Medium for cats from fleas and ticks

Ticks and fleas are blood-sucking insects, which are in the Mature stage can parasitize domestic animals. The bite these parasites can cause the development of allergic reactions.

The cat begins to experience severe itching, scratching the skin, causing dermatitis develop different character. Also, fleas are carriers of toxoplasmosis, and plague. To rid the animal from these parasites use a variety of tools. Consider the most popular of them.

Types of means from fleas and ticks

To spare animals, including cats, from fleas and ticks, was created by different means:

  • shampoo;
  • tablets;
  • aerosol;
  • collars, which are impregnated with the insecticidal solution;
  • the concentrated emulsion.

The basis of each of these drugs consists of chemical compounds that are divided into four large groups:

  • carbamate;
  • organochlorine;
  • organophosphate;
  • inorganic origin.

Let’s try to understand this diversity of insecticidal preparations.


Drops from fleas and ticks for cats considered to be the safest drugs in terms of toxicity to Pets. Most often used tools on the basis of the ivermectin, permethrin, or fipronil pyriproxyfen. Some of these tools have a dual action: destroy insects and discourage its characteristic smell. Drops need to be applied to the withers of the cat, so she couldn’t lick them until they are absorbed.

How to assure manufacturers, chemical substances begin to accumulate in the hair follicles and the fat layer of the skin, where stand out gradually over a long period of time, quickly eliminating fleas. To bathe an animal after processing can be in two days, with the therapeutic effect of the drops is not reduced.

The best drops are:

  • Lawyer. Such drops act on the receptors of parasites, contributing to the violation of the nervous system, causing paralysis and rapid death of the insect. Apply the preparation on the withers cat should once. In allergic dermatitis and in the prevention the product is used once a month. One treatment enough to get rid of parasites for 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Front line. These drops are used to treat cats that are infected with lice, ticks and fleas. Such a drug does not penetrate into the blood and is distributed evenly over the skin and protects the animal for a long time. Active substance means disrupt the nervous system of parasites, paralyzing them, causing them to die. The drug protects the animal for 1.5 months.
  • Bars. Active substance such medicinal drops are able to accumulate in the subcutaneous blood vessels. When the parasite bites an animal that is disturbed neuromuscular conductivity of the insect leading to its death. The protective effect of the drug lasts for two months.
  • Inspector. Such a drug effective against 14 types of parasites: internal and external. Thanks to the active ingredients parasites become paralyzed and die instantly. Valid for thousands of two months. It may not harm the pregnant and lactating cats. In order to prevent the animals you can handle every month.

When using drops, you need to strictly follow the instructions for use and correctly apply them. Imported drugs should be applied to the withers, and domestic – in a few places. To achieve the maximum effect of the money is applied exclusively on the skin, pre-expanding the hair.


Modern shampoos against fleas are highly effective drugs that help get rid of insects that live in the fur of the animal. If the shampoo is good, for one bathing can rid the cat of all fleas. But it should be remembered that such remedies are a combination of harmless and toxic substances, so they should be used strictly in accordance with the regulations.

Virtually all shampoos are very delicate and do not cause cat allergies. If the product quality, it is good foam, penetrates the skin and is easily washed off. After the animal is rinsed thoroughly, shampoo the animal must be dry and comb out. You must know that most shampoos against fleas should be kept on the cat at least 10 minutes, then wash it.

The most effective shampoos against parasites are:

  • Snow leopard. It is a domestic remedy for ticks, fleas and other ectoparasites. It gently cleanses hair, makes it softer and promotes a healthy Shine. Frequent use of this means the animal’s skin becomes dry, there is irritation and scratching are healing fast enough.
  • Works fine. This shampoo has on parasites intestinal-contact action that blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, causing their paralysis and death. The drug must be on the animal for about 5 minutes.
  • Lugovoi. This remedy effectively fights blasedale, lice and fleas. In addition to the main action, it helps to normalize metabolic processes in the skin and hair roots of the animal thanks to the extracts of medicinal herbs. When handling cats foam that rinses easily, and it also eliminates unpleasant odor and contamination of wool.
  • The celandine. This is a very common toshimune from ticks and fleas, which help to efficiently get rid of ectoparasites. Due to its special formula does not occur irritation of mucous membranes.

Flea shampoos only rid of existing insects, but not able to protect from new attacks.


Insecticidal sprays are the most effective drugs that help instantly to get rid of any parasitic insects: vlasiadou, lice, ticks, fleas, etc. In the basis of almost all aerosols include organochlorine compounds such as trichlorfon, dichlorvos, Malathion, etc.

During treatment cats spray to act with maximum caution, to the health of the animal was not harmed. In addition, you need to follow for their own safety, as can be severely poisoned.

When applying the spray, the cat wear a special protective collar. In this case, she can not lick the medication. You need to consider the fact that if a cat has long hair, you may need a lot more spray.

The most popular brands are: Celandine, bars, Hartz frontline, frontline and others.


These products are used to prevent re-infection. Collars are made of polymer material, which is impregnated with insecticide. Such action lasts 3 to 7 months. The principle of the collars lies in the fact that the chemicals are gradually moving into the skin. It repels insects, but if they bite the animal, then die.

This tool ticks and fleas is one of the safest, as such doses of insecticide in principle, can not cause harm to health, but detrimental effect on the nervous system of insects. Long-term wearing of the collar need to check the animal skin of the neck area to detect any irritation and to evaluate the degree of pressure of the product.

You should know that the collar starts to “fizzle out” just after the open package, so no need to pull his clothing on the cat. Very popular products company the Hartz, which protects the animal within 7 months.


Such drugs against fleas effectively help to rid cats of parasites, but they are not popular. Tablets are administered orally. Many of them have beef-flavored, so cats eat them with pleasure. They need to give immediately after a meal. Side effects of the pill occur very rarely. Due to prolonged insecticidal action is to get rid of parasites.

Comfortis is the most popular pill for fleas. The active ingredient of the drug is a strong nerve poison that affects the nervous system of parasites, causing flea paralysis and they die.

Should is a very strong pills, which action occurs within 30 minutes after applying them. The remaining live fleas don’t lay eggs.

Lufenuron is another remedy for ticks for cats. The active substance of tablets penetrates into the mucosa of the small intestine, there is deposited in the adipose tissue, and then is released and begins to be transported into the blood. But the therapeutic effect lasts only a month.

What to choose?

Choosing a product for fleas and ticks in cats, should pay attention to the following points:

  • the degree of damage of animal ectoparasites;
  • the physiological condition of the pet – some drugs cannot be used little kittens, depleted, old and pregnant cats;
  • characteristics of the animal – these include hypersensitivity to the drug, age, idiosyncrasy, etc.;
  • aim: treatment or prevention.

Thus, there are many products designed to control ticks and fleas in cats. Before using them you need to read the instructions for use to the right dose. Otherwise, the drug may cause harm to the health of the animal.

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