Japanese Bobtail: characteristics of breeds of cats, care, prices

Japanese cat breeds are not able to please fans of the furry animal variety. The fact is that the Japanese prefer to follow their religious and national traditions.

Cats in this country actually have a special status, what may indicate the presence of a cat Shrine, cat museums, spread to the whole world of statuettes of cats with a raised paw and charms in the form of a cat silhouette. However, this still doesn’t explain why the Japanese are not engaged in breeding and breeding new species.

General information

The fact is that cats breed Japanese Bobtail is a serious distinguishing feature is their tails. The Japanese have a traditional notion that cats with tails symbolized the serpent, and did the animals in the eyes of the local population something like “creatures of the devil”: due to these biases tails docked. In the late XIX – early XX century cats got under the knife of veterinaires that due to the long repetition in generations has led to a genetic mutation. It is difficult to speak about the humanity of this approach, but after that they got their fame and recognition , and becoming a symbol of success and good luck, which they began to worship.

In the 70-ies of XX century, cats have spread beyond the borders of Japan due to Elizabeth Freret which bought three kittens Japanese Bobtail and took them to Western Asia. Elizabeth has created a standard in size and appearance of the Japanese Bobtail, and filled out all the forms to them brought in the register of breeds as a single breed. Recognition in the Western world as a separate breed Shorthair Bobtail got in the 70-ies of the last century. Long-haired – twenty years later.

Also in the history of this breed is the other notable person – Lynn Beck. A cat lover was able to organize a kind of a circle of admirers of the Japanese breeds, and persevered in making breed classification CFA (The Cat Fanciers Association – the Association of cat lovers ).

  • Japanese cats have a medium size.
  • The average weight of this breed depends on sex males weigh 3.5 to 4.5 pounds. Females from 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.
  • Japanese breeds have virtually no health problems.
  • The head is shaped like an isosceles triangle, while not being too sharp or too blunt angles.
  • A characteristic feature are the pointed ears of the Japanese Bobtail.
  • There are cats with different color pupils. If one cat eye colored is a robot breeders from USA. Kittens are usually born with one eye yellow and the other blue.

Cat breeds Japanese Bobtail has a striking appearance, delighting the eyes of their owners. The tail of these cats are unique to each individual, and has enough differing characteristics – differ mainly in size. So, the tail of this breed resembles a bobble, and looks in the manner of a rabbit. Due to their distinctive features, the cat was replaced by a movement, because the tail in the form of additional stabilizer is gone.

So, these cats jumping through movementssimilar to the movements of kangaroos. In this regard, their hind legs lengthened in comparison with the front, raising the height of their jump. For example – they absolutely do not stand up challenge toy hanging on the height of about one meter, as they are able to overcome the distance with a jump.

Their characteristics give them a sporty look – they are hardier and stronger than most animals of their species. Color can be varied, but are especially valuable cat colors “mi-Kay” – the combination of black, white and red colors. The location of the eyes of the Japanese Bobtail indicates congenital type behavior of the predator, which gives new colors to the game with him in the tug. And they often like to carry in the teeth of his toys, which reminds us of their nature.

Japanese bobtails have incredible abilities to training, but their harmful and persistent nature of this is not very conducive. In order for training cat tricks gave visible results necessary interest of the cat. However, all is not so bad, because with the proper approach they can even be accustomed to the leash, but that is not all.

Cats prefer an active lifestyle and have a temper that contrasts sharply with the usual understanding of the typical cat is a bit lazy, and partly phlegmatic. The things which attracted their attention mostly cause the desire to bring closer the distance between the cat and curiosity, which often leads to the jumping cats at a distance. An experienced coach will be able to teach them a huge number of tricks, but only if you can tame them a truly explosive nature.

Genetic changes over a few cats, a small tail could not harm the skeleton of the Japanese Bobtail, this means that these animals can maintain health and mobility at least at the level of all other cats. They also have a pretty strong immune systemthat allows them to avoid most diseases. Thus, the whole care of them is reduced to cleaning the ears, eyes and occasionally a very rare bath.


A sign of the beginning of the spree can be characterized by a riot of animals, but they rarely make a noise that will simplify the life of the owner of this cute cat. Usually kittens of this breed are born bigger than others, but sell them also – after about 3-4 months. In General, when caring for kittens no expressive features, which could be solely for this breed, in addition to survival and immunity to disease. Also they are a little early to be active and curious.


If you decided to connect his life with a cat of this breed, you will need to count on out of your pocket will leave a significant amount of money – 30 thousand roubles with possible additions, which depend on the characteristics, lineage, gender and class. There are cases of selling these kittens at a significantly lower price, but in this case, no you can not ensurethat you will not be deceived and will not sell a representative of another breed.

In this case, from the deception you can keep check of documents of a kitten. In the CIS there is a problem with the purchase of cats of this breed, as their prevalence in us is quite low, and if you can’t find a cat here, you have to order them directly from the Country of the rising sun.

  • Playful, active nature.
  • There is no health problems.
  • The Japanese origin.
  • High price category.

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