Nicknames for Pets: how to call a cat

Nicknames for cats and dogs are very different, it all depends on the imagination of the host (hostess) fluffy puppies. Is that cat a boy or a cat into the house when already have a name.

In this case, a problem such as the choice of name for the cat (cats), disappears by itself. But more often the opposite: in the house gets little kitten bought at a pet store, borrowed from friends or picked up on the street.

The baby is approximately one to three months, and it’s time to give this sweet little boy (girl) a suitable nickname. How to choose a name for your pet? The English poet Thomas Eliot has devoted to this serious question the whole poem, which States that “choose the name cat – a difficult task”. The task is really difficult. But it’s easy to come up with a good nickname, if you follow a certain rule.

Nicknames for cats and boys cats: how to choose

Before choosing a name for a cat (kitty), need to get to know a new family member. And soon all will be clear. Nicknames for a furry can be anything, most importantly, a resounding name came up household pet. Note: in Orthodoxy it is believed that the name for the cat should be human, because you can not call animals by names of saints. So believing masters should refrain from the popular nicknames for dogs, “Masha”, “Timoshka” or “Petrushka”.

Fans of Mexican soap operas often choose nicknames for the cats (cats) that are consonant with the names of favorite characters. But that is not the best option, because the fashion for these or other series passes quickly, and about heroes forget, and the animal will have to live with this name all my life. For example, few people will remember such popular movie characters as Marianne or Luis Alberto, but cats are boys (and cats) with these names still running the streets.

Lovers of computers and modern technologies often show extraordinary ingenuity, choosing a name for a cat. The streets run fluffy “Hackers”, “Drivers”, “Gadgets”. By the way, in the light of latest fashion trends smart and nimble cat-fidget can be called a “Spinner” in honor of the popular toys.

But all this special cases. Most cosculluela still adhere to more traditional options.

Before you call a cat or a kitty, you need to characterize the animal as follows:

  • The exterior of the animal (color, breed, size);
  • Character pet;
  • His characteristic manner of communication (purring, meowing or other sound, and the degree of sociability);
  • Behaviors;
  • Loved the lesson;
  • Eating habits;
  • The history of the emergence of animal house.

To call a cat or kitten can be in one of these parameters. It is possible to consider several aspects. For example, if the black favorite character is cunning and loves to beg for the most appropriate nickname is “Gypsy.” Suitable nicknames for cats, different characteristic behavior, “purring”, “Sonia”. Nicknames for cats, having particular taste preferences – the “Fisherman”, “Candyman”, cats – “Candy”, “Sausage”.

How to call a cat boy

To call a cat-boy can be different. Nicknames for cats need to be loud, but at the same time must fit the specific animal. Although exceptions are possible. For example, if the owner has a sense of humor, he can name his favorite Maine Coon “Baby” or “Gnome”. And little, white or fluffy the cat can jokingly be called “Bagheera” or “Tigger”. Such funny nicknames will definitely draw attention to themselves.

In order to properly call a cat-boy, you can adopt the following interesting options:

  • On month of birth “May”, “June”, “Martik” or a Regal name “August”;
  • Breed – Scotty (male Scottish breed), “johnny” or “Thomas” (British), “Bob” or “Bobby” (Bobtail);
  • In color – “Gypsy”, “Blackie”, “beetle” (a black shiny coat), or even “Mattress” or “Sailor” (appropriate nickname cats, has a vivid striped colors);
  • Sound good nicknames associated with the names of the planets in the solar system “Uranus”, “Pluto”, “Neptune” or “Mars” (a gently – “marsik”);
  • Fans of ancient mythology can name their Pets after Greek gods and heroes: Hermes, Prometheus, the Odyssey. If the full name seems too long, it is possible to reduce, for example, Hermes turns into Hera.
  • Can you call a cat and the features of his behavior, which manifests itself in early childhood. As already mentioned, an appropriate name for a restless and fidgety animal – Spinner. Lazy Bumpkin can be called “slow” (from the English word slow “slow”), and agile and fast, on the contrary, can be called speedy ( speed – speed). Funny sounding names such as “Jumper”, “Rod” (for the cat who loves to walk), “Gourmet” or “Caprice” (for the cat, finicky eating habits and harmful in nature). Can you call a cat, “Sonya”, “Whiner”, “fast” or “fumble” (needs no comment).
How to call a cat

Coming up with a name for a cat, you must consider the same recommendations as in the choice of a name for the cat. It all depends on how to show itself fluffy’s favorite in the first days of its stay at home: the nature, manner of communication, behavior home nursling.

