Proplan: composition and range of cat food from Purina

Many people love cats and have these affectionate Pets at home. Properly chosen diet able to maintain and strengthen the health of the animal, providing the body with all necessary components.

With the help of veterinarians, nutritionists and producers feed Pro Plan Purina made sure that the food product was balanced and full of cats of all breeds.

Producer Pro Plan is a European company Nestle Purina PetCate. Feed the company produces since 1998. When product development takes into account the opinions of experts in the field of biology, lifestyle, cats, and also take into account diseases that affect cats. Therefore, in the product Purina Pro Plan has all the necessary components for a full life and prevention of possible pathologies.

Purina Pro plan is considered a premium product and prefer a lot of consumers. In the range of food there is a choice considering the features and the condition of the body cats, as well as age and weight. In the use of feed Proplan, cat does not require any supplements, and low feed intake. Taking this feed is a good prevention of many diseases.

The types of feed Proplan

The whole range is divided into three main types.

Feed for kittens. The range of food made for kittens under 1 year of age. A feature of these forages is a component Optistart, which promotes independent work of the digestive system of the kitten and helps proper digestion.

Feed the kittens have the following range:

  • Delicate Turkey. Suitable for kittens ages 3-4 weeks on this product you can go after breast milk.
  • Kitten Delicate Turkey. For young kittens, taking into account possible problems with digestion and sensitive skin.
  • Kitten and Junior Chicken. Suitable for kittens aged 6 months and older. Light feeds contain highly digestible ingredients: rice and chicken. Kitten Junior does not contain rice.

Range of feed for adult cats includes types:

  • House Cat. Specially designed for cats living in apartments that don’t face the street. Includes chicken and lots of fiber to facilitate withdrawal from the body of harmful substances.
  • Light Adult is designed for cats who are overweight.
  • Adult Salmon. Made on the basis of salmon contains polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • Adult Duck is high in protein, the main component is a duck.
  • Adult Chicken. Promotes development of muscles and skeleton. Composed of rice, chicken and protein powder.
  • Derma Plus Salmon. Hypoallergenic, developed for cats with sensitive skin. Made on the basis of salmon, breaks down and excretes clumps of other food.
  • After Care Turkey is specially designed for neutered cats. Main ingredients: rice and Turkey.

Therapeutic dietary feed. For sick cats need extra care and special food. Developed special types of Purina products in various ailments of the animal:

  • Subject to the diseases of the stomach and pancreas, as well as with poor digestion.
  • Food that helps to reduce the overweight cat, is used in obesity.
  • Urolithiasis. Contains ingredients which dissolve and remove salt.
  • Taking into account diabetes. This type of product is administered along with drugs. Displays a small amount of glucose from the body.
  • When kidney disease and heart failure.
The composition of the forage and range

Selection of components for cats Pro plan are based on years of research and takes into account the peculiarities of nutrition of cats.

The products Purina contains 40% protein and following ingredients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, wheat fiber, vegetable and animal fat and protein in concentrated form, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, corn gluten, probiotics to improve digestion. Meat rabbit, chicken, Turkey, salmon, animal liver, corn grits and rice, brewer’s yeast.

The whole range, It is divided into dry and wet food, different in composition and takes into account the following features:

  • Accommodation in a room without going outside;
  • Age from 1 year to 7 years;
  • The age of cats 7 years and older;
  • Feed designed for pregnant and nursing cats and for kittens;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Predisposition to weight gain;
  • Developed product for prevention of problems or diseases of the mouth weed;
  • If you have problems with digestion and skin;
  • Prevention of kidney stones, specially developed for sterilized cats.

In the composition of food Proplan, there are some drawbacks. The product contains few vegetables. This ingredient as corn gluten, is harmful. And liver in the feed pellets when excessive drinking can be harmful. Part of the protein that is produced by processing by-products: bones, feathers, paws. The product contains no artificial additives for smell and taste.

Some components, such as brewer’s yeast, flour, cellulose, can cause an allergic reaction. To provoke an Allergy in the animal can also soy, wheat products, corn gluten. To prevent an allergic reaction, before buying you should read the product Pro plan and, of course, it will be useful to know the peculiarities of your pet.

Proplan for cats sterilized

Any intervention brings the body stress. After the operation in the body of cats is reduced secretion of sex hormones, causing changes in metabolic processes. For the normal development of such cats require special food.

Appetite in these animals increases, which can lead to weight gain, and also to prevent kidney stones. A good preventive measure may be receiving products Purina Pro plan specifically designed for special cats.

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