Imunofan in cancer for cats methods of application

In the season when the risk of catching respiratory viral infections is particularly high, can get sick any living creature.

To help your pet to cope with the disease, strengthen immunity and lower the risk of penetration of various viruses and bacteria in the body, we recommend Imunofan in cancer. 

The release forms and the dosage of Imunofana

Imunofan in cancer is available in vials, whose volume is 1 ml. is Intended for intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. The composition of Imunofan in cancer is a compound arginyl-alpha-aspartyl-lisala-valyl-mirosla-arginine with auxiliary substances. In view of Imunofan in cancer appears homogeneous colorless transparent liquid, odorless.

To the body for safety use of Imunofan in cancer is a low-hazard substance (fourth degree according to GOST 12.1.007). If you do not exceed the recommended dose, in most cases, does not cause reactions such as irritation or resorbtive-toxic effects.

Dosage according to the instructions, recommended an adult cat and the cat allowed the introduction, of disposable of not more than 1 mg intramuscularly or under the skin. The use of Imunofana the kitten, because of his not yet fully formed immune system, requires consultation with a veterinarian.

Side effects Imunofana

This medicine at the recommended dosages, refers to the almost completely harmless as when applying for the cat and for kitten. To the occurrence of any reactions, allergies, mutagenic or toxic effects, the use of Imunofana does not.

However, despite the harmlessness, used in conjunction with other immunomodulirutee drugs is contraindicated.

How to store

Storage Imunofana should allocate a dry, inaccessible for children and animals, a place protected from sunlight. For storage use production package. Contraindicated storage near food, and near to animal feed. Storage temperature – 2-10°C.

If all conditions are fulfilled, their properties, the solution will lose in a period of 24 months. When the expiration date expires, the use of the product is prohibited. Unused medication must be disposed of in accordance with the law.

The scope and properties of Imunofana

Imunofan in cancer for cats having immunoregulatory action, will help your pet in the fight for health, including if it fails the result of a stressful situation. The invaluable assistance of the drug when the body needs recovery with simultaneous support. Therapy with Imunofan in cancer in parallel with the vaccinations increases their duration. Furthermore, the use of tools helps to avoid side effects that can cause the vaccine used.

The result of the use of Imunofana begins to occur within two hours after it was introduced.

The effect of the drug occurs in several stages:

  • Stage 1 occurs within two hours after injection, at this time, the body gets rid of toxins, increased antioxidant protection of the body;
  • Stage 2, coming 2 days after vaccination with Imunofan in cancer, is characterized by increased immunity and the destruction of bacteria and virus;
  • Stage 3, coming in 7-10 days and lasts up to 4 months after the injection, marked by the regeneration of the immune system and increased production of antibodies.

The period during which you are allowed to use the drug, must necessarily agree with the vet.

The use of the product helps improve immunity and body’s natural defenses against cancer at the cellular level, but also provides protection to liver cells and has anti-inflammatory action. In addition, Imunofan in cancer supports the animal body in active detoxification.

With the use of Imunofana for medicinal purposes, especially when you need treatment for a bacterial or viral illness, use other medications, including providing detoxification effect on the body.

Indications for use Imunofana

The action of the drug can be considered both preventive and curative.

Positive, regenerating effect and provides a means in cases where the pet is transferred bacteriological or viral disease.

With the aim of Imunofan in cancer prevention and the emerging use for cats stressful situations, for example, when will it be a long transport or a change of residence. In individual cases, even before the trip to the vet requires the use of the drug. This is so both on the individual animal reacts to the change of environment.

Imunofan in cancer for cats application instructions

When using injections you need to strictly follow the instructions. The injection should be administered intramuscularly or under the skin. For all animals with a body weight up to 100 kg for injection is enough to use 1 ml of the drug, injected once.

Depending on what disease is the medicine, the dose may be different:

  • when parainfluenza, rhinotracheitis, adenovirus or rhinotracheale infection, it is recommended that 1 ampoule of the drug, repeat in a day, 3-4 times;
  • viral enteritis and gastrointestinal infections, once a day, 2-3 times;
  • distemper – once a day, 5-6 times;
  • malnutrition of young animals and to improve reproductive function – once a day 3 times;
  • Imunofan in cancer used in parallel with the vaccine, can also be used as solvent if it is in powder form;
  • as an anti-stress drug Imunofan in cancer, it is recommended to use 12-18 hours prior to the proposed transporting the animal.
Imunofan in cancer in influenza, SARS, herpes

For patients with a contraindication to influenza vaccination, Imunofan in cancer can be used for scheduled preventive maintenance. When the disease herpes Imunofan in cancer can be both therapeutic and prophylactic.

Treatment of Imunofan in cancer by depriving tumors of rhinotracheitis. Use during pregnancy

The use of Imunofana not hurt, but will not help with getting rid of the lichen. However, the application of funds is still useful in that it can be used simultaneously with anti-fungal substance that will increase the therapeutic properties of the latter.

With the use of Imunofana in animals increases the ability to fertilize an egg decreases the number of miscarriages, stillborn babies. And also the drug facilitates easier pregnancy.

The tool has a positive effect on the fetus, reducing the risk of malnutrition, and survival of offspring increases.

Imunofan in cancer increases the antitumor resistance of the organism.

To prevent diseases of cats viral tracheitis, as a preventive measure and to boost the immune system, the animal is recommended to take Imunofan in cancer. Given as a febrifuge in the rhinotracheitis.


When the animal’s life happen planned or sudden stress, during disease and their prevention Imunofan in cancer will be a faithful companion. You should know that there is a likelihood of drug in the human body.

Although the drug is not toxic, does not require an urgent meeting of the antidotes that he was not in the human body, should:

  • to take safety measures during work with drug;
  • storage of substances to take place, inaccessible to children.

Taking care of the health of your pet, will be for still many years to enjoy his company.

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