Multipel 4 manual for cats: vaccine and its application

If you are the owner of a small, furry mewing pet, you need a responsible approach to the issues relating to the care and maintenance of the animal. The owner of the cat should have a maximum information about the schedule of vaccination, about existing preparations.

A healthy diet and maintaining the immune system guarantees long life for your pet.

Altfel 4 is one of the necessary preparations. About the purpose, indications and contraindications you can learn in our article.

Multipel 4 instruction manual

Multipel 4 belongs to the group of drugs that have a biological origin.

They are ways to support and develop immunity to the following diseases:

  • feline panleukopenia;
  • chlamydia;
  • calicivirus;
  • rhinotracheitis infectious.

The effectiveness of the drug may come a few weeks after it was used. In addition, the effect of the drug throughout the year. Release form of the drug is an injectable solution that stands out clear or muddy color transitions from yellow to pink shade. In rare cases, the fluid may give a precipitate which disappears over time in the period of agitation. It should be noted that multipel 4 cats has no medicinal properties, but as vaccines it is necessary for the animal and is safe.

Multipel 4 instructions: active substances

Packaging of vaccine multipla produced in glass ampoules. The volume of one ampoule is three millimeters. Ampoules are sealed vials. One ampoule contains one millimeter tools. One vial is complemented by a rubber stopper or sealed aluminum cap. Each bottle is Packed in a cardboard box or blister. In each package of 4 multifuel manual for cats is attached.

One dose of preparation contains the following components.

  1. Calicivirus.
  2. Feline parvovirus.
  3. Feline herpes virus.
  4. Feline Chlamydophila.

Each strain of virus inactivated with formalin, after which multifuel produces reliable protection without infecting organism. Vaccine multiple used solely for preventive purpose. It can be used for cats and prevents subsequent contamination of the dangerous diseases. The immunity of the cat is formed in two weeks after applying the medication. During the year, will continue the immunity in cats. No consequences for the cat should not be, but also to treat the vaccine can not.

Instruction multifel-4: application

Vaccination of the cat should mainly takes place in a specialized veterinary institution.

  1. Vaccination in the cold season. In that case, if the pet should be vaccinated in the winter time. The vaccine should be heated to thirty eight degrees, and then stirred to obtain a homogeneous mass.
  2. For the first time the drug is administered to cats at the age of twelve weeks intramuscularly. Re-injection is introduced through twenty-eight days. The dosage of the vaccine to kittens is one millimeter, and is used regardless of breed or body weight of the pet. Another one – third of the vaccine conducted in the age of one year.
  3. Vaccination of adult cats multifilm-4 is carried out annually. But in that case, if at an early age the cat did not respond to vaccination with this drug. Vaccination is carried out in two stages. The second time a vaccine is doing through twenty-eight days from the date of introduction of the first injection.

In veterinary clinics the procedure of vaccination is carried out at observance of rules of asepsis. To vaccinate each pet requires individual sterile needle. During the application of multiple research there were no signs of diseases, especially in overdose. On the place where was held the injection forms a small swelling, but she disappears the day after vaccination. It is necessary to avoid the violation of the scheme of vaccination. This can lead to a decrease in the immune system. It is especially important to observe the conduct of revaccination twenty-eight days.

Contraindications use multiple 4

It is recommended to apply the vaccine only to healthy animals. If your pet is sick or appear weakened should postpone the vaccination. And also not be vaccinated in the last month of pregnancy, and the kittens in the first month of life. It is strictly forbidden to use the drug for Pets under eight weeks of age.

Special instructions use multiple

It should be noted, that like any other vaccination, multitel has a number of specific instructions to ignore, which is highly undesirable.

  1. In any case, do not use multipel and vaccine leominor.
  2. The vaccine cannot be used in a disposable syringe with other drugs.
  3. Shelf life is twelve months, but only if storing it in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding 8 degrees.
  4. The vaccine should be used within two hours after its opening. Then it is disposed.
  5. Working with the preparation of this release form veterinarian is required to observe personal precautions. In that case, if by chance, a medicinal drug on the mucous membrane it is urgently necessary to rinse with plenty of boiled water.
  6. In that case, if the drug was poured on the floor, it needs to handle a five-percent solution of sodium hydroxide.
  7. If the drug was injected into man, urgent need to process it an alcohol based liquid and to contact the clinic.
Overdose multifilm

For cats, it is recommended to use the drug wisely. During clinical studies it was found that the introduction of too high dose, clear signs of the virus strains were not identified. But some cats have been identified small bumps. They are held during the day and their process is not necessary.

How to make a shot?

Multiflam spending as vaccinated intramuscularly, every animal owner should know where and how to inject the medicine. In that case, if the vaccination needs to be done, but there is no way to contact the veterinary clinic that usually administered to the back of the animal’s body. In order, the cat was not injured during the vaccination procedure the front part of the body should be wrapped in a blanket.

Interaction with other drugs?

Mixing any drugs with multifilm is not recommended. Special reactions of the body of the animal was observed during the interaction of the medication with leominor. Not recommended General vaccination on the basis of the two drugs. And is also recommended for vaccination only use a new syringe.

How to store at home the vaccine?

Many owners who vaccinate themselves should know the terms and conditions of storage of the vaccine. It is particularly important that the vaccine contain a in order, otherwise it may lead to side effects. And to be spoiled, thus the introduction of such a drug will be useless.

Based on the instructions for use of the drug, multifel can only be stored in dark place at temperature index of not more than eight degrees. The expiration dates may be one year from the date on the package. For the correct storage of vaccines is safety. The vaccine cannot be allowed to the animal and children.

The price of multipel

For the cat family, the price of the product multipel 4 low. That is why quite often the owners implicitly agree to the vaccination. The price of the vaccine does not exceed two hundred roubles. But if you do the procedure in a veterinary clinic, you will have to spend once more for the services the injection.

The savings in this case is possible only if you’ll be able to perform the injection. Throughout the rest of the vaccination can be carried out only at the vet. As has been said – multipel 4 is an effective means to improve the immune system of the animal. Vaccination is recommended every year, according to the schedule of vaccination. In that case, if you missed the date of the vaccination, you will be able to hold it multiflam not earlier than 28 days.

Feedback about multiple. Many owners of cats of different breeds appreciated the charm of vaccination and recommend others to assess the benefits of the drug. It is worth remembering that timely vaccination will protect your animal and you from many different diseases, which in some cases have a negative and irreversible consequences!

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