Here are a few interesting options:

  • It is possible, without further ADO, to call a furry pet just “Kosh”. “Kitty”, and some owners call their cats “kitty”, with the accent on the last syllable. Typically, these nicknames love to give the cats small children. Alternatively, the seal can also be called just “KIS”. But such names are not very comfortable when the name is a favorite home from a walk because hearing the coveted “kitty, kitty” to the master or mistress of the cats come running from all around. And if cats are also common and grey striped color, in this case it is possible to mix your pet with another cat to bring home another cat, especially in the evening, in the dark.
  • Cats, like cats, can be called on the basis of the striking features in their appearance. The most typical examples: “Protein” (white cat or a kitten of any color with a fluffy, squirrel like tail of the”, “Fox” (the same: redhead pussy or any other cat with a prominent tail), the “Snowball” or “snowflake” (white color), the Fly (gloss black coat), “Wasp” (yellow and black stripes), “Sineglazka” (unusual eye color).
  • You can give nicknames based on the size and physique of the cat: “Drop” (for small sizes), “skinny”, “Chunk”, “Push” or “Gun” (for extra fluffiness), “Fifteen” (brindle color). Note: nicknames must not be offensive to the animal. So, it should not be called cat, even loving, “Silly”, “Silly”, “Tall”.
  • Beautiful sounding nicknames stars and space theme: “Comet”, “Rocket” (for a speed and of a restless disposition), “Star”, “Venus”.
  • Cats, like cats, can be given the names of Roman and Greek gods (heroes): “Aphrodite” (home version, “Freda”, “Cleopatra” (“Cleopatra”).
Innovative solutions

Cats and cats equally suitable names of your favorite heroes of fairy tales and cartoons. For example, fans of Tolkien can call the kitten “Frodo”, fans of Eduard Uspensky can call a cat “Cheburashka”. By the way, the name “Cheburashka” is also suitable for everyday use. This is a great option in that case, if the animal has prominent ears or if the animal likes to fall (“cheburahina”).

Great options “Fiksiki”, “Luntik” (a solid cat with a bad character can be called “Snuk” in honor of the spider from the cartoon about Luntik), “Duet” (from the cartoon “Three cats”), and, of course, Tom (or Jerry). Brave cat who loves to fight mice, rats and insects, you can call Ricky in honor of the brave mongoose Riki-Tikki-Tavi from the tale by Rudyard Kipling. Miniaturni cat can be called “Thumbelina” or “Cinderella.”

A name for a cat: tips

Not enough to choose the right name for a pet, it is important to make sure that the cat took that name as its name. In order to get your pet accustomed to his nickname, the need to call the cat by name while interacting with him. The name should be repeated several times, it is desirable to gently Pat the animal and say something nice for him. Even if the cat does not understand the meaning of words, it perfectly catches the tone and begin to think positively about your name. For example, it is possible to stroking the animal and to say: “good Musya, Musya wants to eat. Musya will be the sausage. Come here, Musya. Eat, Musya”.

Attention: while the animal is just starting to get used to his name, the name must use only one version (full or abbreviated). For example, if the owner decided to call Cleopatra by Klepa, in a period of adjustment to the name to name an animal need only so and not otherwise, for example: “Klepa good.” When the owner calls the pet with a walk or invites you to eat, it is advisable to refrain from universal treatment “kitty, kitty, kitty” and call the animal by name only, for example: “Push to eat” or “Snow home”.

Calling animal by name, you need to talk affectionately. If you need something to criticize pet, to call by name is optional, you can just say: “ay-ay-ay, how bad it is”. You need to name associated the cat or cats extremely positive emotions, then the little kitten will quickly get used to his nickname and is proud to wear her whole life.

In order to choose the right nickname cat or cat, it is necessary not only to carefully observe animals, but loving pet. This is perhaps the most important thing.

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