Interesting about the red cat

The red cat has always held a special place among his fellows. It is believed that furry Pets fiery color is very popular among breeders, because they are so bright and positive, and they are fun to play.

Although redheads bbw who prefer to spend most of the day on the couch too, looks nice.

The red cat has always held a special place among his fellows

Rocks with a red color

If outdoor cats have different colour, pedigree not all animals are red. The fiery color of the coat differ only in some breed of red cats.

The most common of these are:

  • British. Representatives of this breed have a docile temperament. They are born very smart and easy to education, are not in conflict with other animals and love people. The British have a beautiful light red coat and blue eyes. They are unpretentious in food, but their coat requires care. To fur glistened and shone, it is necessary to regularly wash and comb. But for long-haired beauties is to buy a special shampoo and conditioner.
  • Persian. Big red cat Persian breed is very beautiful. A real Persian wool light orange color. Sometimes color can be diluted with white patches, but the dark spots on the coat of purebred animals should not be. Persians are calm and friendly, they don’t like a long walk, but happy to play in the house. They need a balanced diet and good care. So long hair is not rolled out and not confused, it should be carefully brushed.

Interesting facts about red cats

  • Siberian. This species is a large and warlike animals. Siberian cat will not sit in the hands of the master or lie all day on the couch. They are active Pets. They love to play, walk and hunt. If the Siberian well cared for, the animal will grow large and with a beautiful coat. The coat is the Siberians can be dark red, bright or striped.
  • American Kruglova. Redhead bbw this breed is similar in temperament with Siberians. They are hardy and active, love to jump and climb trees. Americans differ excellent health. They do not require special food and special care. Looks very nice deep orange fur of animals.

It is believed that furry Pets fiery color is very popular among breeders, because they are so bright and positive

  • Maine Coon. Representatives of this breed cats are known for their large size and rambunctious nature. Maine coons are not good alone. They are very active and curious, so they constantly need to move, run, jump and play with someone. Cats of this breed – true red bbw, and cats – just giants. Color animals can be as light peach and deep red. Characteristic appearance, Maine coons are tassels on the tips of the ears.
Interesting facts

About the red fluffy cats there are a lot of beliefs and legends associated with their color. For example, pet with Golden hair will attract the house wealth, after all, his color similar to the color of the coin. If shelter solar animal off the street, it will bring luck and joy. At first the ginger cat must be well fed. The more the bowl with the food, the more happiness is waiting for owners. Even if you can not take a pet into your home, it should certainly be fed.

Earlier, people believed that if a little striped predator will pass by human habitation, it is your solar energy will distract from trouble at home.

A lot of people will associated with these animals. Red cats will hiss and fluff tails, if you enter into the house gossip or envious. To protect the owner from negative influences and evil eye, pet rubs against his legs. Green-eyed redheads bbw able to scare off evil spirits. At this time, their hair rises and looks in one point. If before leaving, the owner of the pet is restless pacing back and forth, so he warns him of danger. Better to stay home. Pets feel the mood of the household. If the cat suddenly decided to play with the owner, so he tries to rid him of doubts and thoughts. Simply Pat the pet to the mood has improved.

It is believed that red beauties have a playful nature. This image is often used in movies and advertising. If you need to pick up restless hero, the choice necessarily falls on the fire. Best known, perhaps, is a blatant red cat Garfield, a cartoon which I watched every child.

What does the color of cats

Red color is very beautiful and bright. Redhead bbw like the sun that warms with its warmth. Taking the kitten home fire color, it is impossible to disappoint him. He is a reliable friend and a General favorite.

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