Silica gel cat litter pros and cons

More recently, the cats and the cats went to the toilets filled with sand or torn paper. Today pet stores offer a wide range of special fillers, among which is silica gel.

This filler is able to eliminate odors and absorb a large amount of fluid. That is why litter silica gel cat litter is very popular among owners of Pets.

The pros and cons of silica gel

A new kind of filler material is granules of silica, which can be transparent or tinted. Made from the dried gel granules can be rounded beads or crystals. Depending on the size of the cat and her the toilet, you can choose a filler with a large, medium or small crystals.

Advantages of silica gel cat litter:

  1. Silica gel has a large surface area of the pores, allowing it to easily absorb liquid and reduce by forty percent humidity in a confined space.
  2. The material is chemically inactive and does not burn, therefore completely safe.
  3. It has high mechanical strength and chemical resistance.
  4. Crystals or beads absorb a lot of liquid, which makes it much less likely to change the contents of the tray. The result of one bag with a volume of 3.8 liters is enough for one pet is approximately two weeks.
  5. In the room where you installed the toilet with silicone granules, removes unpleasant smells and excessive humidity.
  6. The granules do not stick to the paws of cats and from them comes the dust. If you put a tray with large sides, even after putting the animals to their feces floor in the room will remain clean.
  7. In the crystalline filler does not infest bacteria and mold.

But, despite the large number of advantages, silica has some drawbacks:

  1. Granules you cannot flush the toilet. Dispose of them only with General household waste.
  2. At prone to eating anything and everything cats can cause serious stomach problems if they ingest the crystals. For these animals silica gel toilet is not recommended.
  3. Requires daily mixing of pellets, or after their complete saturation in the cat tray are formed a puddle.
  4. Solid crystals have sharp edges that can injure delicate paws of the kitten or cat.
  5. The absorption of moisture, silica gel crackles and hisses that can scare a pet. Also it emits a noise when the cat starts to dig filler.
How to use silica gel kitty litter?

To accustom the cat to the silica gel, it must be added to the old filling the toilet.

When the pet is accustomed to use the crystals as follows:

  • In a clean and dry tray to pour the beads layer of not less than five centimeters.
  • Using a special scoop solid waste should be removed immediately. The scoop has openings, through which is sifted and will remain in the tray clear crystals.
  • Every day the contents of the kitty litter mixed in the tray is not formed puddles.
  • Change the toilet as often as advised by the manufacturer. For cats of large breeds, the silica gel will have to be changed more often.
The types of silica gel fillers

Pet stores offer a wide range of silica gel cat litter from different manufacturers. They all are manufactured to the same technology, but the granules may have different size, shape, color. The pet rock sold for adult cats and kittens.

Siberian cat

Russian manufacturer produces a range of environmentally friendly, natural fillers, which have excellent quality and budget price. All products are made from organic, safe and proven materials.

Silica gel Siberian cat presented by four types:

  1. Elite. Clean, superficiala large crystals have excellent sorbent quality, bactericidal effect and the ability to absorb odors. In one package mixed transparent and tinted blue granules. Elite filler can be used in the trays with a grid, it does not require daily care, not dusty, has no smell. Crystals are made in a special form, which prevents spillage when digging.
  2. For finicky cats. Thanks to the recent advances of the technology have been manufactured filler, which has a bactericidal effect, the excellent sorbent properties and the ability to eliminate odors. It can be used in cat litter with bars. The crystals are clear and pink color.
  3. Luxury silica gel ECO. Products has antibacterial properties and has a long service life. The crystals rapidly absorb moisture, which evaporates in a few hours. While inside the granules keep the waste and odors.
  4. The elite crumpled. Environmentally friendly, the unique silica gel can be used from the first days of the cat. It differs antibacterial properties and superficiality granules, which after use are collected in a lump.
Smart Cat

The manufacturer produces silica gel cat litter, which differ in:

  1. Convenience – does not stick to the paws of Pets.
  2. Safety – do not cause human and animal allergies.
  3. Environmentally friendly – does not pollute the environment.

Pet stores offer four types of silica gel Smart Cat:

  • for sensitive cats no smell;
  • the filler with the scent of Apple;
  • crystals with the scent of lavender;
  • silica gel with the scent of orange.

Clumping silica gel fillers come in different colors and can be without flavor or have a flavor or colors. They have a pleasant smell, comcourse and effectively absorb moisture. Due to this, a tray is not coming unpleasant smells, and it lingers long clean.

The advantages of the product Sanicat include:

  • one hundred percent absorption;
  • efficiency of use;
  • extreme odor control;
  • the innovative formula;
  • not dusty;
  • the granules are soft to the paw.

Silica gel beads for kittens because they are soft and do not form dust. In addition, any pet will appreciate the color of the filler.

No. 1

Russian manufacturer manufactures premium products that are sold at an economical price.

Fillers silica gel №1 comprises granules, which are carefully sorted. Because of this, they do not stick to the hair and not get stuck between the paws of the cats. Silica gel has the ability to absorb liquid and to mask unpleasant odors.

Special bacterial filler No. 1 prevents the growth of bacteria and is composed of pink crystals.

The aroma of the freshness of the room will give the granules with the smell of Sakura. Add air freshener and ultra fast absorbency allow for the use of this type of filler with a volume of five liters up to one month.

Specially for kittens manufacturers have created new products that are safe for kids and the environment. The crystals have an unusual shape, so do not stick to the hair and is safe for kittens. They completely block the odors and perfectly absorb the liquid. For little kittens to be attractive multi-colored granules.

Si Si Kat

Products from the Russian manufacturer is able to satisfy even the most finicky cats and their owners.

The advantages of silica gel si si cat include:

  1. Made from environmentally friendly components.
  2. Instantly absorbs odour and liquid, so that the legs of the pet after using the toilet remain dry.
  3. Prevents the growth of bacteria because it has antibacterial properties.
  4. Resistant to dissolution and economical to use.
  5. Safe even if it’s in the body of the animal.
  6. Will not damage paws and burying.
  7. Not dusty and does not have deterrent odors.

Despite some shortcomings, silica gel cat litter copes with its functions. If you use silica gel in the room where the tray is, will not be odors, dust and dirt. In the opinion of many cat owners, their Pets are happy to visit this toilet.

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