Shorthair cat breeds, their characteristics

This animal has long become a home and turned into a real human companion. It is difficult to imagine that the thirty-seven known to man felines, only a few become Pets.

Pedigreed Shorthair cats – those cats that have certain traits and characteristics, and recognized as one of the registered organizations.

Cat breeds large quantity:

  • Shorthair cat;
  • long-haired;
  • shorthaired cats;
  • bald (hairless).

Shorthair cats are very fond of the apartment owners, as they do not require much care.

The most rare and interesting Shorthair cats are:

  • Abyssinian;
  • Bengali;
  • Burmilla Shorthair;
  • Munchkin;
  • the Australian mist;
  • Asian tabi;
  • Asher;
  • the Arabian Mau;
  • Egyptian Mau;
  • Oriental;
  • Havana Brown;
  • the Devon Rex;
  • sause (house).

The choice of cat breed should depend on the nature of the animal, its diet and care.

Consider each breed, the features of their character read more

Abyssinian. A very ancient variety. The first mention of this animal date back to the fifteenth century BC. The name of the breed comes from the ancient African country of Abyssinia, the modern Ethiopia. Previously, these short-haired cats looked a little different: the ears were the tassels, the body – stripes tabi. After this kind of came to Europe, breeders decided to remove from the coat of a predator stripes.

These Shorthair cats come in four colors: red, blue, wild, and beige. A distinctive feature of this breed is that at birth the kittens are becoming a dominant colour, even if the parents are of different colors.

The appearance of cats of this breed are expressive: long and elegant neck, large ears with dark tips, the eyes almond-shaped, wool-fitting, a bit hard. This is a handsome and graceful cat.

The nature of the cat, like the Egyptian goddess of mirth and dance, lively, temperamental. This predator possesses a good intellect and curiosity. These animals live well with people and quickly adapt to all the rules of living. Cats are sociable and friendly.

Bengali. The first thing that comes to mind at the sight of a cat of this breed, you little leopard. Indeed, the colour of the cat as a wild leopard – distinct mottled pattern. This color turned out thanks to the hybrid of a domestic cat and a wild Bengal. This breed is the fur is dense and short, eyes are oval, large paws and strong body.

The nature of the animal is very active and agile. It is an innate hunter, and play hunting and stalking this cat will be at any age. Cat has great intelligence, he is friendly and not dangerous for children. Because of the proximity traits to the wild beast, the little kittens you need to teach hands on, so they don’t wild.

This is a very loyal pet.

Burmilla Shorthair. This kind of cats appeared recently, or rather, in the twentieth century. He appeared by chance as a result of crossing two breeds. Turned out to be quite an attractive animal with a silver color. Later came the cat with a Golden coat. The body of this animal is muscular, the legs normal, rather short, but strong. The neck of this cat is short, the eyes large, the ears rounded.

Burmilla is a real grace, tenderness and energy. The animal is very calm, but at the same time very energetic character. She doesn’t mind to sit on the sofa or chasing a mouse.

A pet is bound to become a favorite in the house, she is great with children and other Pets.

Munchkin. This cat is sometimes called a “tax”, and sometimes “kangaroo”. Due to his short legs and medium body this breed compared to popular hunting breed dogs. When the cat need something to get taller, he doesn’t sit down on its hind legs, he sits on the tail, thus becoming similar to a marsupial representative of the animal world.

This kind of appeared at the beginning of the last century. First of it is mentioned in the United States of America. She has a high intelligence and ease in communicating both with man and with other Pets. Munchkin sociable, curious and friendly.

Important! These cats cannot be kept outside, due to the short legs they can get hypothermia and get sick.

The appearance of these cats are very attracted attention. Short legs are available in three different lengths. Thick and muscular neck, big eyes and plush coat. Color can be very diverse.

The Australian mist. This breed is bred with breeding in the twentieth century. Initially, the color looked a little different on the hair were clearly visible spots, which eventually become almost invisible. Previously, the breed was called Australian mist. Mist is a short – haired appearance, he has a muscular body, large eyes, ears taper to the tips.

She’s a great pet as it does not require walks, her comfortable at home. She is very affectionate and gentle, requires love and attention of the owner. The cat has good intelligence and is quite playful. These cats have a good immune system, it is quite simple in content and maintenance.

Asian tabi. The breed was developed in the UK. Like many short-haired cat breeds, it was bred by crossing other breeds. In this case, the breed was the result of crossing Burmese and Persian cats, later crossed with the Abyssinian.

The nature of this cat is gentle and soft, she is loyal to his master. For strangers to be treated with wariness and suspicion. This kind of is intelligence and gentle disposition. She is active, playful retains even in adulthood.

