The age of a cat by human standards

Often hosts amazing creatures – cats are concerned about how many years their furry pet in human terms. Is it possible to map the age of the cat and human? To find out what stage of life is a pet, you can!

We offer to your attention a special table in his definition.

Definition of cat’s age

The exact age of your cat can be called a rare master. Sometimes bring a cat home from a shelter or even being taken off the streets. When you adopted the little or the younger the kitten, the definition of the approximate age will not be a problem. But basically similar issues appear when I got home the adult cat.

The age of the cat will help identify a breeder with experience or specialist from the veterinary clinic. To find it, it is necessary to examine the teeth of a cat. One-month-old kitten just got next to the milk teeth, in half a year they changed to the root. After professionals visiting the Erasure of the upper and lower canines and incisors. The age of the animal depends on the deterioration of the teeth.

The analogy

How can you relate the age furry pet and person? Because the psychological and physiological development. Because of this, compare the emotional and social characteristics.

For example, a human baby and a kitten completely helpless. They are completely dependent on the mother. Teens are very active, but inexperienced. The elderly are more passive, they are interested in surrounding life.

This principle formed the basis of the table “the Age of a cat by human standards”. There are different options to determine the age. Common is to multiply the age of the cat at 7. But this method is useless! Is compares year-old animal, living its own life and a seven year old child?

Therefore the table in “the Age of a cat by human standards” have been improved. In her one-year-old darling is correlated with the fifteen-year teenager. Two-year-old cat with 24-year-old man. And then every year cats added 4 years man.

Another technique is to equate every year, cats by 7 human before reaching her fifth birthday. Under 12 years count as 4, then 3. Greater precision has a system in which age is determined using the coefficients.

To compare the development of cat and man cat let’s see the stages of growing up.


Fluffy grows and Matures quickly. His infant period lasts 2 weeks. While the kitten is developing very fast. Born baby is completely helpless being.

Seven days of life the kitten is lost film, which had previously protected the ears are small. Eyes open on day 5-7 of life, but the vision appears gradually and becomes normal only after a few weeks.

Within two weeks of age the kittens start to appear first teeth. But the human baby teeth emerge at 6-8 months. In a month the kittens actively playing, dabbling, and exploring the world. The child behaves only in a year and a half. Table “the Age of a cat by human standards,” indicates that the monthly kitten resembles a six-month child. 2 cat of the month it is compared with ten-month-old human baby. And in 3 months the kitten already can be compared to a kid two years of age.


Kittens develop so quickly that this period is difficult to correlate with children’s age. When the kitten reaches the age of three, he begins to actively be in contact with other kittens and their owners. He finds friends and foes. Licking their fur, caring for appearance. Looking at the mother cat teaches the rules of conduct. Kitten he eats, remembers the location of the bowls, tray and a place to sleep. He knows what is allowed to play, and what not.

The table confirms that in the first year of life favorite goes through all the stages of growing up that people live up to 18 years.

When compared with men it becomes clear that for 2-3 months cat lives a few years. The kitten at 3 months is comparable to a child of two years and six months is equivalent to a teenager of 14 years. It is very important not to lose this small amount of time and the right to educate tailed pet. Right now, he better learn their rules, which in the future will use in their lives.

Cat teenage

Inexperienced cat owner often perceive young kittens, like children. They forgive mischief, damage and other harm, and I think that the behavior is normalized in itself. The table also shows that five-month-old kitten is comparable to a teenager. Often the character of the kid is changed. He is very active, spoiled and really reminiscent of a teenager in transition to adulthood.

The daring behavior of a fluffy kitten kind of cute, and baby forgive. But we should remember that during adolescence, the kittens begin to experience limits. For the owner it is important to intervene to stop these attempts.

During this period the kittens start to ripen. Cats 7 months begins the first estrus. They can get pregnant. Cats begin to mate. But should not so early sex life, because the animal is not fully developed to become a parent.

Young time

Cat one year of age compared with adult man. This period corresponds to its development. Pussy looks like a grown man, but enjoys playing and fooling around.

The cat disappears children’s fluffiness and clumsiness of movements. She replaced the beautiful grace of a predator.

On the rate of maturation is also affected by breed of cat. For example, Oriental beauties formed a year. Large breeds grow longer and Mature at the age of eighteen months to two years.


Eight month old cat is equivalent to a twenty-year man. During this period, the cat’s life is filled with all the colors. The animal is strong, agile and tireless. Just at this time, cats often win at various exhibitions and can be diluted. This period lasts until the age of 5 years, which matches the human fortieth anniversary. Mating with older animals do not produce to minimize various risks.


This period of the animal comes on 6-10 year. An adult cat can play and have fun, but often behaves more cautiously.

The activity of the animal also depends on the breed. Some Pets are able to behave like little kittens until old age. However, in adulthood, early signs of disease. Have problems with kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract. If the cat has not been sterilized, then it starts hormonal disorders.

Old age

Older cats are, in the opinion of veterinarians, in the region of 10-12 years. But this does not mean a quick death of the animal. This point depends on how the cat kept what her heredity.

Street cats rarely reach ten years of age. And Pets are often over the age of 16. There are cats who live to the age of twenty, what is compared to human 100 years.

How many years on average, a cat lives?

  • Siamese beauties can live up to 20 years;
  • The Persians – up to 15-20 years;
  • Maine coons live up to 20 years;
  • Burmese – up to 19-20 years;
  • The sphinxes are long-lived. Their life span can reach 30 years!

Your sweetheart lived for a long time, it is necessary to observe following conditions:

  1. Visit the veterinarian for professional inspection and possible prevention of diseases;
  2. Competent care, lack of stress, affection from the owners;
  3. Not to change the place of feeding and sleeping, not to move the tray;
  4. Correctly and balanced to feed your favorite.

Do not be afraid of approaching the cat’s age. When the pet will become awkward, you need to worry about its security.

Knowing how old your cat in human terms, to help owners understand their pet and to provide proper care for him. And how many positive emotions will bring fellowship with the beloved!

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