Perfekt fit: composition and benefits perfect fit

The caring owner is always responsible for choosing food for your pet. Because low-quality food threatens further serious health problems. Often cats and dogs suffer from urolithiasis and chronic diseases of the digestive system.

In almost all cases, the fault lies with the owner of the animal.

Veterinarians recommend not to buy too cheap food if you want to see your pet healthy as long as possible. They usually added a lot of flavors, and preservatives. Among the huge selection of modern products for cats, there are those that contain a minimal amount of harmful components. This so-called feed the middle class.

Their composition is replaced by meat byproducts, but they are decent quality and without preservatives.

One such feed is the perfect Fit.

Cat food perfect fit

In translation a Perfect Fit – “perfect”. And let the food is not as idealas premium food, its name justifies it.

All products are Packed in bright boxes, eye-catching. The firm has a website where you can read more about the manufactured feed.

Manufacturer perfect fit well-known firm, specializing in the production of animal feed Mars. In favor of this company says its wide popularity all over the world. Its authorship belongs to such a global brandas the “Whiskas”.


Judging by the reviews, Perfect Fit no worse than the legendary Whiskas. Despite the fact that perfect Fit that food is not premium and it includes no meat, but only the offal, as he is quite, can compare with them.

That is in part, manufacturers details indicated on the packaging:

  • Poultry protein is degraded.
  • Corn.
  • Fig.
  • The potassium chloride.
  • Protein grains.
  • Salt.
  • Maize protein is.
  • Corn flour.
  • Fat of animal origin.

Feed-in premium instead of degraded protein meat used degraded meat. Protein called poultry offal, cartilage, bone meal and meat scraps. In the composition of the perfekt fit them contains not less than thirty percent.

The advantages and disadvantages of perfect fit

To benefits include the following:

  • The relatively low price of feed.
  • A variety of types. There are both dry and wet food.
  • Used in the manufacture of proteins of animal origin.
  • Available in all supermarkets of Russia.


  • Not specified preservative which in small amounts, but still present.
  • Instead of whole meat protein is used.
  • All feed firms Mars added salt in quite large quantities. According to the veterinarian for animals the excess of salt is harmful for people. Moreover, in most products, salt is already present.
  • Part of perfect fit protein is chicken, but some animals on it are allergic.
  • The yeast in the food cause bloating in your pet.
  • Too much of the corn and part of it is bad for the health of the cat.
The types of perfekt fit

There are several types of cat food perfect fit. They have a slightly different composition. And also different purpose feed.

GEA beauty

Food for beautiful hair. This food is essential if you have a purebred long-haired cat, you love to show to friends and acquaintances. Biotin and omega acids in the food will make the hair more beautiful and pleasant to the touch. The color will become more saturated, and the hair itself to improve and Shine. In addition, in the stern perfect fit are vitamins A and E, is designed not only for the quality of wool, but also of visual acuity. And also in the GEA beauty has a vitamin C and antioxidants, which is responsible for the immune system.


Perfect fit with a health-improving effect intended for cats undergoing sterilization. In its composition components help to keep the urinary system of the cat was normal and to prevent the formation of stones.

In home

Unlike Asset, it is intended for sedentary loving to lie down for cats. They dissipate energy as their active compatriots, and prefer to spend time snuggling on the couch. Food Asset was made in such a way that cats don’t put on too much weight. It includes Yucca, omega acid and Biotin. These components have beneficial effect on the digestive system, help to normalize the stool sedentary animal, and also reduce the level of odor in the urine. Fiber, which in large quantity is included In the home, cleans the stomach of the cat, and it eliminates wool and other toxins.


For active cats was bred a special part of the Asset. As a rule, active animals waste a lot of energy and nourishment they respectively require special conditions. It has a lot of vitamin A for the maintenance of muscles of a cat in shape. Manufacturers have developed a certain balance of nutrients to maintain vision of the animal, bone and muscle tissue.


As you might guess this kind of perfect fit is designed for kittens. It matched all the components responsible for the full development of the baby. This protein, vitamins and minerals. It contains a lot of vitamin C and E, vital for the health of the younger kitten. For the formation of the teeth, the manufacturers have provided a large content of fluorine and calcium.


This perfect is positioning itself as a food for older cats. Age eight, your pet needs special food. To extend the maximum lifespan of your pet, buy him food Sir. In its composition there are different nutrients that support the health of the cat and gives it vivacity. High content of antioxidants and taurine provide good vision your pet and normalizes the vascular system. And to the good performance of the joints of the animal in the Senora is glukozamin.

In forms

Food for fat cats that contribute to weight loss. The composition of added carnitine, designed to burn excess fat.


Like people, animals are suffering from allergies. Manufacturers are from Mars offer a specifically designed composition for cats with sensitivities to wheat protein. Instead of soybeans and wheat Sensitive are plant extracts, designed to improve intestinal function. And this food is recommended for older animals and cats with problems of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the Perfekt is the minerals responsible for the normalization of urogenital system. Thus, protecting cats against the formation of kidney stones.

Feed is sold in convenient packages with optimally chosen weights. Price them about the following:

  • Packing 190 grams perfect fit will cost one hundred rubles.
  • Perfect fit, weighing 1.2 kg will cost about four hundred rubles.
  • Three-kilogram package of food from Mars will cost nine hundred rubles.

On the company website, Mars States that the perfect fit produced in Russia.

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