Hypoallergenic (non-allergenic) breed

Many people who relate well to such Pets as cats, can’t afford to keep them in the house. And if the people to whom they came to visit, there is this pussy – such a visit may become a tragedy. And all because of the fact that I am allergic to wool.

Many people in the world suffer a similar problem. But as you know, there is a way out of any situation. At the present time there hypoallergenic breeds of cats that can not make its possessor constantly to blow my nose and sneeze.

What cat breeds allergic reaction does not occur?

For some time scientists thought that an allergic reaction is to blame cat hair. But many studies have shown that the allergen is in the skin, urine and saliva of the pet. It is the protein Fel D1 that accumulates on the skin and fur of an animal. This is proof that the world still don’t own a cat, it is absolutely safe for life and health. Hypoallergenic cats are the dream of breeders, who are trying to bring them.

In order for an allergic reaction was manifested to a lesser degree, a person must do the following:

  1. To choose less wool breed.
  2. Be aware that the cat allergicpet cats.
  3. Spayed or neutered pet (depending on gender).
  4. Choose an animal in bright colors.
Hypoallergenic cat breeds

Does the world anti-allergenic breed and which one to choose best? Such questions torment the people who love cats but can’t afford to have any desired breed due to the presence of allergic reactions. So here’s the answer: such Pets in the world are there and they are easily recognized by short and not very fluffy coat. But the logic in all this: if the kitten is a small amount of wool, and there are little protein.

If you are allergic to wool, but you still want to buy a cat, then look at these rocks:

  1. A Russian blue.
  2. Siberian.
  3. Sphinx.
  4. The Cornish Rex.
  5. The Devon Rex.
  6. The Javanese cat (avant).
  7. The Oriental Shorthair.
  8. Balinese cat.
Cat breeds that have no undercoat

Will be shorter than the coat of your pet and less undercoat, the occurrence of allergic symptoms are less likely. Cat whose undercoat is missing, do not fade and no harmful to human body protein does not accumulate in their fur.

Here is a list of some of these rocks:

  1. The Oriental cat.
  2. Lykoi (cat-shifter). Due to its appearance not every person dare to have this breed in my home.
  3. The canadian Sphinx. Like all varieties of the Sphinx, has a hot little body and silky skin.
  4. Ethiopian (Abazinskiy) representative long-eared cats.
  5. Usher. The breed was named after the usher of the goddess. It is the least allergenic.
  6. The Cornish Rex. Aristocratic, elegant, “curly” – the representative deserves such compliments.
  7. The Devon Rex. These cats are like little fairies of the family Felidae. Its owner they will bring only positive emotions.
  8. Sphynx Donskoy. Resellergenie cats bred in Russia.
  9. Peterbald. This type of Sphinx was developed in St. Petersburg.
  10. The sphinxes. These members of the cat family has a barely noticeable little undercoat, which is reminiscent of suede to the touch.
Hypoallergenic cat breeds for asthma sufferers

If you or members of your family with asthma, but you want to make a pet for the cat family, it is not necessary to despair ahead of time. For you too there are many breeds that cause an allergic reaction are unable to.

Such species include:

  1. Javanese breed. For asthmatics it is the perfect choice. And the thing is that the undercoat of these Pets there, and consequently there is no place to gather and squirrel. In addition, representatives of this breed are very affectionate and loyal.
  2. Safe choice for asthmatics will and Balinese beauty. Although she is fluffy and long hair, it protein the skin almost does not emit.
  3. Allergy companion are representatives of the breed Cornish Rex. Its curly and soft coat will not force his master to suffocate from the Allergy attacks. They can be stroked for a long period and not feel any unwanted symptoms. And their docility and peacefulness makes them all the family members favorites.
The most hypoallergenic breed

Hypoallergenic cats and cats have their name, your rating on the safety to human life. First among these breeds is the Sphynx canadian. This breed is the most non-allergic. And no matter what appearance he has. After all, if at least one of the family members is allergic to Pets, the best pet you could not be found. The sphinxes are practically isolated protein which is so dangerous for human health.

Over time people get used to the complete lack of a mustache, bare wrinkled skin and big ears. Bald Pets are always trying to be closer to his master. This is due to the fact that they love the society. Their surprisingly soft skin and kindness, more and more began to win the hearts of animal lovers. The disadvantages of such breeds is their increased sensitivity to the cold time of year and the need for continued hygiene of the skin.

There are some rules when choosing a kitten for people with allergies, which must be adhered to when choosing a pet.

  1. Do not buy Pets with it. To buy it is better to apply in established nurseries.
  2. Choose tailed companion have guided my heart and soul, not fashion for a particular breed.
  3. You should read about the desired cat breed. Some of them may have difficulty in nursing or nutrition.
  4. If you decide to have a representative of the male, plan ahead its castration.
  5. Hypoallergenic cats have light color.
How to properly care for these cats?

Learning about which breeds are hypoallergenic, you should know about what kind of care they need. Remember that no dog is incapable of be panacea – under control allergies is only when they complied with all precautions.

To get started is to talk with the breeder and learn about whether it is possible to return the pet if Allergy will be felt.

In nurseries authoritative it is almost always possible. But if you take a pet to the shelter, then return you a better chance.

Need to know if you were vaccinated kitten and when he should do the next shot.

Below we will write a few tips that will help to reduce the emission of the allergen by the body of the animal to a minimum:

  1. Kitten need to bathe. This process is best left to the family member whose allergic reactions are not. Using cool water to reduce the level of allergens that stand out. Don’t overdo with this procedure, so your kitten doesn’t get cold.
  2. Wash your toy for cats. All the toy mice and balls with whom your pet interacts, needs to be constantly clean.
  3. You must clean bedding. In the cat house should be free of accumulation of debris, dust, wool. It is for this reason sleeping place of an animal is daily vacuuming.
  4. Must always be clean utensils for drinking and eating. Every day change the water, well visivite tray and dish for food.
  5. If your kitten from an early age he began to climb the tables, then immediately stop this manner. For people with allergies, this can impact negatively.
  6. Wet cleaning in the apartment is carried out as often as possible.
  7. It is worth remembering about hygiene: try once stroked the kitten not to touch your face with your hands. After contact with the pet every time you wash your hands thoroughly.

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