Stop anesthetic for cats guide: tablet for cats

Urolithiasis is especially manifest in domestic fluffy – cats. This disease is difficult to treat. In front of the cat owner a number of questions arise: how to secure an animal and what to do to alleviate the course of the disease?

One of the most effective medicinal drugs is “Stop cystitis” for cats. 

“Stop anesthetic” for cats manual: detailed description of application

Veterinarian sometimes can cure any disease concerning your Pets. But in some cases, in the animal body may occur irreversible process that is difficult to treat. To take precautions, take care of the animal correctly is the principle of responsible cat owner.

Kidney stone disease is one of the most dangerous, which is difficult to diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, to avoid any manifestations, including cystitis and genetic predisposition, it is necessary to take preventive measures.

Anatomical feature any breed of cat is that it is susceptible to urolithiasis. In order to avoid the risk of the disease, it is recommended to choose the right food. In our time, release a series of special dry food that is supposed to protect this animal, which has a predisposition to cystitis. In addition, it is recommended that the prevention is effective dosage forms.

You can apply at the same time “Stop cystitis” for cats. This drug is effective in the prevention of inflammation of the bladder. Active composition of the drug allows to facilitate the progress of the animal disease and to accelerate his recovery.

“Stop cystitis” of cats: description of the drug

“Stop anesthetic” is a prophylactic, therapeutic properties of the urologic diseases of different origin in cats. The drug is available in form of tablets and drops. Tablets are Packed in packaging.

In one cardboard tube contains 15 tablets. The bottles with suspension produced 50 millitres and thirty.

  1. Drops “Stop cystitis” contain drotaverine, nitroksolin, hydrochloride. And herbal extract Garcia pticie, juniper fruit, licorice root, nettle leaves, leaves cranberries and auxiliary components. The first principal components help to cure the disease. Other natural ingredients will help to hold a series of preventive measures.
  2. Pills “Stop cystitis” contain the same components but at a lower dosage. Depending on the breed of the cat, its age and weight, can be suspension or the pills. Both drugs have the same effectiveness.
“Stop anesthetic” pills for cats: instructions

A drop in suspension and tablets are Packed in cardboard boxes. Inside each box must be manual in the form of a liner.

Options medications the cat may be two.

  1. Crush tablet with a spoon, turning it into a powder. In cat food mixed with medicine. In this embodiment, to give tablets are recommended as a preventive measure, if the cat is healthy.
  2. Forced feed medicine to the root of the tongue. This option is considered only if disease is present and for medicinal purposes. In the treatment of existing diseases tablet prescribed twice a day.

Veterinary physician may prescribe a second course of tablets. The drug can be used with vitamin supplements, any chemotherapeutic drugs, and feed additives. In addition, it can be used with herbal forms of medication.

Suspension as well as tablet can give with food and forcibly. In the case of the treatment of the disease, the drug may be given several times a day. As a preventive purpose it is given once a day for five or seven days.

The application of suspension “Stop cystitis” of cats is carried out in the following instructions.

  1. You need to carefully shake the vial (no longer than two minutes).
  2. The syringe dispenser it is necessary to gain the desired amount of medication. As a rule, it is no more than three milliliters.
  3. Fix the animal’s head and squeeze on the tongue cat medication. Make sure that the cat swallowed it.
Indications “Stop cystitis”

“Stop anesthetic” is a preventive and therapeutic drug. It can rid your cat from inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.

In veterinary medicine the drug is used for the following diseases.

  • cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • urethritis;
  • urolithiasis.

Dosage if the disease can only be assigned to a veterinarian. As a rule, for cats that weigh no more than five pounds prescribed 1 tablet per day or two milliliter of suspension. And for animals that are sick, 2 tablets morning and evening or three milliliters of medication.

Therapeutic the duration of the “Stop cystitis” is one week or seven days. As therapeutic targets prescribed two doses per day.

Advantages, disadvantages, contraindications and storage conditions “Stop cystitis”

“Stop anesthetic” can only be stored in dark and dry place for two years. The drug can be used only in compliance with the temperature regime from zero to twenty-five degrees.

The advantages of the drug is attributed.

  • The absence of any contra-indications and complications for a pet.
  • The safety of the kittens.
  • A pleasant taste of the drug.
  • Convenient packaging – syringe dispenser.

To the contraindications of the medication should include individual intolerance of any component. For kittens, cats nursing or pregnancy, the drug is completely safe.

Before you start taking the drug, you should consult a veterinarian. In rare cases, one in a million, possible allergic rash. In this embodiment, the drug is stopped to receive and conduct a comprehensive antihistamine therapy. Once the drug is discontinued, the Allergy symptoms disappear.

Special conditions of use of the drug is attributed to heart failure, kidney disease with pronounced irregularities. In this case, it is not recommended to use the drug.

Most owners use the drug without the consultation of a specialist. This is not surprising, because the price is below the average threshold. But it is worth noting that without a comprehensive diagnosis of the animal receiving the dosage form can be dangerous. It is worth noting that when irregularities of the kidneys and the use of stop cystitis can present with pyelonephritis. Kidney condition worsens, and the cystitis takes place gradually. One should not exclude the presence of this condition, and to spend time diagnosing the animal.

Pregnant cats can be treated “Stop cystitis”. During treatment the owner of the animal is obliged to monitor the presence or absence of manifestations “Stop cystitis”. If you find any signs of a rash or itching or deterioration of the cat you should immediately consult a doctor.

The suspension in the amount of thirty milliliters can be purchased for two hundred and thirty rubles, while the price of tablets may be not more than two hundred and forty rubles. To buy the drug at any veterinary pharmacy and he is released without a prescription!

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