Proper upbringing of a kitten or how to raise a smart cat

Cats are popular Pets. Very often adults and children dream to cute and playful kitten settled in their home.

However, before you have a kitten, you need to carefully study the information about the preferred breed of cats, as well as the needs of the future pet.

To furry pet was not uncomfortable, and it brought joy, it is necessary to properly educate.

You have to purchase before you take the kitten home and properly educate him

You’ve done some thinking and decided that you needed a pet, namely a cat. Hence, it is necessary to properly prepare before you bring a kitten home.

First you need to buy the most necessary things:

  1. a litter box;
  2. the litter;
  3. a scratching post;
  4. tongs for trimming the claws;
  5. couch;
  6. a disposable diaper;
  7. carrier;
  8. toys;
  9. food for kittens.
How to raise a kitten and teach it to the toilet

First of all, when you choose a kitten, no matter you buy it or just take it in good hands, you should ask the breeder what litter tray and what brand used to use the kitten.

Good pick up from a breeder a little filler from home pan kitten with his smell. If this is not possible in the case of buying the cat at the exhibition, it is necessary to know the name and brand of filler.

Let’s say you did the right thing, but at home, after a while you find a puddle or some other kind of surprise is not in the place where the toilet is designed. What to do? First of all, do not panic and do not blame the kid, especially is not necessary to poke a muzzle of a kitten in the puddle.

Such actions may frighten the kitten, and in the worst case it will just be afraid of the tray, considering that your house natural needs he just can not relieve, because to tolerate indefinitely is impossible, so these things have to hide. Foster kitten depends on your patience.

It is better to collect a puddle on the toilet paper or tissue and put it in a tray, with a surprise to do the same. Then calmly take the baby and put in a tray, so he sniffed and began to understand where his toilet.

In the case that the situation with surprises and puddles repeats, it is necessary to show patience. And check whether it is convenient is a tray. The place must be secluded, cats do not like to do their business in plain sight. Can the kitten to find him: if the tray is put far from the place where the child sleeps and plays, he just can’t reach the tray. It is very important not to shout and not to scare, instead, show the kitten that you are disappointed by his behavior.

Which tray to choose

Once your pet is comfortable and used to the toilet, and at the same time and grow up, it will be possible to move the tray in a convenient place.

The trays are of two types: open and closed. Closed trays, usually prefer cats. They are made in the form of the house and the cats feel safe there. The main disadvantage of the closed stalls is high cost.

There are open trays with grid and without grid. If the tray with the lattice, it is usually used without filler, many cats are eager to use them, but to bury his business in the litter too. For the filler it is necessary to take the tray without grid. It is better to purchase both trays.

Fillers are wood, concauses and silica gel. Wood fillers is the most environmentally friendly, are cheaper and suitable for any cat. The filler made of silica gel will allow you to save time, because you need to replace it less often than other types of filler, but for the price it will cost more.

The most common among breeders comcasino fillers. They inhibit odors and are easily replaceable, the main thing – to choose a quality filler.

Scratching post and tongs for trimming the claws

Scratching post – another important thing in the upbringing of a kitten. Since cats are hunters, their claws must always be in perfect condition. If your house is not scratching, the cat himself will find it. It could be the door jamb, your favorite sofa or chair.

Kogtetochek now in stores very much, so you can choose for every taste and budget. In shops there are whole complexes for kittens and adult cats. They include multi-level cozy couches, houses and scratching posts for which pet will love to climb and jump.

You can make a scratching post yourself beautiful from the stump or piece of Board with a piece of carpet, attach it to the wall. If the kitten is not immediately understood for what purpose need a scratching post-I seem to accustomed to it.

You can hang it on a scratching post and a toy to play with the pet, or when he begins to sharpen its claws in the wrong place, move him to the scratching post.

It is very good to acquire a Nipper for trimming the claws. They are indispensable if you intend to participate in exhibitions of cats. The exhibitions are always exposed a large number of cats of various breeds and temperaments. Your pet may panic, especially the first time, and scratch at the judges ‘ table. And for home they will not hurt if you have young children or often come to visit.

How to choose a couch

The most important thing – the bed should be well cleaned. Even if you have a hairless breed, such as Thai, still wool will be assembled on the bench. The bed needs to be the same size. Do not just buy a bigger couch.

Kitten it will be uncomfortable, but cozy may seem to your wardrobe with the clothes and he gets used to sleeping in the wrong position, and in the closet.

The couch is better to put in a quiet and warm place. Cats love the heat and don’t like the noise. Hearing the cat developed much better than humans. The couch needs to be periodically vacuumed and washed. If you choose a game complex for pet, it is good to put on couches and lay in the houses of the soft mats that can be washed, and the complex vacuum.

You can use disposable diapers, they are useful for carrying to and once again it didn’t have to clean, especially if you are going with your furry friend on a long trip. Cats are clean animals and don’t like it when dirty.

How to choose a pet carrier

Carrying are of two types: made of plastic and is made from material. Plastic carrying prefer, if you plan to frequently carry a cat in the car. It does not deform, and the cat feels in such a carry, as in the house.

When you are traveling in the summer, the cat in it will not be hot, but if in the cold season, the plastic carrier is to cover the top with a blanket so the cat is not frozen.

Stitched fabric carry lighter and cheaper than carrying plastic. But they can be deformed when it is a cat, so when transporting in a fabric carry need to carefully monitor that the cat was comfortable, and nothing a carrier, not weighed.

How to choose toys for cats

On the market a large variety of entertainment for Pets.

It can be:

  • toy mouse;
  • rancidity elastic;
  • plastic balls with bells inside ringing;
  • just balls of different materials;
  • sticks with feathers.

And even some Goodies can be a toy. Education without toys is impossible. The toys should be selected carefully. To ensure that toys were safe for the pet, especially when it is still small. The bells should not fall out of the balls, and mouse – high quality sewn. In any case, we cannot allow games with balls of yarn and threads, it is extremely dangerous for cats, as a cat may eat the threads and score yourself a stomach and intestines. And also dangerous Christmas rain.

How to choose food

Cat to feed or a professional feed, or cook her a meal yourself. When you take a cat from the house or kennel, you have to know what poop trained cat, and the first time to feed her exactly as she used to.

When the cat gets older, her need to transfer to adult food or switch to homemade food. Homemade food for cats should be prepared for cats. Human food doesn’t fit, it has a lot of salt and spices. Do not feed the cat with sausages and semi-finished products.

Many cats love to climb on the tables. To prevent this, do not leave remnants of food on the table and dirty dishes in the sink. Cat is a researcher, and if on the dining table she did not find interesting, next time will not come back. Proper upbringing of a kitten depends on your accuracy.

May be such situation: you picked up a kitten on the street. How to raise a kitten in the street? In this case, you need to show it to the vet to rule out any disease and to implement all the prevention (vaccinations).

The cat, taken from the street, usually not housebroken, and you need to be patient, to educate properly and gradually accustom her to the toilet in the right place. Education cat depends on you and your love for your pet. Although most cats are rescued, the new owners are grateful and behave with dignity, just wondering how to behave in the house.

In conclusion, I want to add that you take into the house a living creature with its own character. And if you listen with love to treat the cat, and she’ll tell you the same. Proper education is attention, love and care.

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