Scottish fold kitten: maintenance and care

Appearance Scottish fold (Scottish fold) dates from 1961, when during a visit to a farm met the kitten weighed down with ears down and his first masters. Nowadays there are 2 offshoots of the breed: Scottish Straight (the owner direct ears) and Scottish Fold (owners hanging ears).

If the home has been enriched with representative of a particular branch, it’s incredible luck.

Having a charismatic face and plush fur, these kittens have wonderful calm and docile disposition. How to care for barely arrived in the house a lovely tenant, consider the example fold kitten.

Features of the breed.

From birth all the Scots are the direct holders of the ears. The acquisition of a final shape when the kitten is 2.5–3 months. The breed conformation is comparable with the British, which they are often confused.

Significant difference from each other is in the characters. The British owners are more independent and arrogant temper, whereas the present Scottish peculiar complaisance, gentleness, combined with a smooth character.

But sometimes, especially if in family there are British fold cat also can possess the freedom-loving character and to strive for independence.

The Scots have an incredible mind that promotes easy learning. In addition, the Scottish fold kitten – not a supporter of property damage, which cancels the appearance of torn curtains, broken vases and scratched furniture.

Childhood fold is characterized by a regularity and decorum. Thinking of buying a Scot, you should know that they have a sociable nature and love attention to his person. If the new house pet meant frequent stays in solitude, it is better to take a representative of another breed. You can also get two crumbs, then they will not have time for boredom.

A unique feature of the Scotsman from other cats is its inability to meow. Instead, it sounds more like a squeak. And these cats are perfectly able to walk only on its hind legs and sit on them. Scottish fold kittens – lovers to sleep on the back, which causes a bout of emotion, and not just in children.

The acquisition of Scottish kitten

Buy Scottish fold cat can and when you apply for the announcement of its sale. However, since the Scottish are members of the expensive breed guarantee can only be obtained in a specialized nursery.


  • accompany the kitten’s pedigree;
  • will describe in detail who are the parents of a toddler;
  • will provide full recommendations on the care and conditions of detention crumbs;
  • if necessary, provide assistance by phone.
Training home to the emergence of the Scotsman

It is best to look at baby age between the two or, even better, three months.

In this period already completed the appearance of the most outward signs of the breed.

The kittens themselves at this age are quite independent for the beginning of life separately from the mother.

To create crumbs of comfort in the new environment need to ask the breeder about his food and other preferences, to know the name of the filler for the toilet, the usual for the crumbs and find a schedule of feeding.

Before moving you need to stock the following items:

  • a soft couch or a special cat house;
  • bowls for feeding and drinking;
  • a tray with a supply of fillers for him;
  • recommended minimum veterinary drugs;
  • and definitely toys.

For ease of movement while moving and traveling you also need to take care of buying comfortable and durable container-carrying. When selecting, be sure to check out the ease of locking the door and its reliability, and the availability of vents, the convenience and Fort of the handle. The base is carrying should be quite wide and vary resistance.

Inside it is possible to arrange in the form of a soft and warm nest for rest. For reducing anxiety in an animal, especially when first moving into a temporary house, you can put a rag, smelling of previous place of residence. It will help the kitten to calm down.

The arrangement of the cat’s home

All Scottish treat great sybarite. They love staying in cozy and warm places. Place of residence for newly-arrived member of the family should be chosen, given these preferences.

It is best for baskets to select one of the coziest corners of the apartment. In the midst of the cold season the Scot should be protected from drafts and provide him with a place near heating appliances. Really like foldm couches placed directly on the battery.

It is important that the rest of the crumbs are not violated slamming doors and scurrying household. Optimally, if the kitten will be provided with housing. There pet can retire or if you wish to climb the higher tier and from there to observe what is happening. If the house is not equipped with the kittens, it should be done by yourself. You can buy ready-made, coiled ropes, but in practice the kittens-the Scots prefer regular nestroganymi boards.

All children love toys. And Scottish no exception. It is possible to diversify his life by catching fur mice, chases over latex balls and pendants of feathers rustling or other toys. And to avoid getting the baby in danger, all wires should be removed in inaccessible places.

The diet of Scottish

As Scottish straights and folds – owners excellent appetite. They picky and enthusiastically eating any food.

For kittens breeders recommend the use of balanced prepared feed. Toddlers up to 4 weeks should lure paste, which is then replaced by dry food when the pet reaches the age of 1 month.

Preferred choice of products from premium and super premium categories. At a minimum content of carbohydrates they are rich in complete animal proteins.

In addition, in the finished complexes there is the necessary amount of taurine, vitamins and trace elements. The ideal option would be an alternate treat for your Pets dry food and canned food.

One of the bowls needs to be constantly filled with clean water, changing daily. Drink kitten milk should not be, it can provoke the Scots upset the stomach. Sometimes to feed the pet you must use sprouted wheat or oats. The use of fresh herbs will help cleanse the stomach of undigested lumps of wool.

The Scottish fold also sometimes you can indulge in rice and buckwheat cereals, the most useful for cats. Oatmeal to give contraindicated.

For cooking it is best to use milk and then ready to Supplement it with yogurt, kefir, acidophilus milk, fermented baked milk or cheese. Cereal should have a very watery consistency, especially if it is cooked for feeding newborn kittens Scottish.

