Kidney failure in cats of her treatment and symptoms

Cats, like all living creatures can get sick different types of diseases. One of which is chronic renal failure in cats. This pathology, which is found quite often.

During its development occurs dysfunction of the excretory apparatus, which is often accompanied by pain and other unpleasant symptoms. If the cats renal failure occurs, there is a violation of all the most important organs.

Often animals get sick from this disease, if any disease of the urinary system. This disorder may occur if there is any infection or had serious injuries somatic nature.

The kidneys perform important work in the body – they carry out cleaning of all systems by removing out harmful elements. If suddenly in the work of the renal system fails, it can be very dangerous. Must immediately be taken to the vet for examination and appointment of necessary treatment. If you procrastinate and go to the doctors later, it can lead to irreversible consequences and even death of the cat.

To complicate the situation in determining the occurrence of the disease can what is chronic renal failure almost does not manifest itself at an early stage and is sometimes hard to notice it appearing symptoms. If you recognize it early, the problem can be try to solve without the use of drugs, adhering to proper tunes on and installing a special diet. To have the opportunity to apply such measures, it is necessary from time to time to undergo preventive examinations in veterinary clinics, during which it is possible to identify the onset of different diseases.

Renal failure is divided into two main types – acute and chronic.

The causes of the disease may be different:

  • Damage to kidney tissue;
  • Dysfunction in the urine;
  • Blocking blood flow in the renal tissues;
  • Getting into the animal organism of toxic substances.

The main feature of the acute form of kidney failure is that if you start treatment on time to avoid serious consequences and almost completely cure the pet. But also it is not necessary to take into account the fact that if acute renal failure is repeated, it can quickly progress to chronic.


Most often, the symptoms do not manifest immediately, and can be difficult to see. Cat can lead a normal life no matter what is not complaining, but at one point the disease will make itself felt.

Signs of the emerging renal failure can be:

  1. The cat may become lethargic and inactive, it refuses to play, gets sleepy and she’s losing her appetite;
  2. The animal may experience vomiting. This can be repeated several times, or become a chronic disease. It is important to note that the relief does not occur, on the contrary the condition of the cat will deteriorate;
  3. Often the animal is thirsty, it may deteriorate the General condition of the animal;
  4. You may see blood in the urine. This fact may indicate that the blood vessels of the urinary tract can get clogged. The cat is constantly trying to go to the toilet, but to no avail. It is important to monitor the amount of urine that is excreted from the body, it can be far from the norm. There has been a dramatic reduction in the urine or in the opposite case, a significant increase of its quantity;
  5. Seizures – this is reflected in a painful and involuntary contraction of muscle tissues. The cat may be a disorder of consciousness or coma;

Appear sharp breath. If you pay attention to your pet, you may notice an unpleasant smell – this may indicate that there was a strong intoxication, and need urgent urgent therapy.

Each of these symptoms by itself may not indicate that the cat is very sick, kidney failure. If the animal not behave as before, or they have a disorder of an uncertain nature need to visit the veterinary clinic to determine the causes.

The stage of the disease

Doctors can distinguish several main stages of chronic renal failure in cats:

  • early or latent stage.

This period of the disease almost does not manifest itself. The level of creatine does not increase in the body and it does not affect the life of the animal. Pets do not feel almost no change, kidney function remains virtually intact and the cat feels good.

  • the initial stage.

The main features of this period is the beginning of changes in behavior of the animal. Begins to show a loss of appetite, drowsiness, sudden weight loss and deterioration of the General condition. The animal may appear vomiting, which is repeated several times. This stage of the disease can last for several months.

  • conservative stage.

At this time reduced primary function of kidney filtration. Cats may begin as dehydration, a serious breach in the gastrointestinal tract and lowering the level of hemoglobin.

  • end-stage.

This stage is very serious as the blood of an animal, increased creatine and urea level. Cats exhibit strong cramps and a nasty smell of acetone breath. If the disease is at this stage greatly delayed the animal will be very difficult to get out of the crisis. To support vital functions of the body is very difficult without a healthy transplant of a new organ.

Signs of disease:

  • Bradycardia and tachycardia;
  • Appear small ulcers in the oral cavity of cats;
  • Softening of the skull bones;
  • Changing the size of the kidneys;
  • A rise in pressure;
  • Tremor;
  • Poor quality of hair;
  • A sharp decrease of immunity;
  • Poor blood clotting;
  • A coma.

These symptoms can appear at any stage, it is important to pay attention to them and to take the most urgent measures.


Kidney failure can begin to develop due to existing violations and various pathologies. The urinary tract is the first to suffer.

Main reasons why, there is acute renal failure:

  • Kidney stones;
  • Tumors of the renal tissues;
  • Pyelonephritis;
  • Diabetes or other disturbed metabolic processes;
  • The underdevelopment of the renal tissues.

Treatment of chronic renal failure

The best treatment is when exactly the cause of occurrence. If the etymology remains unclear until the end, to prescribe the right treatment will be very difficult.

When organizing the right diet and daily regimen the cat may live a few happy years. For complete elimination of symptoms and diseases in General, it is necessary to conduct laboratory tests of blood, urine and others.

Often prescribed for the treatment of infusion of electrolyte solutions. But you can also use medications that reduce nausea and vomiting. This can really help the animal, as it allows to avoid dehydration. Being effective herbals, and mineral and vitamin feeding that when used correctly remove Intrusive symptoms.

Diet for animals

The most important thing that should be in the life of a cat, identifying symptoms of kidney failure. Doctors advise to pay attention to three main points in the sphere of the animal’s diet.


The protein in the new diet should contain as little as possible. In renal failure products that contain proteins are poorly processed and various toxic components accumulate in the body of the animal, causing it irreparable harm.


It is important to ensure that the cat is sick with the disease received a large amount of moisture. For this you can take some steps first is to abandon the use of dry feed, liquid will replenish the water balance, and secondly to dopisivati animal simple clean water.

The desired amount of liquid can delay the progression of the disease for some time and allow yourself to take the necessary measures in the treatment.


If whites need to limit the amount of phosphate has to be big. this will help the cat to activate protective processes in the body. Main food consumed, which have an increased amount of these substances, such a diet will help to extend the life of a large animal for a few years.

There are a large number of medicinal feed, which is specially designed for animals suffering from various ailments. This food is usually enriched with special ingredients and minerals.

Veterinarians recommend not to get any treatment of feed dramatically, chronic renal failure in cats can be complicated by a variety of ailments, including a violation of the digestive system and the smoother will be the transition to a different diet, the better it is for the body of the animal.

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