable. Must be from the first day of the kitten in the house to show him his place where he can relax away from it all.
  • The ladder of confidence. Take a little time and try to build a ladder out of scrap materials that will lead to the wardrobe, chest of drawers etc. If the fluffy household will feel restless, he can always hide and watch the current situation with the height. Some rocks at the physiological level are in need of such facilities.
  • Toys are not just objects of entertainment, but also the personal property of the pet. Having personal items, the kitten will not feel deprived. Try to buy in pet shops toys that will match the temperament of the pet. In addition to the toys, little kitten, you need to give personal Mat and a trifle, which formerly belonged to the owner. Old warm sweater, which is gathering dust a few years on the top shelf can be a powerful psychological support for the fragile crumbs.
  • Personal safety while eating. Cats most cats do not like when their containers with food and water standing in open space. Perhaps the pet will be much better if his tanks will move to a more secluded place.
How to wean cat bite? Punish or ignore

Is it possible for a cat to act physically, if so, why? Sometimes this is necessary, and sometimes can only lead to a more severe form of aggression.

Hurting your pet, you available for that language say that you are physically stronger and able to defend themselves.If the cause of the aggressive behavior lies directly in insecurities or complexes, so you feel even more humiliated his cottontail, forcing him to go to increasingly desperate methods of protection.

Be patient, please do not treat the cat physically, if the situation is gaining critical turnover, then try not to violate the following rules:

  1. The animal should be punished solely on the fact of what happened. Even a few minutes after the incident, the punishment would be useless and the pet is they will be regarded as deliberate humiliation.
  2. It is not necessary to close the pet in a confined space. This technique is valid only in case of a violent rage or the incessant attack of all living things around. To close the little kitten a bath to think about his misdeeds – is flatly wrong position, which degrades the pet.
  3. Please refrain from hitting the animal with their hands or feet. For example, a rolled – up newspaper is more effective and safe method of treatment. From a blow with a hand or foot vibration affects not only the skin of the animal, but the organs that could adversely affect the health of fluffy.

Based on numerous reviews, we can safely say that the best punishment for a cat, especially a kitten is ignoring. Furry members of the household, deprived of attention, much quicker to realize the seriousness of his crime. Main thing is that the pet is aware of what he is being punished.

Useful tips

Leading experts in this industry strongly recommend that owners adhere to the following recommendations for reform:

  1. If an aggressive animal dug into your flesh, do not try to pull him off by force, in order not to aggravate the injury. To cat yourself you let go, frightened him sharp sound.
  2. Young kittens need to entertain exclusively through toys and special devices.
  3. If the cat attacks, it is recommended to sprinkle with water or cover with a towel.

Realizing why a pet shows aggression, it is necessary to resort to proper methods of education. If the aggression caused by pain or stress, you should definitely seek the advice of a veterinarian. To adjust the behavior of the pet under the force of each owner. The main thing is to have patience, adhere to consistency and constancy

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