When choosing natural food as the main it should be supplemented with vitamins, suitable breed. Diet kitten can vary boiled fish or to treat it in the meat. Some prefer vegetable dishes and bread.

Feeding food from the table, especially a treat in the form of chicken bones, sweets and meats, is strictly prohibited!

Compliance with hygiene procedures

As for any kids, with the Scots need regular care, including treatment of wool cover, care of eyes, ears and claws. To compliance with these procedures, the baby should be introduced immediately after placing it in the new apartment.

  • Main to care for lop-eared kitten is taking care of his ears. They recognized his business card and make it charming and unique. Folded lugs requires close attention and thorough care, as they may be hiding unpleasant surprises, for example, ear mites. Procedures for removal of accumulated plaque should be performed weekly. For this purpose permits the use of only cotton swabs and special lotion. Treatment of ears should be carried out gently, without penetration into the ear canal. Upon discovery of the discharge or the coating of the ears crusts in combination with itching little urgently should get to the vet. Most likely, the problem will be solved long treatment with special drugs and a more thorough hygiene.
  • To care for your eyes should cotton pad in combination with a special disinfectant composition. Appeared discharge (suppuration), increasing slezotechenii, accompanied by itching, is a compelling reason to visit a specialist. About the problems of pet arising in the organs of sight, you can learn to increase the friction foot faces, frequent strjahivaniem head. They are evidence of destruction of the mucous membrane infection, finding in the eye a foreign object or injury.
  • To care for the coat fold kitten should be introduced immediately after his study in the apartment. To coat pet are not lost species, should be regularly (at least 2 times during the week) to carry out combing. During shedding, a special comb can be combined with the silicone gloves. She copes with the collection of excess fur. If after a walk baby returned heavily soiled, it needs to be redeemed. Wash the Scotsman is possible only with special shampoos. Human detergent to use is contraindicated, they may lead to the manifestations of severe allergic reactions or imbalances of lipid metabolism of the skin, which is manifested in the appearance of dandruff. Not need to be a little too frequent water procedures.
  • The care of claws includes regular monastic vows with the help of special pliers. Cutting should be conducted only at the tip of the claw. If you cut it more than necessary, the affected claw should be treated with hydrogen peroxide. Some owners prefer to completely remove the claws of their Pets. The owners of the Scots this is not recommended. Use patch the silicone caps should be abandoned.
  • Teeth kitten special care is not needed. Especially if it is feeding mainly dry food. The solid granules are perfectly able to cope with plaque and strengthening gums. Removal of dental stone during its formation shows only an adult.
Accustomed to the tray

If before moving the kitten lived from a breeder, the baby usually already knows about a special place reserved for the toilet. In the new house should be familiar with the location of the tray. Treatment requires special attention to the filling of the toilet. At first, you should stick to the choice of the same brand that was used at the old house.

Most preferably, the filling of the toilet silica gel, popular with Scottish kittens due to the rustling sounds made them. Besides, it easily copes with the elimination of odors. It is possible to fill the tray to use pellets from sawdust, but they require frequent updating.

If the baby is not familiar with the duty of visiting the toilet, you should immediately proceed to the upbringing of the kitten, yet it does not have the ingrained habit of urinating anywhere.

The tray should be placed in an easily accessible place, sheltered from prying eyes. Many cats during visits to the toilet unpleasant unwanted attention. To embed tray you can use the bath, toilet or pantry, where the door should always be open.

If the kitten refuses a visit from the tray, you should think about changing the manufacturer of the filler or choose another location for placement.

Instilling Scottish fold

The only problem with Scottish fold kittens, manifested already during the first weeks, is a “hard tail”. The characteristics of gene mutations are the seals on the tail, causing pain in the animal. In particularly serious cases not eliminated the incidence of paralysis or even death. In the rest of the Scottish – owners excellent health and strong immunity.

To confront the diseases of the pet, starting from infancy, should receive certain vaccinations. A visit to the vet on the issue of vaccination is indicated only for a perfectly healthy kitten.

In addition, in the months of age to prevent pet should begin to give special anthelmintic suspension. It is possible to resort to the help similar children’s medicines. However, it is important not to exceed the dosage, it can lead to serious poisoning. Treatment should be repeated after every four months.

After carrying out all required procedures, in good health pet you can go for the vaccination.

  • The first kitten vaccination should be done once they reach three months. Usually at this age, put complex (polyvalent) vaccine with action aimed directly against several diseases. Revaccination should be undertaken after three weeks. Vaccination is done annually.
  • Kittens aged 3-6 months are vaccinated with a vaccine against ringworm.
  • Scottish-fold at the age of 1 year should be vaccinated against rabies.

Information about each vaccination in chronological order must be made in the veterinary passport.

The offspring of the Scots

If the purpose of the acquisition of the Scot lies in obtaining offspring, this must be approached carefully. In any case, not be crossing the cat and the cat if they are both owners are weighed down ears. Create a pair of Scottish fold cats, one of whom fold, and the other the owner of a normal ears.

At birth the ears of all Scottish kittens have the usual form, and only on day 18 to determine the fold manifested in their crease.

Who she is not present, those will remain straight. The only downside to this is the inability to be a participant of competitions and exhibitions.

However, this will not affect the beautiful nature of your pet. Scottish fold with straight ears perfect for those who want to get a friend who can give his love.

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