A distinctive feature of this breed is the color of the animal. Necessarily the presence of markings on the forehead, around the eyes and nose and a “necklace” on the neck. The color can vary: blue, black, lilac, cream and tortie colors.

This breed is very sensitive to food, poor quality or spoiled food, the cat won’t eat.

Asher. This mysterious name. Kitten of this breed are very rare and very expensive. Asher is one of the largest breeds of domestic Shorthair cats. This predator can reach a length of one meter and 14 pounds. A distinctive feature of this breed is hypoallergenic, so her fur does not cause allergies.

The color is exotic, wild, very similar to the color of a Serval and a Bengal cat. The ushers have long legs, elongated body, rounded ears, large eyes and thick fur.

Asher is very loyal, she loves its master, gentle and affectionate. These cats are not afraid of water, they are active, easy to get along with other Pets.

If you decide to get a cat of this breed, be prepared to spend a lot of money and a lot of places to stay games.

The Arabian Mau. Large and muscular breed of cats, they have long legs, large ears and large eyes. The coat is of medium hardness, the undercoat is not. The coat color is diverse: dappled, tabi, black, brown, grey and white. There was this ancient breed in the United Arab Emirates.

Arabian Mau – pet-companion, his soft and friendly nature, gets along well with children. This pet is very playful and agile, he needs fresh air.

The breed requires careful maintenance, should be regularly processed wool from fleas, mites from the ears, and trimming claws. Food Arabian Mau unpretentious.

The Egyptian Mau is a short – haired cat breed. She appeared in Ancient Egypt. Hence got its name. Translated from the ancient Egyptian “Mau” means “cat”. A distinctive feature of this breed is the coat colour of the animal. It needs to be spotted on the forehead should be the pattern of the letters “m” and the letter W on the neck. Cat eyes should be outlined in black bright line, “eye makeup”. The coat color may be smoky, silver and bronze.

The Egyptian Mau is a descendant of the African wild cats. In Europe, this breed appeared in the mid-twentieth century, thanks to Princess Natalia troubetzkoy.

Cats of this breed is graceful and elegant, like the Egyptian goddess. The nature of their sociable and affectionate, they can’t stand being alone and constantly demand attention from the owner. The breed is distinguished by great cleanliness, and a love for the water. Cats are very active and playful, often playing with water. They always need movement, games and walks.

Oriental is a sophisticated kitty, to name it differently. The body of representatives of the smooth-haired breed is very long and slender with a thin tail and big ears. This is a wonderful companion for a human. The Oriental cat is loyal to the man, she is friendly, sociable and very affectionate. These animals are very intelligent and inquisitive, they may even bring a ball.

Despite the fact that kitty is very elegant, she has a very muscular body. This breed has no undercoat, so you need to make sure the pet is not hypothermia talking. In the rest of the care is unpretentious.

Color cats can be blue, grey, chocolate, black, red, and beige.

The Havana Brown. The name of this species says about the color – it chocolate. Coat is glossy, rich color, nose and paw pads are pink. This hairless breed has a good intelligence and stamina. This breed of cats-athletes. Animals have strong muscles, they are active and agile.

Cats of this breed do not tolerate loneliness. They are friendly and sociable, good with kids, dogs and other Pets.

Special care this breed requires, have the usual preventive measures for the treatment of ears, fur, and claws.

The Devon Rex. This breed appeared in Britain in the twentieth century. Initially, the appearance of cats of this breed may alienate or scare. It seems that an alien creature. The Devon Rex has big eyes and big ears.

Only after talking with this “alien” you can see his character. This is an incredibly good and faithful creature, it constantly seeks contact with the owner, to be closer to his face. Cats are playful and active their entire lives.

Buying such a pet, you will find this a faithful friend for many years.

Sause (House) is a large short-haired variety. She has a muscular body, large ears with tufts. This species is considered young, he appeared by crossing a domestic cat with reed cat. But history shows that the ancient Greeks knew these cats and took them hunting with him. Cats of this breed don’t like being alone and tend to the man.

This is a real lynx value of 8 thousand euros. She is very picky about food, she doesn’t eat grains, prefers raw meat, fish and eggs. It must be considered if you are going to purchase such a pet.

Cats are wonderful and amazing animals are, without them our life would be boring

If you choose this a wonderful friend you must be careful, as some breeds require special conditions of detention. Be responsible for the following nuances:

  1. The nutrition of the animal.
  2. Nature and activity.
  3. The place of detention and leisure pet.

Give the cat love and she will reciprocate!

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