Ten most intelligent breeds of cats

Cats are unique animals, they have a capricious nature, but at the same time, perfectly adapt to new conditions. These Pets are difficult to train, but stupid they aren’t.

A cat will never bring you Slippers, but feel the mood of the owner and understands everything.

What’s is the mind of cats?

Clearly this question cannot be answered, here are a few signs on the cat’s mind:

  • how quickly a cat becomes accustomed to the rules established in the house;
  • behaves like an animal when he needs to get something or to get somewhere;
  • as the cat feels the mood of the owner;
  • how pet curious.

Also, it should be noted that the mood very strongly influences the behavior of the animal and to evaluate the mind of a cat can only master. Despite this there are several of the most intelligent breeds of cats.

What cat breed is the smartest?

Although the intelligence of cats within a breed may vary, some of the most intelligent cats are considered to be representatives of the ancient Oriental breeds. However, some young breed is not inferior to them in intelligence.

To most intelligent breeds of cats include the Sphynx, Siamese, Oriental cats.

  1. The Sphinx – an unusual hairless cat, very affectionate and sensitive pet. Sphynx is deservedly considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds of cats. This cat accurately detects a person’s mood in a difficult moment regrets of the owner as it can: purrs, rubs, fondled. Sphinx friendly to the guests, and the kids love it for the playful and cheerful disposition. The cat quickly learns the house rules, and the tray is enough to show only once.
  2. The Siamese cat breed is endowed with intelligence and curiosity, and some individuals even are able to perform circus tricks, of course, provided that the owner will stock up on remarkable patience. Different pet breed obstinate character, and treats strangers with suspicion. Some even compare the habits of the Siamese cat with a dog. Siamka jealous and so badly gets on with other Pets.
  3. Oriental cat has a friendly disposition, inquisitive and intelligent. Oriental kitty is able to strongly bind to host and infinitely to trust him. In addition, it should be noted that this pet loves to play with children and friendly to the guests.
  4. Cat breed Munchkin has short legs and its appearance resembles a Dachshund. The Munchkins belong to a very smart cats, in addition, they are endowed with a cheerful disposition, love to play with children, get along well with other Pets. Munchkin is able to quickly adapt to a new place and easy to contact even with strangers. These animals are very sociable and do not like to remain alone.
  5. The Abyssinian cat breed is recognized as the most ancient and has not less than two thousand years. These animals are distinguished by a love for outdoor games and energy. They love children and do not show aggression to them, very attached to people and miss for a long time when left alone. Abissin able to learn some commands, for example, to bring various items. This cat is very friendly and able to get along with other Pets, even with the dog will not conflict.
  6. A Bengal catthat looks like a wild predator, is the result of crossing domestic cats and leopard. In him flows the blood of American Shorthair, Burmese, Abyssinian cats and all of his ancestors he has inherited the best qualities. Bengal cat is very active, playful, inquisitive, loves to climb on high objects. This pet is happy playing with children and great with other animals. The Bengals are not afraid of water and enjoy swimming. Cats Bengal breed in need of standard care, have strong immunity and they found virtually no genetic diseases.
  7. The Siberian cat is an old breed, known since the mid-16th century. Their appearance is largely influenced by the harsh climate in which these animals lived. Siberians have excellent hunting instinct and will not tolerate in the house and the neighborhood rodents. But other animals can find a common language. These animals like small children play happily with them and even show maternal care. But the guests, especially unfamiliar, they are very cautious. Siberian is a very intelligent cat, she’s the only one able to remember your name the first time.
  8. The Maine Coon is a breed of cats native to the North American continent, a great influence on the formation of this breed had a severe climate of Maine, where these Pets. The Maine Coon is deservedly considered among the most intelligent of cats. These Pets are smart, have a good memory and a lively mind. And as a result, respond well to training and can quickly memorize the commands. To strangers, these cats are wary, but with the right approach fairly quickly will get used to a new person.
  9. Skogkatt, or Norwegian forest cat descended directly from wild forest cats. In the wild these animals had to be smart and tough. Overall this is a fairly friendly Pets can get along with children and other animals. And although skogkatt communicative, hands it to sit dislikes, prefers to stay close to the owner. The hotel is pet treats initially suspicious, but quickly gets used to new people and becomes quite friendly.
  10. The Balinese cat breed is by nature endowed with a remarkable memory and easily learns the house rules. Also, the Balinese cat is very active and playful, loves to run, jump and climb the various hills, so occasionally this need to walk their pet on the street. This animal is very affectionate and strongly attached to the man, so don’t leave him alone for a long time, the Balinese will suffer. The Balinese, though outwardly similar to the Siamese cat has a more soft and docile nature, tolerant of children and other animals.
Whether cats are smarter than cats?

The assurance of felinologov and cats, and cats can be equally intelligent, the big difference here. Mental ability and the nature of the cat depend not only on the individuals belonging to a particular species, but also on the conditions in which the pet lives.

How much time is allocated to communicating with the pet, how comfortable he is in the house, how the animal was raised as a kitten. A cat of any breed who is loved and treated kindly, which is regularly engaged in since childhood, and will delight their owners intelligence and wit.

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