Laxative for cats at home

Nowadays quite a frequent phenomenon is such a disease, such as constipation in cats. As it turned out, not only of people visit the problems of gastrointestinal nature.

Other prerequisites will be described below. In these and other embodiments, the waste products accumulate and harden. Cats carry the disease difficult, I feel a great discomfort. It is also a living creature that needs help.

It must be remembered that when the cat’s chair happens 1 time for 3-4 days, you should instantly take methodical action. For this you should know all the possible preconditions of the origin of such diseases.

The preconditions for the emergence of constipation in Pets can be very different:

  • Animals can swallow hair in the process of “washing”.
  • Eat some unknown weed in the garden.
  • Bad to eat.
The main symptoms of constipation in cats

The most primary symptom of constipation is the constipation, which leads to difficulty of defecation and thus to the hardening of feces. What is considered to be a delay? Usually a healthy cat chair happens once a day, rarely once every 2 days. In the case when emptying of the intestinal tract was delayed for another day, it is permissible to boldly declare the presence of constipation. The cat may emit a plaintive meow, is often to try to make a futile attempt to sit in the tray or just in a hidden area, trying to escape from uncomfortable feelings.

However, it may happen that the animal constantly go to the toilet, but at the same time, defecation occurs with great difficulty, bowel not completely emptied, the stool has the form of small dense nuts, or, on the contrary, quite watery. In this case, it is permissible to prevent chronic constipation.

In most cases, the symptoms of acute constipation and chronic is the weakness, lack of appetite in an animal, occasionally there is nausea and vomiting. Some pupils refuse to feed intake and begin to lose weight, while others stop to lick themselves.

Constipation is not a disease but more a symptom, therefore, to effectively assist your cat the first thing you need to find and, if possible, to remove the background of constipation.

What could be the causes of constipation in cats

Constipation in cats can occur when multiple versions:

  • if a foreign object trapped in the stomach (balls, bones, paper);
  • if there is a tumor in the appearance of the hernia;
  • diet food and low protein content;
  • perfect dehydration;
  • if you experience inflammation in the rectum;
  • some orthopedic problems do not allow the animal to comfortably sit down and be emptied;
  • the result is a stationary lifestyle;
  • when operating scars sause the area of the anus;
  • the negative effects of medicines;
  • in the case of disease megacolon;
  • cancer;
  • the presence of kidney failure;
  • worms and other common parasites;
  • the presence of hair balls in the stomach;
  • various growths, inflammation, and more has the opportunity to become a prerequisite for constipation in cats.

All kinds of violations it is easy to see because the state of the cat immediately required to excite the owner. It is early to determine the diagnosisin order to provide veterinary care pet. In other words, it is better to identify and treat what disease, not to treat symptoms.

When the cat got sick, she feels sleepy or, on the contrary, strongly meows and runs around the room, no appetite. In addition, nausea and stomach bloating are considered to be one of the first symptoms of constipation. Apart from this, you can see that the animal is losing weight, no desire to lick itself, the nose is completely dry. With regard to the respiratory movements, there are also problems.

However, to accurately determine the disease, as a rule, it is better not to think, and to contact your veterinarian or take the pet to a veterinary hospital. Because sometimes constipation can be confused with obstruction of the intestinal tract. And treated this disease for any other way.

Laxative for the cat at home

The most simple preparations are petrolatum, enema and condensed milk. These funds assist if you experience constipation rarely. However, you should be cautious that the self is not to harm your Pets, as there is the threat of rupture of the intestine, peritonitis or death of the animal.

Mineral oil does not carry negative impact on a cat and her health. It just envelops the walls of the intestinal tract, promoting easy bowel movement. Should give the animal a few drops of oil and wait for the result. At the moment any food temporarily to give. It is forbidden to replace vaseline, castor or vegetable oils, because it causes bad feelings and bad effect on the liver.

Condensed milk, diluted with water, has very good characteristics as a cure for constipation in cats. This medicine softens stool, followed by a normalization of the chair.

Put an enema allowed in case of availability of appropriate expertise, because unskilled use can harm the animal. Traditionally, in veterinary hospitals enema set few people. First of all fix the cat at a comfortable table. Set near the bowl for emptying. Pear rubbed with vaseline or baby cream and release the air. A pre-prepared solution of chamomile or linen rack up a pear, and then introduced into the anus of a cat. You must have patience and wait for the result. After the release of Kala, the doctor prescribes a special candle (e.g., Bisacodyl) against inflammation. However, an enema and candles may be used only with the permission of the doctor.

Best laxative for a cat

The best cure for constipation in cats is, of course, what suits her best. If the disease occurred for the first time, you need to seriously approach this case. To restore the intestinal microflora is possible by means of medicines, for example, Lactose, Duphalac.

If this is chronic constipation, you need to use the injections in combination with a suitable diet.

Most effective laxatives for cats are plants: century plant, herb Polygonum pochechuynogo, elder. Still mint, chamomile and celandine are good for destroying intestinal problems in animals.

Experienced doctors still suggest: borage, lemon balm, rhubarb leaves. The use of herbal medicine will cure a pet, only thing is to find out the exact recipe for the solution from herbs.

Still recommended to put a special pot at home: Catnip or oat. Some in a pot plant, the cat will not be able to pull out and will bite off his share, and it will again grow. Water it should with a solution of activated charcoal or green fodder and water.

For example, Catnip attracts cats with its pleasant smell. Vitamins, trace elements and minerals in it promote well-being cats in all respects.

Treatment of constipation in domestic cats: drugs Duphalac and Lactose

Usually, poor bowel movement (or its lack) is treated through the application of therapeutic agents intended for softening the stool. For example, the most famous laxative medication for cats is Lactose.

This medicine is considered to be a source of lactulose and belongs to the category of prebiotics. It renews beneficial microflora in the intestinal tract at the same time, inhibiting pathogens, protecting the body from toxins. Reduces penetration into the circulatory system of carcinogens and ensures detoxification. Drug Lactusan gently relieves constipation and stimulates intestinal peristalsis.

Apart from this medication is quite often used a laxative for cats, which is called Duphalac. The tool still consists of lactulose. Duphalac is gentle tool, which stimulates peristalsis. Works the drug is Duphalac a few days after insertion. It depends on what the medication passes through the digestive tract, inhibits the absorption of toxins located in the colon, lowers the concentration in blood of ions of ammonium 25%. The dose of each drug is selected by the veterinarian depending on the physical characteristics of the cats, and according to the instructions for use of the medicine.

Prevention of constipation in cats

Experts advise to give cats a variety of food, crude fiber, sour milk. Not including fish and meat products, must be porridge, cauliflower and cooked carrots.

You must regularly comb out excess fur of the cat, that he didn’t swallow every licking. If you do not see, it is specially designed paste will help to expel the balls from the stomach.

To prevent problems with intestinal diseases in cats, you need to provide more pupil movement.

You should not give cats macaroni, boiled liver and rice concoctions. It is strictly forbidden to mix natural food with the dry. This will interfere with the release of Kala.

The presence of fresh drinking water will surely help to digest food faster in the stomach of cats.

These ordinary and simple rules will help to maintain the life and health of your cat.

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  1. The cat may emit a plaintive meow, is often to try to make a futile attempt to sit in the tray or just in a hidden area, trying to escape from uncomfortable feelings.

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