Scratching post for cats with their hands out of the rope

Cats love to “scratch” their claws, which can use carpets, upholstered furniture and even Wallpaper on the walls. Not to hurt the construction and the furniture, pet can with your hands to make a special scratching post.

For its production you can use improvised materials and special rope that the cat likes to sharpen her claws.

What you need a rope for the scratching posts?

Experienced professionals recommend a scratching post made of natural eco-friendly materials that are safe for the health and life of Pets.

This includes ropes and rope from sisal and jute:

  1. Sisal rope is made from leaves of the Agave plant and Sisal is a rope lay. Agave grows in the tropics and subtropics of Africa, South America, Mexico and other countries. Her raw, fresh leaves are crushed and dried, resulting in fibers which are made of rope and other products. Get they are environmentally friendly, durable, strong and elastic.
  2. Jute rope is flexible and soft, which makes it easy to form shapes and to tie knots. Fiber for it are made from Indian shrub jute. Widely used jute rope for decorative wooden log cabins and buildings.

If you compare these two types of ropes, it is worth noting that the jute rope has a decorative smooth structure, much softer and less shaggy. At the same time, products from jute rather quickly become useless if they are used to make scratching posts. Sisal rope of all vegetable products are the most durable and long lasting. They are furrier, stiffer, and lighter in weight.

For making scratching their hands will need a sisal or jute rope diameters from six to ten inches. About a hundred meters of rope will be enough to make a mid-size device for sharpening the claws of a cat or cat.

Varieties of kogtetochek

Accessories for cats can be made of cloth, rough cardboard, rope, wood. It can be wall mounted or floor Mat, ring, post, or even multi-level house with shelves, toys and couches.

Size scratching posts are divided in the middle, which have a height of one meter, large and monolithic. The latter are the design, which is installed in one place and attached to the ceiling, floor or wall.

The average scratching post perfect for one cat or normal cat breed. If the pet has ample dimensions, it is possible to make the fixture more, and for multiple Pets, it is recommended to make your hands design in a multi-storey house.

Rules of making scratching posts

That device turned out to be stable and easy to use, it is necessary to think over the design and determine its properties:

  1. Durability. The use of durable materials and wire rope for the scratching posts will allow you to create a durable construction that will last a cat for years.
  2. Compactness. For small apartments large designs will not fit. In this case it is better to choose a compact device in the form of a column or of a rug on the wall.
  3. Stability. And large and small construction must withstand the pressure of the cat, especially if the scratching post will be set on the floor.
  4. For the manufacture of products in the form of a rope wrapped pillar, used pipe or other suitable product with a cross section of at least eight inches. Post height should not be less than one meter.
  5. In the manufacture of house you have to do the doors and Windows, since the cat boxes are rare.
  6. If the house has several Pets, all of the couches on the scratching post should be at the same level.
Scratching post-column rope

For the manufacture of structures with a height of about one meter will need to prepare:

  1. Pipe.
  2. Wooden beams, or construction foam, which will fill the pipe.
  3. Fabric.
  4. Sisal or jute rope.
  5. Glue.
  6. Stapler with staples.
  7. A wooden base.

The production of their own hands:

  1. Wooden base in the shape of a square is covered with carpet, fur, velvet or other thick and enough thick cloth. The material is fixed to the podium at the base with glue, and the edges with a stapler, and staples.
  2. The column is wrapped with rope coils which each other should fit as tightly as possible. Every ten centimeters of the rope is fixed to the pole with glue.
  3. Pipe or heavier lumber is filled with construction foam.
  4. The column is installed in the centre of a wooden base and is attached thereto on the screws.
  5. The top is decorated with pipe made of any material “cap”.

To the finished scratching post rope can tie a long ropeon the end of which hung a toy or a ball.

Scratching post with bed

Taking the rope wrapped around the pipe, you can own hands to do the design with a bench where you would be happy to relax a cat.

The height of this design is determined by the size of a cat with outstretched paws up. This pet needs to stand on its hind legs. The design can be made slightly higher because during turning the claws of a cat usually stretch. The area of the stove needs to match the area occupied by the pet when sleeping stretched out and curled up.

The base is the same size as the bed, otherwise the structure will unstable.

Stages of manufacturing:

  1. With the help of a saw made of chipboard or wood are cut to the desired size rectangles.
  2. The couch is best done in the form of an oval, which in one rectangle is first drawn and then cut the oval. So it is smooth and beautiful, you have to work hard.
  3. From a sheet of fiberboard also cut the first rectangle and then oval.
  4. According to prepared template foam cut oval, which will serve to pet soft lining.
  5. The couches must be a side that is made of metal. Its width should be about seven inches.
  6. From the pipe cut a piece of the desired dimensions, inside which is placed the bar.
  7. In the center of the rectangle of chipboard drilled two shallow pits, whose diameter should be equal to the diameter of hats of screws.
  8. The specified column is applied on top of the base which the center is attached with screws. For better stability the pipe to the catwalk, you can additionally post using metal corners.
  9. Podium sheathed with carpet or fur, which can be glued to the base using the special glue gun. To pet not torn the fabric of her coat with glue all over the wrong side and for reliability is fastened to the base of the stapler.
  10. You can now proceed to install the stove, which in the center of the oval of MDF cut in a circle around the circumference of the pole, and the oval is put on the pipe.
  11. Oval chipboard is screwed on top of scratching on the screws. After this he glued foam and faux fur. The bottom of the couches the fabric is fixed to the brackets using the stapler.
  12. Metal bumpers glued over the foam and fur. Fur fabric should be glued only on the inside.
  13. Skirting installed around the perimeter of the couches and fastened to the screws. You can then glue the fur on the outside and metal strips.
  14. The lower part of couches you want to hide, to hide the staples and fabric. This is glued to her wearing previously on the pipe oval MDF.
  15. To the bottom of the fabric scratching posts almost ready glued a rectangle of chipboard, on which construction will stand steadily.
  16. Now the pipe can wrap sisal or jute rope and tie it on a rope toy.

Rope scratching post with bed ready. As you can see, make it with your own hands is quite simple.

The cat may not immediately begin to use the kittens. The pet will need some time to get used to a new device. Force force a cat to sharpen claws on the new scratching post and rest on the bench should not be. To attract the attention of pet can be put on the design of his favorite toys, or to supply the product to where the rest your favorite. The easiest way to teach this device of a kitten. It’s enough to put next to any item that smells like mommy-cat.

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