Injection cat: intramuscular withers and

How to inject a cat? – this question is raised by many people and there is nothing to be surprised. At first glance, it’s quite simple, but such action requires a specific skills and knowledge.

Successfully carried out the injection, ensures that the medication will work properly and complications do not appear. And you will not cause great discomfort to your pet cat.

An injection is method of introducing medicines into the body of a cat, which is performed using a syringe with needle, syringe with needle helps to get the drug in a particular tissue.

Injections are intraosseous, intradermal, intra-arterial, intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous.

Knowledge you should have before you get a shot cat
  1. To do samolechenie impossible. Injection the cat made after it will be examined by the vet, and the dose that he prescribed should be strictly observed.
  2. Before the procedure, wash your hands every time. But the needle, which is sterile, cannot be touched even with clean hands.
  3. The place where the injection is done can not be disinfected, but each new injection should be done by another syringe, since the needle and syringe is disposable. Remember not to harm the animal.
  4. The skin on the place where the injection will be done, should be absolutely healthy.
  5. If the drug does not exceed one milliliter and its not oil based, for injection you can use an insulin syringe which has a thin and small needle. In other cases, the syringe should have a volume of 2-5 ml.
  6. If the instructions on the drug should be stored in the refrigerator, before use it is necessary to heat, its temperature must be thirty-seven degrees.
  7. The syringe is typed in, only the dose that is needed. But before that, be sure to check the expiration date of the medication.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to collect into one syringe several medications, with the exception of perhaps only the appointment of a veterinarian.
  9. The drug is typed in before the injection, the needle should be covered by a cap until use.
  10. Drugs oil-based you need to be very careful, it is best to be injected by a doctor. Before making a shot on that basis you need to make sure you hit muscle and not the vessel. To do this, look to see if blood in the syringe after you pull the plunger a little to myself, if this happened, change the injection site. If the oil gets into the blood vessels and disperse blood, the cat may die.
  11. Before you introduce a needle into the skin of the animal, will release air that may be in the syringe. For this you need a syringe to raise the needle up and pressing the plunger slightly to release the medication. If air bubbles still left in the syringe, then just don’t enter the drug completely, leave some in the syringe.
  12. Making this procedure, you must be confident in yourself, and your movement is correct and accurate. Do not waste time amusing the cat, do not forget that this is done for the health of your beloved pet. If the cat is very norovlyu, it will have to fixthat he struggled to do this, you need help.
  13. To soothe the cat and to create a positive mood, I can give him some treats, if there are no contraindications. In any case do not yell at the animal, be gentle and caring.

Subcutaneous injection cat

Under the fat that is under the skin there are many blood vessels and if a shot is there, the cure is much faster disperse blood than, for example, a tablet, which first enters the mouth of the animal.

Basically, this shot is the cat in the withers, in the area between the shoulder blades or in the crease, which is under the knee. If the injections are very painful, it is best to do them in the withers, as this place is the most safe, the risk that you’ll get wrong are minimal, in addition, in this area almost no pain.

Injection cat withers
  • Once you have gained the drug in the syringe, you need to prepare the cat than to distract and fix. If the injection is done without the aid, and the cat behaves calmly, then you should slightly flatten the animal left forearm and fingers of the left hand to make a pleat on the shoulder, which will be made a shot, just slightly pull the skin on the nape up.
  • Then in the right hand take the syringe with medication and make a puncture in the crease of the neck. If you use an insulin syringe, then the needle needs to enter all, but if some other no more than two centimeters. The needle is inserted at an angle of forty-five degrees, parallel to the spine.
  • Once the needle is under the skin of cats, you can enter the medicine. The medicine is injected slowly slowly.
  • After the drug is put, the need to carefully get a needle and while holding the skin. Then reassure your pet, stroke, talk quietly with him.
  • When entering a medication, be very careful. You can pierce a fold of skin and then the medication will remain on the hair and will not get into the body.

Injection intramuscularly cat

Intramuscular injection is the injection of a therapeutic drug into the muscle tissue, to make it clearer, the muscles. Intramuscular injections are mainly made in the thigh or cat’s shoulder, but it’s less. Often intramuscular injection is in the thigh.

Intramuscular injection cat
  • You should prepare a syringe with the drug that needs to be entered.
  • Then you need to find the surface on which it will be convenient to do intramuscular injection. It should be smooth and steady, suitable for table or floor. After that, take the cat and lock it, can you put it on your knee, but if the cat is nervous, ask for help. Together it will be easier to do an intramuscular injection.
  • The injection is done in that part of the paw that meaty, this will fit the thigh of the hind legs. The needle must enter parallel to the thigh at an acute angle.
  • Before the procedure you need to relax a cat, because these injections are not done in tense muscles. Could massage the place where will be done the injection, the paw must be slightly bent.
  • The injection is done in the hip is much more painful than subcutaneous, and most likely, the cat will move with the introduction of the medication, therefore your task is well to fix the foot. That’s all you need to do quickly and confidently, so that not to irritate the animal.
  • Make sure that the needle does not reach the bones, it is necessary to Commission one centimeter. Therapeutic drug inject slowly.
  • After the procedure, you first need to remove the needle, and then release the cat. On the contrary it is impossible to do.
  • If intramuscular injections need to do a lot of it had to do in different legs, alternately.
Performances of blood after the injection

You need to remember that the injection is a small injury to blood vessels and skin of the animal. It may be that after the shot will make a little bit of blood, if it is small and it quickly ceased to worry no reason. But if the blood never ceases to go and a lot of it, you should to the injection site to make something cool for approximately twenty minutes. And if that doesn’t work and the bleeding has increased, you should contact your veterinarian.

Lameness after injection

It happens that after the injection the animal limps a little, but there is nothing to worry. This may be the consequence of painful injections of antispasmodics, or antibiotic. The limp is very fast, but there are times that Pets to attract attention to yourself doing it on purpose.

So as not to bring the cat discomfort, you can try to dilute the drug with water, which is intended for injection, a suitable novocaine or saline. But doing it yourself is not worth it, better to consult a doctor.

After the injection can lightly massage the foot, which is lame your beloved cat.

But if you notice that a pet can become a paw, or drags it, then you must quickly seek help to the veterinarian. It may be that, when injected, you could have hit a nerve. If so, you will have to undergo treatment, after which the cat will be quite healthy.

Remember that to do the injection correctly and safely will not immediately. Before you perform this procedure on a living animal, can be trained on the toy. You have to remember that your fear is transmitted to an animal. So try to do this procedure without fuss, calmly and confidently.

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